Take a 5 Minute Virtual Vacation

Good morning to all of you. As I continue my blog posts I wanted to share a stress relief technique with you that I call the 5 minute virtual vacation.  This is good to use anytime during the day in addition to individual or group meditation.

Stress accumulates like a toxin in the body. It can cause nagging headaches, frequent insomnia,  anxiety with associated chest pains and can be a contributing factor to health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. In addition to affecting your body, stress can affect your thoughts, emotions and your behavior. Now we can have that extra beer or two at your local watering hole and I do partake in a libation on occasion. I am sure you are all familiar with the the term "blowing of steam."

But what if you are in the middle of your workday?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick solution to relieve stress? Well I am here to assist you with the  5 minute virtual vacation.  I have used this technique to help groups and individuals cope with stress as well as using it as a relaxation technique when facilitating guided meditation sessions.

I am accustomed to facilitating this 5 minute journey in person or teleconference and ask the participants to close their eyes. Since I am writing this down for you,  I will ask that you read this post, then close your eyes and let the visualization of this scenario come to life in your mind.  So let’s begin.

I want you to spend a few moments breathing in, holding it for 3 seconds, and then slowing exhaling. Try your best to clear your mind. Imagine a large metal chest with an impenetrable lock. Unlock the chest, open it and anything that is on your mind right now, put it in the chest and lock it.

Continue to breath in, hold and then out.  Now imagine that you are walking on the path surrounded by a field at the edge of a forest.  The weather is comfortable 78 degrees with scattered clouds and a slight breeze On either side of the path the field is full of flowers, lavender on the right and fragrant orange flowers on the left.  Take some time as you walk, to smell their sweet ambrosia that intoxicates your senses.  As you continue to walk you enter a forest.The pine trees on either side of the path provide shade and a sense of comfort and protection. 
The path gently winds up a gradual hill but there is no labor required in your blissful stroll. As you continue your walk you are reminded of times in your youth where the smallest things like stepping on crushed leaves or finding a pine cone gave you such pleasure. 
As you walk the path ends at a clearing where a beautiful cabin sits. You walk up to the cabin and step onto the porch, walking to the sliding doors at its north end. A large overstuffed purple love seat awaits you. You sit comfortably and enjoy the view, listening to the birds as they sweetly sing their song. You appreciate the fluffy white cotton like cloud formations and smell the pine in the trees that hug the shoreline of a vast lake that is now in your view. You gaze in admiration at the glimmering waters deep blue color. And are thankful for the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful place

Take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds, than release it and feel the tension leave your body. Now open your eyes and you will feel refreshed and relaxed. Now don’t you feel better? My hope is that your answer to that question is yes.

Now here is the the good thing. You can return to this post as often as you like and take this 5 minute vacation again and again. Or you can pick your own beautiful scene to create your own scenario for your 5 minute virtual vacation in future. For those who are visual formulate an image in your mind of your personal oasis.  For those who are not visual, that;s OK, just find a picture of a beautiful scene on the Internet or in a magazine to use for your vacation.  

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post. Monday's post will discuss how to regain your spirit in the midst of the corporate machine.

I look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits with you all!

Have a glorious rest of your day! – Lee


What to Expect in Late 2012

There are many people who believe something will happen on December 21, 2012.  I know that a lot of people are wondering what that something will be. It is of course the end of the Mayan calendar after all, right? Well, many Christians believe it is the apocalypse, followed by the rapture and that Jesus will return to earth and take them to Heaven. And there are many theories about how this apocalypse will happen.  Many believe that a giant asteroid will hit the Earth destroying all life on the planet.  Others believe that the North and South Poles polarity  will change causes everything electronic to malfunction, an instant ice ages and tidal waves.  Still others believe planet X will collide with Earth. 
I have also heard theories about dimensional shifts, others making themselves known to us and the ability for people to perform multi- dimensional travel.

What do I think? I think that what we focus on we get.  Not as catastrophic as some profess like wiping out all life on this planet. I just do not think that will happen.  What I know is that some life changing shift will occur by the end of 2012 and the build-up for this is already occurring.

Many believe when one person focuses on something they vibrate out a message to God or the Mack Daddy Universal Energy Force as my personal pet name, to bring that thought they are focusing on to them in a real way. It is the thought of creation that manifests into reality.  Well, when you have more than one person focusing on the same thought, this collective energy or message is amplified. Similar to the crowd in a ball game, if one person screams “Go Team” not many can hear it but when half the crowd screams “Go Team” at the same time, the entire crowd hears it.

