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Smudging Supplies

Smudging Supplies:
I get asked a lot about the basic supplies needed to smudge. The below is what I have handy in my smudging tool kit, each with specific spiritual significance.
A smudge stick A lighter or candle A shell or dish A featherSalt (I prefer pure Himalayan salt)Anointing Oil (I use a mix with Rose oil, since Rose has a very high vibration.) 
Links of items I enjoy, that you may find useful 
Starter Smudge Kit
A good Rose Oil
Incense that absolutely love: It lifts my spirits and helps me get into the zone. 
Great Meditation Music Comfortable Meditation Pillow
Essential Oil Candles Chakra and Healing Stones
And if you want to know more about smudging, my book, Smudging for Beginners,  is available on Amazon. 

Here's the link to my article, How to Smudge

Blessings LeeZa Donatella
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