Small Acts of Kindness

I'm always grateful when I receive correspondence that what I've written has touched someone.  I don't write for accolades or praise, I do it because I care. I also get a feeling, a deliciousness that tickles my heart when I know that it helps someone.

When you give of yourself without expectation of reward, the Universe actually does rewards in more ways that you can imagine. I believe that there's a balance in all things as part of Universal Law.  When giving from your heart, your return is an overflow of inner love.

What you give does not have to be a grand gesture. It can be as simple as a "Good Morning" and a smile to a stranger you meet about your day. To you, it may meaning nothing, but to them, well, it could mean the world. You don't know what sort of troubles and tribulations others face. Perhaps that friendly greeting was just what they needed at that moment to remind them that God is listening. You just never know.  

For me, I write these articles as part of that "pay it forward" philosophy. I am also always the first one to say hello to my fellow humans in stores, on the sidewalk and while waiting in line. My mind no longer consumed with worry, I have plenty of time for greetings, empathy and compassion. 

Why are so many other people are not doing the same? The answer is simple. Most people today are self absorbed in their own two-by-two existence. They are consumed with replaying situations and worrying about this and that. They do not recognize that the key to happiness and love is to release the things that are out of our control. One way to unburden your mind is to share your heart with everyone you meet.  It all starts with a smile and a nice greeting!

It's when we touch someone who has been, out of touch, that we provide them the opportunity to reopen that door to their heart.

You have the ability to lift the broken hearted and help heal the wounded with 1 kind word, 1 kind act or gesture, so do that today. 

Have a day filled with love, 
LeeZa Donatella

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