An example of how group dynamics can create, manifest, effect outcomes, whatever you wish to call it was performed  when I lived in the Washington, DC area in June/July 1993. It was a National Demonstration Project to Reduce Violent Crime where approximately 4,000 participants in a Transcendental Meditation program focused their energy on increasing unity and reducing stress in the DC District. The result was an approximate 25% decrease in violent crime while they focused their thoughts on this intention. (  

I cringe as I flip through the channels and see shows like “Doomsday Preppers” and another one about ultimate underground shelters or something like that.  Shows do not appear unless there is a great interest or oddity factor. These shows airing just provides fuel for more to focus on the subject of upcoming doom and gloom. This demonstrates how focused a majority of people are that an upcoming global tragedy is coming.  With so many people believing that the only way to get closer to God is to have the apocalypse and rapture, it is only going to make it manifest. We are asking the universe to send us a tragedy.  Does anyone else see how stupid this is?   

A good friend of mine Melissa and I were speaking this morning.  We were discussing this very topic.  Melissa had such a great analogy of what is coming. She compared it to the life cycle of a pimple, so let me borrow that and expand on it.

A pimple forms in a pore deep beneath the in the sebaceous gland a few weeks before we even know it exists.  The sebaceous gland is clogged by hair, dirt and oil as well as dead skin cells allowing bacteria to form along with excess sebum. Pus grows and is attacked by white blood cells. This causes redness and inflammation and sometimes pain. Once the redness is visible and the pain is present we are aware that the pimple exists because we can clearly see the inflammation and pus for this clogged pore as the skins forms a papule. Eventually, the pore releases the clog and the dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum spill from the pimple. As I like the call it, “when the zit pops.” 

There are some who are so worried about getting a pimple that it makes then feel horrible. The worry and the frequent breakouts they get no matter what they eat or how many times a day they cleanse are painful to them. Some who try to manipulate the skin to pop the pimple before its time  just make the situation worse.  And some, who know what is coming do not focus their attention on the pimple but allow it to grow and burst undisturbed, leaving the skin untouched, and feeling very little discomfort from the experience.

So what does this have to do with 2012? Well like a pimple, what is coming is building now, although perhaps many are not sensitive to the vibrations, yet.  For those who are worried about what is coming and trying to prepare for it will perceive and react to the outcome in a negative way.  For those who are trying to manipulate what is coming, well the situation will seem worse when it arrives.  And for those of us who that something is coming but choose to focus on something else that is positive will not be negatively affected by the outcome.

How to Get Ready
I believe that we do not need to increase our spirituality or vibration by experiencing tragedy.  And people are going to be surprised (for a split second) when they discover that their preparations were meaningless. 

I wish that all the people who are preparing with food stuffs and shelters would spend their time and resources joining a meditation group or at least meditate on their own to increase their vibration . Also help others that are not in their current circle of influence, preferably someone from another culture who may have information and learning to share with you.   That the best way to prepare for what is coming.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits.

Have a glorious rest of your day! – Lee


What is this “Woo Woo” and Meditation Stuff Anyway?

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the term “Woo Woo” used to describe the practices and tools used by “new agers”, I would be rich. Yes, some practitioners are “out there” but having some way out experiences myself I am not quick to judge. I used to be very defensive about my gifts when people looked at me with those eyes or responded in that tone that silently said, “Ah, she is one of those.”  I used to preface or follow up messages and comments from spirit with a defense statement that I was a pragmatic mathematician spiritualist and achieved my undergraduate degree in mathematics at age 19 and my IQ is over 140. But really who was I trying to convince that I was not some fruit loop? It was me. There was and still is a bad connotation associated with people who are tuned into Spirit. I always thought it was because they were taking money when sharing their gifts, and people are always afraid of getting ripped off.  I have always been in a paradox about whether to charge so at this point have not asked for monetary remuneration when sharing my gifts. And I still got those looks, comments and whispers. Actually what I have discovered is that people who pay for these services are more likely to appreciate the message. 

I no longer feel the need to prove myself to anyone.  Why?  Because if you believe in yourself it does not matter what anyone else thinks or believes.

So today, let’s talk more about this mumbo jumbo “Woo Woo.”  To reiterate, Spirit is that energy inside all of us. We are connected to the grand wizard of universal energy (by any name) and therefore connected to each other. Our Goal on Earth is to increase the love in our inner spirit/energy through our experiences. One way to do that is through giving and sharing with others as often as we can. Another wrench in the toolbox is meditation.

Meditation for the most part has gotten some good and bad press over the years reserved only for those who had some type of formalized yogi training. That cannot be farther from the truth.
Let me put this into perspective. Meditating is like playing golf. We all start as beginners and it does not matter if we make it to the Masters or not, as long as we enjoy playing.

I also hear from people that they have a hard time in their attempts to meditate, professing to me that they have tried it and failed.  Being a Type-A personality I certainly know how difficult it can be to “shut it down.”  Those that know me personally can conform for you that I am a “Chatty Kathy” so it is difficult for me to keep my outer voice quiet. You can imagine how hard it is for me to shut off my inner voice (ego). As a matter of fact I sought out meditation as a means to find a little peace and quiet and a better nights rest.

