Leeza Donatella Author and speaker

LeeZa Donatella
Certified Life Coach
Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom) Practitioner
Certified Reiki Master
Author:  Link to Books

International Inspirational and Motivational Speaker
Please reach out to info@leezadonatella.com for information about an engagement.
LeeZa teaches and lectures to help people move forward  Lectures and Workshops include:
  • Spiritual Event Appearances and Keynote speeches
  • EFT - Tapping for Beginners
  • EFT - Tapping Weekend Workshop - Emotional Freedom from Past Hurts
  • Life in Abundance - Create the Life you Want
  • The State of Being Love - Release Fear Increase Self Love
  • Chakra Balancing and Harmonization
  • Understanding and Utilizing Energy
"I am grateful for the amazing opportunities I have had. It has been a life filled with extraordinary experiences and synchronicity.  I continue to live a pretty amazing life, filled with extraordinary experiences and synchronicity. I have trekked through the Amazon, climbed atop Machu Picchu in the Andes and been invited to join Shamans in Ayahuasca Ceremonies since the 1990's. I've meditated in the middle of South America while helping organizations in Brazil, danced on the Great Wall of China and performed Tai Chi with seniors where no language was required. It's a far cry from the technology mergers and acquisition projects that were my bread and butter for many years. I've never felt more alive as I strive to help people move forward."

LeeZa Donatella has been working with energy medicine since her early twenties. Leeza has studied Bio-Energy, Japanese Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Harmonizing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT- Tapping) and Shamanic practices in South America. Leeza is a certified coach, Certified EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master. She has spent decades working alongside fellow masters and teachers to formulate her spiritual theories and practices.  An author, 
social media content provider/influencer, LeeZa also speaks to US and International audiences about what inspires and motivates us, causes us stress and about using energy to our best advantage to balance, release and heal by getting to and maintaining the state she calls "Being Love."

A spiritualist with a sense of humor and a thirst for adventure, Ms. Donatella does not take herself seriously and loves to make people laugh. 

Leeza has formulated the theory she calls The State of Being Love, a formula that when practiced guides you toward living each day in a loving state, excited and filled with joy. She speaks to audiences both in the US and abroad about what inspires and motivates us, causes us stress and understanding how past emotional trauma impedes us from moving forward until we recognize and release it.

"Emotions are really energy in motion and part of the vital free flowing force within us. When we live in joy we attract the most amazing experiences. Those who continue to live in emotional trauma, ultimately attract negative physical experiences and outcomes." Leeza has been involved with energy medicine since the 1990s, having worked alongside many masters. Her studies have included but are not limited to: Bio-Energy, Japanese Reiki, anapana and vipassana meditation, balancing and harmonization, eastern and western herbalism, reflexology and acupressure. She is also a student of Gary Craig, for the emotional freedom technique (EFT - Tapping). 

About Service 
"I believe that it’s about how we serve others that matters. Like most Italian women, I enjoy feeding people and when able, volunteer for local and international charities." 
Through her world travels and working alongside masters in energy medicine, she realized that our emotions or state of being play a major role in our physical as well as our mental and spiritual health. A side benefit of living changing ones state of being is what she calls a higher vibration where the most delicious experiences are birthed.