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Lemons to Lemonade

Some people believe that all setbacks are catastrophic. Me, not so much, knowing that each experience is a gift that does one of three things:

Validates how delicious life is.Shows us where our homework is.Helps us realize how strong we are.
The Delicious Life
Of course I'm always so thrilled when presented with those validations that show me how wonderful this Earthly experience is. It refocuses me on the positive and opens me up to ever higher vibes. It's humbling and I am grateful for those grand times that sometimes come via synchronicitic events, but find it most often in the small things, like that perfectly crafted espresso, a pristine sky or the laughter of children.

Our Homework
Then there are those experiences that show us where we still have some homework. These are those events where we react prior to seeing the lesson for what it is, an opportunity to see how much we have evolved and grown. When I experience something and do not immediately identify it as a learning ex…

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