There is not only one right way to meditate. You can meditate standing up, sitting down or on one foot. You can do it in a plane, in a car, with or without music and with green eggs and ham. It is a personal choice. Meditation is truly just letting go of your ego allowing your spirit to connect to the universal spirit, your higher self, the place where we are all connected.  

If you have a lot on your mind, then imagine a heavy metal chest, open it and visualize stuff that chest with what is on your mind.  If you find yourself drifting into those thoughts again, go back the chest and repeat the exercise. Even if you can only let go of ego for 30 seconds, that is ok. You will get better and better each time you connect. Remember the first time you rode a bicycle?  Were you an expert? No and that was ok.

Once connected, know that anything is possible. Messages from spirit just for you can be asked and validated, manifestations and intentions set. The possibilities are endless.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits.

Have a glorious rest of your day! – LeeZa Donatella

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Wealth and Spiritualism

Today’s post is about wealth and spiritualism.

Different types of Wealth
There are different types of wealth and each one has value.

Wealth from Money
Let’s first start with some word play and definitions. Energy powers things. Current is the flow of energy. Currents flow, like electric currents and water currents. Currency is just a unit of energy and money is currency. Getting it yet?  There is no correlation between the amount of money or lack of money and ones spiritualism. I certainly do admire folks like Mother Teresa, who as a nun took a vow of poverty. I am just saying that you do not have to be poor to be spiritual. So often I meet spiritual people struggling monetarily as if it is a badge they have to wear. I think that it is a limitation that they put on themselves.  It does not have to be that way.  These two things are not tied together. OK, there are exceptions.  Not all people who claim to be spiritual that are rich or poor get it.  Some people I know at both ends of the spectrum rich and poor who are great healers or evangelical who “claim” to be spiritual would not recognize the difference between spirit and their ego if it bit them in their buttocks.  

Money is not the root of all evil. That is a misconception. It is the coveting of money, greed is where you can get yourself in trouble. If you hold onto money or the things it provides too tightly, you will most likely lose them, literally.  I am just saying that having money makes you comfortable and that is not a bad thing, so if you have it enjoy it and share it and know that it does not make you any less connected to spirit. If you do not have it break the bonds that is keeping it from coming into your life.

Wealth from Family and Health
I think we all agree that there is great wealth when we are in good health and are surrounded by a loving family. That wealth grows as we appreciate the little things and times we share with our loved ones. And our family grows as we extend our hand in friendship to those who come into our lives.

Wealth from Giving of Yourself
Ask someone who is very monetarily wealthy that does not give of themselves if they are happy and they are probably miserable. Want to know why? Because when you can buy anything you want you realize that you do not need it and the thrill of buying soon fades.

Giving of yourself makes you wealthy in your heart as well as strengthening your inner spirit and increasing your vibration. I will talk about vibrations in a future post. It is a true statement that when you give you get. It can be in a donation form or time devoted to a structured charity event, shelter, food bank, etc. It can also be something unstructured like giving to someone who needs a hand or taking the time to greet all you meet that day. Let me tell you about saying “Hello” to a stranger, especially an elderly person. Do you know you may be the only person that they talk to that day? So that “Hello” may mean the world to them.

One such time I remember was while I was in a local grocery store. I said good morning to an older lady. She of course said good morning back but somehow I sensed something was wrong. I continued to chat with her and we ended up having coffee.  She had recently lost her husband and was struggling with being alone. I listened attentively and offered her comfort and a couple of suggestions on groups in the area that she may enjoy. I spent 3 hours with her, yet it seemed like a minute.   We are not isolated when we are connected to spirit, since we are all made up of the same “stuff.” And as I often say, you never know where God is.

So seek out the opportunities to gain and enjoy monetary wealth and share it with others, enjoy your health and family and give of yourself to others.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits.
Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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Wake Up your Energy (Chi) and Align Your Body

Good morning to you and your Chi. Yes I am one of “those” people who wakes, eyes wide open, and jumps out of bed with my mind working. My sister used to call me “Leapy”: because I would leap out of bed with my mind ready to go. My body on the other hand, especially as I get a little older takes a little longer to get energized. 

Some of you can relate, but I and guessing the majority of the rest of you are the type that it takes an hour or so to start moving in the morning. My ex-husband was like that. I couldn't speak to him for a least an hour after he rose and had his coffee. And bless him and is politeness as he would give me a look, that silently said: “Really, do you really want me to have to think about anything deeper than breakfast yet this morning. Come on now,”

Even if you are like my ex-hubby, you can still charge yourself and change that sluggish feeling with an easy technique. What you do have to lose for a chance to feel FANTASTIC in 2 minutes.  And no, I am not going to make you do jumping jacks.

