What is this “Woo Woo” and Meditation Stuff Anyway?

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the term “Woo Woo” used to describe the practices and tools used by “new agers”, I would be rich. Yes, some practitioners are “out there” but having some way out experiences myself I am not quick to judge. I used to be very defensive about my gifts when people looked at me with those eyes or responded in that tone that silently said, “Ah, she is one of those.”  I used to preface or follow up messages and comments from spirit with a defense statement that I was a pragmatic mathematician spiritualist and achieved my undergraduate degree in mathematics at age 19 and my IQ is over 140. But really who was I trying to convince that I was not some fruit loop? It was me. There was and still is a bad connotation associated with people who are tuned into Spirit. I always thought it was because they were taking money when sharing their gifts, and people are always afraid of getting ripped off.  I have always been in a paradox about whether to charge so at this point have not asked for monetary remuneration when sharing my gifts. And I still got those looks, comments and whispers. Actually what I have discovered is that people who pay for these services are more likely to appreciate the message. 

I no longer feel the need to prove myself to anyone.  Why?  Because if you believe in yourself it does not matter what anyone else thinks or believes.

So today, let’s talk more about this mumbo jumbo “Woo Woo.”  To reiterate, Spirit is that energy inside all of us. We are connected to the grand wizard of universal energy (by any name) and therefore connected to each other. Our Goal on Earth is to increase the love in our inner spirit/energy through our experiences. One way to do that is through giving and sharing with others as often as we can. Another wrench in the toolbox is meditation.

Meditation for the most part has gotten some good and bad press over the years reserved only for those who had some type of formalized yogi training. That cannot be farther from the truth.
Let me put this into perspective. Meditating is like playing golf. We all start as beginners and it does not matter if we make it to the Masters or not, as long as we enjoy playing.

I also hear from people that they have a hard time in their attempts to meditate, professing to me that they have tried it and failed.  Being a Type-A personality I certainly know how difficult it can be to “shut it down.”  Those that know me personally can conform for you that I am a “Chatty Kathy” so it is difficult for me to keep my outer voice quiet. You can imagine how hard it is for me to shut off my inner voice (ego). As a matter of fact I sought out meditation as a means to find a little peace and quiet and a better nights rest.

There is not only one right way to meditate. You can meditate standing up, sitting down or on one foot. You can do it in a plane, in a car, with or without music and with green eggs and ham. It is a personal choice. Meditation is truly just letting go of your ego allowing your spirit to connect to the universal spirit, your higher self, the place where we are all connected.  

If you have a lot on your mind, then imagine a heavy metal chest, open it and visualize stuff that chest with what is on your mind.  If you find yourself drifting into those thoughts again, go back the chest and repeat the exercise. Even if you can only let go of ego for 30 seconds, that is ok. You will get better and better each time you connect. Remember the first time you rode a bicycle?  Were you an expert? No and that was ok.

Once connected, know that anything is possible. Messages from spirit just for you can be asked and validated, manifestations and intentions set. The possibilities are endless.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits.

Have a glorious rest of your day! – LeeZa Donatella

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