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Is it Safe to Smudge around People with Respiratory Issues?

I've received several emails about the safety of burning sage around the elderly,  someone in the home who has has asthma and smudging when someone is using an oxygen tank so I thought it was a good idea to add this article to help others. smudging for beginner

Here are a couple of excerpts from my book, SMUDGING FOR BEGINNERS  (available on Amazon) for anyone else who may have the same question.

"Some people are sensitive to the smoke from herbs.  Always follow the direction of your doctor if someone in the household has allergies, asthma or another forms of respiratory issues." smudging for beginner
"Times When You Can’t Burn MaterialsUsing oils and sage in my practice, there have been occasions where I’m unable to burn sage as part of a cleansing ceremony. This is when I rely on the use of oils and sprays in my tool kit. I always have a Smudging Spritz or Smudging Spray in my smudging toolkit, in case I need to smudge without flame.  I use that along with my Himalay…

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