What is your Chi
I think it is important to understand a little about what you Chi is before you attempt to wake it up. Chi is the inner energy or life force that is within your body. The Chinese also call it Qi, Some call it your personal vibration, a feeling of lightness or a sence of invigoration. Personally I don't care if you call it your circulation; call it George if you like, whatever works for you; it really does not matter. What you need to know is that when you feel sluggish, that you can do something about it to instantly feel invigorated.  So let's begin to wake up your body and get your cells tingling. 

Wake Up your Energy (Chi)
Below are instructions for an exercise I use to wake up my body's energy that I call, waking up your Chi.  Many a skeptic has been turned after the 2 minutes it takes to perform this little exercise. So take off your shoes and slippers and go outside. Yes, being barefooted is key to your connection to the energies of the Earth. Ideally it would be best if you were standing on a grassy or dirt surface, but if a wood or concrete surface is all that you have available do nor fret about it. Hey, if it is winter and there is a foot of snow outside, please stay indoors and stand on the carpet.  

Spread your legs so your feet are comfortably apart (about 2-3 feet). Cup your right hand. You will be using this cupped hand to make firm contact with the left side of your body, in a quick contact and release motion that is not quite as hard as a slap. it should be strong enough that you feel it, but not so strong that it hurts. 

Bend over and with your right hand cupped and make contact with the outside of your left ankle and make the contact motion described above, continuing this motion ever few inches as you move up the left leg until you reach the top of your thigh. Now continue this motion down the inside of the left thigh back to the inside of the left ankle. Now cup your left hand and repeat this motion on the right leg.

Take turns using the cupped hands on the left side of the hip, stomach and breast area, then move toward the back of your middle section. Using both hands work on your buttocks up your lower back as far as you can comfortably reach.

Now take your right cupped hand and start at your left fingertips going up the top of your arm to your shoulder and return to the fingers from the underside of your arm. Repeat this motion with your left cupped hand on the right arm.  Complete the cupping motion on both your left and right sides on the front and back of your neck.  

Now put your hands at their sides. Shake out you hands and your body for about 10 seconds.

I am sure that if you have followed this quick routine you are wide awake and energized. You may even feel tingling in all parts of your body.

Aligning your Body
Now that your Chi is awake, let me tell you about a way to realign the energy in your body. This take about 3 minutes. Spirit provided me with this information years ago and I smile as I write this as I am reminded of my time in the grassy area at the top of Machu Picchu in the early months of 2000, where I practiced this and had a mini following as people asked me what I was doing. So now it is time to share this secret with all of you. Your body inherently knows how to realign its own inner energy. When your energy is aligned you will find your body feels better, relieving headaches, pain, and a feeling of well being.  And your body instinctually knows how to fix it. That is if you can keep your ego in check, and not try to control the exercise. Feel free to give this a try and it may make a believer out of you. So let’s get started.

Hopefully you are still outside and barefooted on that grassy or dirt surface. Close your eyes. Say thanks to whatever higher power you believe in, God, Buddha, whomever you believe in.  Now ask your body to realign itself, and let your body move the way it wants to move. The movements are small and perhaps similar to Tai Chi movements. The difference is that in Tai Chi there are practiced movements and in this exercise you have to take the thinking out of it. Just let your body move the way it wants to. And don’t be surprised if you start hearing adjustments, little cracks and pops as your body realigns itself.

So there you are; Two Exercises you can perform in 5 minutes a day that will have you energized, aligned and smiling.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post. I am letting Spirit guide what I am writing so more to come about energy and more tidbits I have to share.

Have a day filled with Love,


It’s All About the Love Energy

Today’s post is about Love. This post is not specifically about Love in the typical sense of the love of a mother for child or love between couples. It’s about the Love Energy that is within us.  “All you need is love”, as the song says has a lot of truth to it.
Let me start at the beginning. We are all creatures infused with an internal energy source upon our arrival on the planet. Some call it the soul, some the source, the chi, etc. Different name, same thing. But what really is this “thing” inside us?  Ah, glad you asked. Whether you believe that the inner energy source is your soul filled with the Holy Spirit or some other name for source, the goal is to make that energy as pure as possible. And when I say pure I mean pure love.

A great example of 100% unconditional love is seen in dogs and babies. Dogs are always happy to see us when we come home, wagging their tails and do not ask us why we were late. As infants, we are all born and only have unconditional love; no fear. You can see the love in a baby’s eyes as they gaze upon the world. As we age many things happen to us and one if that we gain ego. Ego is that part of us that reacts to experiences. Ego is not a totally bad thing, but being filled with self-importance and putting yourself above love, that is where the problem lays. Fear sits within the ego and makes us at times “put on the brakes,” limiting and keeping us from realizing our potential.  

