It’s All About the Love Energy

Today’s post is about Love. This post is not specifically about Love in the typical sense of the love of a mother for child or love between couples. It’s about the Love Energy that is within us.  “All you need is love”, as the song says has a lot of truth to it.

Let me start at the beginning. We are all creatures infused with an internal energy source upon our arrival on the planet. Some call it the soul, some the source, the chi, etc. Different name, same thing. But what really is this “thing” inside us?  Ah, glad you asked. Whether you believe that the inner energy source is your soul filled with the Holy Spirit or some other name for source, the goal is to make that energy as pure as possible. And when I say pure I mean pure love.

A great example of 100% unconditional love is seen in dogs and babies. Dogs are always happy to see us when we come home, wagging their tails and do not ask us why we were late. As infants, we are all born and only have unconditional love; no fear. You can see the love in a baby’s eyes as they gaze upon the world. As we age many things happen to us and one if that we gain ego. Ego is that part of us that reacts to experiences. Ego is not a totally bad thing, but being filled with self-importance and putting yourself above love, that is where the problem lays. Fear sits within the ego and makes us at times “put on the brakes,” limiting and keeping us from realizing our potential.  

For Christians, being Christ like means to love all things. Doing that would certainly make your inner source a pulsating yellow glowing love center, now wouldn’t it? The goal of eastern religions is to be a bliss and peace. If you look at any religion the goals are the same to do the right thing and live in harmony, so actually we are all saying the same thing.
So why are we put here as 100% love then it goes away? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being here to be 100% love?  Yes it does feel like we are going backwards since; as we age we have to make a conscious effort to achieve 100% love. But part of the purification of the inner source is to grow and know love and we cannot grow without experiences. It is as if we come here fearless and full of love, and strive to be fearless and full of love despite the fearful and less than loving experiences we encounter.  

I strive for that joyous loving feeling as part of my everyday existence.  There are many ways to achieve this. Remember back to a time when you were about 4 years old, a single instance where you may have been playing outside and what a great joyous feeling that was.  That surely should put a smile to your face.  Some reach a loving feeling by prayer, meditation, appreciating the beauty in a landscape, until your inner self swims in love when you are.  

The goal here is to be love, live love, and vibrate love. With this all is possible!

Enjoy the rest of your day! 

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Leeza Donatella is an author, speaker and teacher