John of God - Series 2 - General Info

In my first post in the John of God, series I explained a little about the process down at the Casa de Dom Ignacio where John of God is found. This post will expand to give you a fuller picture of expectations.
Again, I want to say that I would highly recommend a 2-3 week visit to this center to anyone who is looking to increase their spiritual vibration in addition to those who need a physical healing.
Now you can join a tour to go see John of God, but generally that will cost you more.  I travelled to Abadi├ónia alone and stayed at the Pousada Luz Divina, run by an American gal named Catherine which was nice, but there are other pousadas (inns), that are just as clean and nice as far as modest accommodations go. All pousadas are within “walking distance” of the Casa where John is located. I could go into great detail about traveling independently, but there is a great website that can provide current information on transportation, Visa requirements, accommodations, what you need to pack and costs for independent travelers. If you see an Inn in their list without a website and want to know more, just Google the name of the Inn, and some prior traveler will have posted pictures so you can get an idea of what it looks like.
The Casa is open all week for folks to visit the gardens and grounds. John is there on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays with sessions at 8am and 2pm. Most plan on getting to Abadi├ónia on a Tuesday before the Wednesday session.  
For a newbie the process can be a little complicated so let me explain as best I can. Everyone gathers in the casa’s main hall beginning about an hour before the sessions and will eventually be organized in queues or lines. There is a location on the casa grounds where color or numbered tickets are handed out and for each line represents something different. If you have never seen John of God before you will join the first timer’s line.  First timers carry a slip of paper with them where they have written one to three areas where they want assistance and translators are located on site to translate these wants into Portuguese. You definitely want to have your intentions solidified prior to coming to the first session, since as we all know you get exactly what you ask for.  

Your visit with John is just a matter of seconds and you are provided with instructions from him via the translator. These instructions will involve some combination of taking the passionflower herbs, drinking blessed water, visiting the Cachoeira (waterfall), sitting in the current room, and or the timing to come back for ”surgery.” After the session, all gather for a bowl of nourishing vegetable soup that is prepared by volunteers visiting the casa. The soup is infused with healing energies so yes, drink the Kool-Aid!

I went to the casa to volunteer in the soup preparation area, but since I was there I did ask for an increase in consciousness on my slip of paper. In my next post I will discuss my experiences from the perspective when I was a first timer and will expand on some of the “out of this world” experiences I encountered as well as the healing I saw during my stay in future posts.

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