For Christians, being Christ like means to love all things. Doing that would certainly make your inner source a pulsating yellow glowing love center, now wouldn’t it? The goal of eastern religions is to be a bliss and peace. If you look at any religion the goals are the same to do the right thing and live in harmony, so actually we are all saying the same thing.
So why are we put here as 100% love then it goes away? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being here to be 100% love?  Yes it does feel like we are going backwards since; as we age we have to make a conscious effort to achieve 100% love. But part of the purification of the inner source is to grow and know love and we cannot grow without experiences. It is as if we come here fearless and full of love, and strive to be fearless and full of love despite the fearful and less than loving experiences we encounter.  

I strive for that joyous loving feeling as part of my everyday existence.  There are many ways to achieve this. Remember back to a time when you were about 4 years old, a single instance where you may have been playing outside and what a great joyous feeling that was.  That surely should put a smile to your face.  Some reach a loving feeling by prayer, meditation, appreciating the beauty in a landscape, until your inner self swims in love when you are.  

The goal here is to be love, live love, and vibrate love. With this all is possible!

Enjoy the rest of your day! - Lee


Higher Self Connections

As promised in yesterdays post, I want to expand on the connection to our total spirit, or higher self. This has always been such an interesting topic for me.

What is the higher self?
Well, it is when our inner energy source connects to the universal energy source. It is a feeling of complete bliss where all is peace and love. The source may have different names, like God, Chi, the best of me, etc., but is all the same. This energy connects us all. Not to sound too much like John Lennon, but I wish that the folks that are fighting around the world would realize that we are all connected and that there is not any one brand of religious Kool-Aid better than another. If they did, there would be no war. Ok, I am getting off my soapbox and moving on.

Why aren’t we always connected to the higher self?
Now there is the question, because if we were always connected, it would be heaven in Earth indeed. I will not say that a person cannot achieve a 24/7 100% connection at some point in their time here on Earth, but when we can connect 100% of the time, we probably would not still here on Earth. I will explain this in a future post. It is certainly something worth striving for, but in this cause close, like horseshoes does count. It is like the example I use about work. If you like your job 60% of the time, that is greater than 80% of the population. The same is true with the higher power connection, but the percentage is lower. If you can connect to your higher self 40% of each day, that is greater than 95% of the population.  Imagine feeling complete bliss 40% of each day. Wow!

Anyway, as mentioned, I get a delicious tingling wave that overtakes by body, when I am in that place where I am connected with my higher self. What a rush! I call this being “In the Zone.” When you are “In the Zone” you are connected to everything. And when I say everything I mean, everything that has matter and energy. Pretty awesome, huh?

So how do I connect with my Higher Self?
There is no one way to connect. The most common way for the people I have coached over the years is to first get into a meditative state. I am open minded when it comes to meditation, but if you are new to meditation there are many guided meditation CDs out there. Pick one that is about 15-20 minutes long that asks you to ground yourself as part of the meditation. At the beginning of the meditation make your intention known that you want to connect to your higher self, to spirit. If you are able to connect you may feel that sensation that I discussed above that I encounter when I am connected, or you get the overwhelming feeling of peace and harmony. Once practiced, you will find that you don’t have to perform a traditional meditation to connect. I can look upon a sunrise or sunset, or landscape appreciate how absolutely beautiful and, presto instant connection. Once the connection is established I visualize what I am seeking. If it is something that is in a good forward direction, I get that wave of tingling again, knowing I am moving in the right direction and through the connection bringing that which I have requested into my sphere of influence.

So what CAN you do when you are connected?
I often get this question about what we can do when we are connected. The only limits are those you put on yourself. You can ask for anything when you are connected, you just need to state what it is that you want, know that it is possible for you to have it, and that you deserve what you are asking for. In theory it sounds very simple, but you would be surprised how many people do not know what they want. You can try an exercise by putting down on paper 5 things that you want. If you have trouble then this is an area where you may need to work.  

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and will be back again to read more about energy, chakras, manifestation, and more little tidbits I have in my goodie bag.

Have a glorious rest of your day! - Lee


How Do I Recognize Spirit?

First Spirit was providing me with so many topics for today's post that I decided to start with answering a question that I am often asked "How do I recognize spirit?"

First let me explain that I needs to classify spirit into 2 categories for the sake of my explanation: 1) the spirit or energy within, that some call connections to their higher self and 2) spirits external to ourselves. Spirit presents itself in different ways to different people. And spirit will present itself to you in different ways depending on the circumstance. You just have to be aware and listen.

Higher Self
The connection to your higher self is a little different than to external spirits. For some it is a sudden wave of complete peace that overwhelms them. I get this incredible wave of a delicious tingling feeling that overtakes by body, when I am in that place where I am connected with my higher self. I will be posting information on details about our Higher Self connections in the near future.

For those of you who have read my series on John of God, you know that down in Brazil I mentioned smelling the divine fragrance of roses and seeing the butterflies. These were also examples of connection. But you do not have to travel to Brazil to connect.

