What to Expect in Late 2012

There are many people who believe something will happen on December 21, 2012.  I know that a lot of people are wondering what that something will be. It is of course the end of the Mayan calendar after all, right? Well, many Christians believe it is the apocalypse, followed by the rapture and that Jesus will return to earth and take them to Heaven. And there are many theories about how this apocalypse will happen.  Many believe that a giant asteroid will hit the Earth destroying all life on the planet.  Others believe that the North and South Poles polarity  will change causes everything electronic to malfunction, an instant ice ages and tidal waves.  Still others believe planet X will collide with Earth. 
I have also heard theories about dimensional shifts, others making themselves known to us and the ability for people to perform multi- dimensional travel.

What do I think? I think that what we focus on we get.  Not as catastrophic as some profess like wiping out all life on this planet. I just do not think that will happen.  What I know is that some life changing shift will occur by the end of 2012 and the build-up for this is already occurring.

Many believe when one person focuses on something they vibrate out a message to God or the Mack Daddy Universal Energy Force as my personal pet name, to bring that thought they are focusing on to them in a real way. It is the thought of creation that manifests into reality.  Well, when you have more than one person focusing on the same thought, this collective energy or message is amplified. Similar to the crowd in a ball game, if one person screams “Go Team” not many can hear it but when half the crowd screams “Go Team” at the same time, the entire crowd hears it.

An example of how group dynamics can create, manifest, effect outcomes, whatever you wish to call it was performed  when I lived in the Washington, DC area in June/July 1993. It was a National Demonstration Project to Reduce Violent Crime where approximately 4,000 participants in a Transcendental Meditation program focused their energy on increasing unity and reducing stress in the DC District. The result was an approximate 25% decrease in violent crime while they focused their thoughts on this intention. (http://istpp.org/crime_prevention/).  

I cringe as I flip through the channels and see shows like “Doomsday Preppers” and another one about ultimate underground shelters or something like that.  Shows do not appear unless there is a great interest or oddity factor. These shows airing just provides fuel for more to focus on the subject of upcoming doom and gloom. This demonstrates how focused a majority of people are that an upcoming global tragedy is coming.  With so many people believing that the only way to get closer to God is to have the apocalypse and rapture, it is only going to make it manifest. We are asking the universe to send us a tragedy.  Does anyone else see how stupid this is?   

A good friend of mine Melissa and I were speaking this morning.  We were discussing this very topic.  Melissa had such a great analogy of what is coming. She compared it to the life cycle of a pimple, so let me borrow that and expand on it.

A pimple forms in a pore deep beneath the in the sebaceous gland a few weeks before we even know it exists.  The sebaceous gland is clogged by hair, dirt and oil as well as dead skin cells allowing bacteria to form along with excess sebum. Pus grows and is attacked by white blood cells. This causes redness and inflammation and sometimes pain. Once the redness is visible and the pain is present we are aware that the pimple exists because we can clearly see the inflammation and pus for this clogged pore as the skins forms a papule. Eventually, the pore releases the clog and the dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum spill from the pimple. As I like the call it, “when the zit pops.” 

There are some who are so worried about getting a pimple that it makes then feel horrible. The worry and the frequent breakouts they get no matter what they eat or how many times a day they cleanse are painful to them. Some who try to manipulate the skin to pop the pimple before its time  just make the situation worse.  And some, who know what is coming do not focus their attention on the pimple but allow it to grow and burst undisturbed, leaving the skin untouched, and feeling very little discomfort from the experience.

So what does this have to do with 2012? Well like a pimple, what is coming is building now, although perhaps many are not sensitive to the vibrations, yet.  For those who are worried about what is coming and trying to prepare for it will perceive and react to the outcome in a negative way.  For those who are trying to manipulate what is coming, well the situation will seem worse when it arrives.  And for those of us who that something is coming but choose to focus on something else that is positive will not be negatively affected by the outcome.

How to Get Ready
I believe that we do not need to increase our spirituality or vibration by experiencing tragedy.  And people are going to be surprised (for a split second) when they discover that their preparations were meaningless. 

I wish that all the people who are preparing with food stuffs and shelters would spend their time and resources joining a meditation group or at least meditate on their own to increase their vibration . Also help others that are not in their current circle of influence, preferably someone from another culture who may have information and learning to share with you.   That the best way to prepare for what is coming.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits.

Have a glorious rest of your day! – Lee
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