John of God - Series 8 - Wrapping Things Up

For those who have already read the previous blog posts in the series about John of God - Series, today's post is a continuation of the series based on my personal experience as a visitor to the Casa, specifically healings that I witnessed during my month in Abadiania, Brazil.

Although I was working on increasing my vibration and consciousness, I was not oblivious to the physical healings that surrounded me.
I was in Abadiania, Brazil for a month, I was able to meet and speak to many people.

The town of Abadiania is not very large and there are a couple of places for refreshments where people gather to share their stories.
I am not the shy one, as my husband keeps reminding me, so you can imagine me going up to a group of strangers introducing myself and joining in. That is the way that I am.
As I helped in the preparation of the vegetables for the soup that was served at the Casa after the morning sessions, I heard stories of the miracles, too many to mention. 

A room at the Casa is devoted to apparatus left behind by people heeled at the Casa and or
The picture does not due it justice but there are hundreds if not thousands of pairs of glasses, crutches, braces, etc,. that line this room.

There was a blond gal from the states that met that was in a car accident the year before and in a wheelchair when I first visited the Casa and using a cane when I was departing.
People have been cured of internal ailments, cancers, and other diseases while I was at this place.   
All I can say is that if you have any physical issues or just want to spend time enriching your spirit, a visit to see John of God (João de Deus") at the Casa de Dom Inácio (the house of St Ignatius Loyola) in Abadiânia, Brazil is something you will not want to miss.  
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