External Spirits

Spirits that Heal
In the John of God series I mention the healing performed by the spirits (Entities of Light) present at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. These spirits work with John, assisting in the healing. I have personally experienced a physical healing of bursitis in both my ankles and have seen others with miraculous healings while I was there.

Spirits You Know
If you think that your loved ones who have passed are gone, they are not. There is this TV show called Long Island Medium featuring Theresa Caputo. I love this gal and the way that spirit communicates to her. And I love that she has devoted her life in service helping others with her talents.

Theresa’s ability is evidence of the messages that passed loved ones have for you, for they do try to speak to us daily. Now, not everyone will see or hear dearly departed uncle Morty, but spirit communicates with all of us in different and various ways. A few examples include, moving things in the house, (I have stories), a familiar smell of that person that some can distinguish, a familiar object suddenly or continually appearing that you would relate to that person. Just know that our passed loved ones are always surrounding us with the love we continue to share with them.

Not all spirits that communicate with us are our passed relatives. 

The Nagger
.Do you ever get a nagging feeling that just does not go away. You perhaps you hear spirit as well as get the nagging feeling.It eventually becomes hard to ignore for most of us. Well, guess who is calling? Right… spirit, trying to tell you that you need to do something. For example, I can be in a deep sleep and wake up with a nagging thought to do something. As much as I try to shake that thought it will not leave me until I perform the action. It can be a feeling to reach out to someone, do something, read something or go somewhere.

I remember when my dad was close to passing it was 11pm at night and I got it in my head to ask my husband to make me a pot of coffee. Now I am a 6 am riser and usually in bed way before 11pm. But something was telling me, gee you really want some coffee. I cannot tell you the crazy look my husband gave me with my late night coffee request. And yet, he is a great guy and made me a full pot. About an hour or so later we got the call to go back to the hospital. Actually nice of spirit to not reveal the true reason for the coffee. Spirit knew I would be the one who had to handle things and that I needed to be alert.

Spirit Intercession
We all have examples of how spirit intercedes to assist us. I have many examples, but here is one I remember vividly when I was working on a temporary engagement and spent a lunch time at an overdue eye doctor appointment. Coming back from the appointment, I was running late and put peddle to metal in the left lane riding close to the tail end of a white SUV with an interesting pictorial display on its back hatch. Because I am in tune, I usually sense when there are police around, but for some reason today I did not see the officer parked in plain sight on the left side of the road under the overpass. He pulled me over and asked me, “Didn’t you see me?” No, I sheepishly admitted, but after a few minute chat with him somehow only received a warning citation for less than 10 miles over instead of the hefty ticket based on my actual 30 miles over speed. I pulled away and was stopped about 5 minutes down the road in bumper to bumper traffic. For the love of Pete, could this delay get any worse I screamed to myself. As we inched forward I could see that there was an accident and as always I said a prayer for those involved in the crash. As the cars involved in the crash came into sight there it was, that same white SUV with the pictorial display on its back hatch that I was driving behind, now mangled along with several other cars. I looked up and said thank you to spirit.

Physical Signs of Spirits Present
There are physical signs of spirit everywhere. Did you ever get a rush of what I call the goose pumps when it was not cold? My mother always saw a rose when she knew spirit wanted her to do something. That was her personal sign.

No matter how spirit presents itself to you, know that they are here to assist us in our journey on this planet, with messages, physical assistance as well as assisting us in our continual learning and growth.

If you want answers, the first thing you need to do is ask. Ask a question in the morning and by day’s end spirit will present you with the answer, whether via a website, TV show, article, chance encounter with someone, etc. Who knows you may be reading this blog post because spirit drove you to this site based on a question you asked.

Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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John of God - Series 8 - Wrapping Things Up

For those who have already read the previous blog posts in the series about John of God - Series, today's post is a continuation of the series based on my personal experience as a visitor to the Casa, specifically healings that I witnessed during my month in Abadiania, Brazil.

Although I was working on increasing my vibration and consciousness, I was not oblivious to the physical healings that surrounded me.
I was in Abadiania, Brazil for a month, I was able to meet and speak to many people.

The town of Abadiania is not very large and there are a couple of places for refreshments where people gather to share their stories.
I am not the shy one, as my husband keeps reminding me, so you can imagine me going up to a group of strangers introducing myself and joining in. That is the way that I am.
As I helped in the preparation of the vegetables for the soup that was served at the Casa after the morning sessions, I heard stories of the miracles, too many to mention. 

A room at the Casa is devoted to apparatus left behind by people heeled at the Casa and or
The picture does not due it justice but there are hundreds if not thousands of pairs of glasses, crutches, braces, etc,. that line this room.

