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Prayers to say when Smudging

I receive so many questions asking me about what to sat when smudging that I decided to dedicate smudging prayers to their own article. These smudging affirmations can be the serenity prayer,  words from a religious book like psalms, Native American prayers, spiritual prayers or a special affirmation of intentions that you feel strongly about. Pick one that resonates with you and say this smudging prayer out loud. My only suggestion is that you replace any negative energy that is being removed with a positive one.
A few examples of smudging prayers:
"Dear Jesus, cleanse this house, allowing only love and light to remain.""Father God, rid this place of all negativity, bringing in only positive vibrations."Although not all spirits are negative, here's what to say to get rid of a ghost in your home.  
"I ask the angels to show this lost spirit the loving light of heaven and help them transition to the next place. With love and light I cleanse this space to help …

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