Knowing When to Help

It is a delicate balance knowing when to help and when to stand back and allow the other person to handle the situation. 

Helping Others
When faced with a decision when a friend thought they had a leak under their home, I did my best to check the places where water would be visible, but when the landlord came by, I gracefully exited, not wanting to make a bad situation any worse by sticking my nose in. 

Helping Your Children
The same can be said when assisting a child in their challenges. You want to protect them, but if you live their life for them, you do them an injustice that they will pay for as adults navigating the world with little experience on handling the situations that arise. 

The Perpetual Victims
There are people in this world that I call the perpetual victims. They play on the kindness of others. I remember Stacy, who I met when I first moved to AZ. She was having issues with a boyfriend. I ended up driving her to get a restraining order, then rented a truck and helped her move all her stuff into a storage unit.  Yes, it was a kind deed, but i\I soon discovered a  pattern with every subsequent man she dated, work situation and well, most every experience that all started out just fine, but soon blew up into some large drama.  There can be a fine line between being a good friend versus an enabler.  

So you see that you have to know when to help. Just use this rule of thumb.  

  • Offer but don't be insistent. And don't react if someone says no to your offer of assistance
  • Learn when to walk away and let the experts or those accountable to step in
  • Allow people to make their own mistakes and learn how to clean up their own messes. 

Have a day filled with love, 

LeeZa Donatella

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