There was a blond gal from the states that met that was in a car accident the year before and in a wheelchair when I first visited the Casa and using a cane when I was departing.
People have been cured of internal ailments, cancers, and other diseases while I was at this place.   
All I can say is that if you have any physical issues or just want to spend time enriching your spirit, a visit to see John of God (João de Deus") at the Casa de Dom Inácio (the house of St Ignatius Loyola) in Abadiânia, Brazil is something you will not want to miss.  
My book about visiting John of God is now available on Amazon  Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania 

Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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John of God - Series 7 – The Sacred Waterfall

Update added August 20, 2013THE BOOK ABOUT SPIRITUAL GROWTH IS COMING IN SEPTEMBER. I have been told it is a cross between the Celestine Prophecy and 50 shades of Grey
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For those who have already read the previous blog posts in the series about
John of God - Series, today's post is a continuation of the series based on my personal experience as a visitor to the Casa, specifically gifts I received at the Sacred Waterfall.

While I was in Abadiânia I heard mention of this Sacred Waterfall, called "Cachoeira"  in Portuguese. Visiting the Sacred Waterfall is by invitation with groups of like sexes (women going with women or men going with men) or by prescription by John, as part of the preparation for surgery.  With special permission, a select few can visit the waterfall alone, but these are exceptions and not the rule.
The Sacred Waterfall is down the hill about a 10 minute walk from the Casa main buildings on what I believe is land that is also part of the Casa grounds. The Sacred Waterfall is in a secluded place and is clothing optional, with most bearing bare skin and not donning a swim suit.
I was invited to the Sacred Waterfall with a group of women early in my Casa visit. We walked down the path that leads to the waterfall.  The path is part of an open landscape and it is not until you reach the last 100 or so feet before the final path to the Sacred Waterfall that you see dense vegetation.

The base of the path is lined with ropes hand rails to guide visitors into the sacred spot. You cannot take pictures of the waterfall itself, but I was able to find a snapshot of the path so you have an idea about what I am describing. There was a group of women waiting at the base that invited us to join their group as they awaited a group of men currently in the Sacred Waterfall to exit.

As the men exited, we proceeded further one by one holding the rope. After about 25 feet, the dense vegetation opened up to a clearing, the size of an ample living room surrounded with floor to ceiling as well as overhead greenery. Small rays of sunshine occasionally peeked through the thick canopy.  The falling water was not as intense as my imagination pictured it, possibly due to the time of year (April) that I was visiting the Casa. If I am going to be was shy about my body I better get over it fast, I said to myself as we all shed out clothes. We all moved onto the flat stones that comprised the bottom of the waters basin, being careful not to slip. They water was frigid and we slashed ourselves for healing.  All I could think was “darn” this is cold! Ok, I admit, “darn” is not the word I used when taking to myself. Perhaps the spirits make the water so cold so people do not take too much time in this place, I laughed to myself.  I did feel refreshed when I exited and got dressed. I figured that spirit has some reason for me freezing my buttocks off so I will go with the flow. I just was not quiet sure what the reason was.  I did visit the Sacred Waterfall a couple more times before I left Abadiânia and it was the final time where the reason became clear. I am glad that spirit provided me with the opportunity.
Toward the end of my trip, I asked as part of my revision visit to John, the visit where you go before John right before you leave Abadiânia, if I could visit the waterfall alone. Perhaps it was because I assisted in the soup preparation that they allowed be to go to the Sacred Waterfall on my own.  So I headed down the path, waited my turn, and entered the Sacred Waterfall area.
As I disrobed, I saw this very different butterfly. The texture of this insect was like one of those velvet Elvis paintings.  The butterfly’s body was black with one horizontal neon-orange line and one horizontal neon lime-green line painted on its back, one in each main body section. Ah, I have an admirer, I thought as I chuckled to myself. 
I was so very excited to be in this place that I began to sing. I made up a song giving thanks to the Casa and the spirits. Yes the water was still frigid but I sang my made up song, smiling in my heart as I splashed myself and gently cleansed the crystals I brought with me. I had finished my little visit, I noticed my little insect friend still sitting on the rope guide, smiled and included him in my song as I dressed.
 I looked around and eyed my new insect friend one last time as I slipped my feet into my flip flops. As I looked up I was astonished to seem want seemed like 100 pairs of these butterflies fluttering about this enclosed space.  They were everywhere. But how? It was less than a couple of seconds between the time I looked at the area to the time I looked down to slip my feet into my flip flops and back up again!  I gulped in awe,  motionless and for the first time, for those who know me, speechless.
It was a miraculous moment that I still carry with me as vivid as the day it occurred.  When I could finally move again, I began singing louder, in thanks and smiling as I left the Sacred Waterfall area, skipping all the way back up the hill to my pousada (inn). My joy was so intense I could not contain myself.   I shared my experience with new friend from Hawaii, Yoni, who helped me confirm this special gift just for me.
Seeing yet another dimensional shift in less than a week first Divine Fragrance then instantaneous manifestation of lyrical beauty to tangible beauty (song to butterfly) was definitely an increase in consciousness. The Casa was truly fulfilling the wishes I entered on the paper!
My next post will discuss the healings I witnessed and will be my final post in this John of God series.
My book about visiting John of God is now available on Amazon  Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania 

Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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John of God - Series 6 - Divine Fragrance

For those who have already read the previous blog posts in the series about John of God - Series, today's post is a continuation of the series based on my personal experience as a visitor to the Casa, specifically gifts I received after my surgery.
As I mentioned in previous posts, the current room is the place where people sit in prayer or meditation while in preparation for surgery. I have the privilege of being in Abadiânia for 4 weeks, which allowed me to sit in these rooms after my surgery, relax in the light of the crystals room, spend time volunteering in the preparation of the spiritual soup that is prepared for the three morning sessions at the Casa. It also allowed me to spend time to get to know other patrons and witness healings.    As I want to keep these post to readable snippets, let me discuss one of the gifts I received called divine fragrance.   
As I am sitting in the current room during a morning session after my virtual surgery, I am surprised by a strong scent of roses that has permeated the air. What a delicious smell I say to myself, as it saturates my nostrils. There must be a woman passing by that is wearing this wonderful perfume, I thought. But the fragrance does not leave me during the 2 hours I am sitting in meditation in this room, it just goes through periods where the smell is more intense than other times. Ah, there must be a woman sitting by me wearing this fragrance I thought. 
The session ended and I made my way out to the kitchen area to enjoy a bowl of soup. I was motioned over to one of the picnic tables by a gal I had previously met while a Casa visitor.  At any given session you could be having surgery or being a surrogate for another’s healing or in one of the current rooms. As we ate, we chatted about what a glorious day it was and how nice the session was that morning. After verifying that she and I were sitting in the same room, fairly close to one another, I asked her what she thought about the “Roses” smell in the current room. She said she did not smell any flowers.  I let it go and enjoyed the soup, which tasted especially good to me today, most likely because I was part of the volunteers who peeled the vegetables for its preparation. There is something about the smallest bits of service that make things come alive I thought as I smiled and enjoyed. I looked down at my watch and excused myself from the table.
I was fortunate to have a 30 minute appointment in the crystal bed room prior to the next session, so I headed over to the area. The Casa sits atop a large crystal deposit and there are rooms where visitors can lay under these lights. The crystal rooms are similar in size to a massage room and have a massage like table. The light structures consist of 7 colored lights that coincide to the colors of the 7 main chakras with attached crystals.  I entered the crystal room and got comfortable on the table. The attendant adjusted the lights to my body’s chakra centers and left the room.  For those who are not familiar with the Chakras I will speak about chakras in my energy series posts in the near future. 
As I laid there comfortably, once again the scent of roses permeated the air. It was so intoxicating and although it brought a smile to my face, it was very distracting to the mini mediation I was trying to perform while laying on this table getting my chakras cleansed. As the door opened indicating the end of the session I asked the attendant about the strong smell of flowers in the room.  He turned and said to me “Lady there are no flowers here.” I further pressed him about any smells in the cleaning solutions used in the room and he handed me the bottle that I can tell you smelled nothing like flowers. 
I had some time to go back to my pousada for a quick respite and freshen up before heading back for the afternoon session.
If I had not already mentioned this, Abadiânia visitors consist of people seeking physical healings as well as healers from around the globe. There are strict rules that healers cannot practice while in town. Most come here to increase their vibration or consciousness, as surrogates for the surgery of another or companions to those seeking physical healings.  I was fortunate to meet other healers while in Abadiânia, like Ingrid Oskarsen a healer from Australia who is very connected to spirit and staying at my pousada.    
I headed back to the pousada, entered my room, kicked off my sandals and laid down. I could not have been laying there for 2 minutes then once again, that smell.  The Roses smell was everywhere, and so strong.  Ok, I am not crazy I thought as I leapt from my bed, exited my room and walked into the courtyard.  Ingrid was standing in the courtyards and was smiling from ear to ear. I walked over to her to say good afternoon and she blurted out, “Smelling roses are you sweetie.”
“Yes I am, how did you know and why doesn’t everyone else smell them”, I replied.  “That’s a Divine Fragrance and it is all around you. Roses signifies unconditional love and comes from the Mother energy” she said nonchalantly. She continued to tell me that as we increase our vibration that we are opened to other dimensional areas, like Divine Fragrance.    Well I guess that the Casa was bringing me my wish of increase in vibration and consciousness.
My next post will discuss the miracles of the waterfall with future posts on other healings I witnessed.

My book about visiting John of God is now available on Amazon  Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania 

Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
            Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania ( a book about John of God_