Wealth and Spiritualism

Today’s post is about wealth and spiritualism.

Different types of Wealth
There are different types of wealth and each one has value.

Wealth from Money
Let’s first start with some word play and definitions. Energy powers things. Current is the flow of energy. Currents flow, like electric currents and water currents. Currency is just a unit of energy and money is currency. Getting it yet?  There is no correlation between the amount of money or lack of money and ones spiritualism. I certainly do admire folks like Mother Teresa, who as a nun took a vow of poverty. I am just saying that you do not have to be poor to be spiritual. So often I meet spiritual people struggling monetarily as if it is a badge they have to wear. I think that it is a limitation that they put on themselves.  It does not have to be that way.  These two things are not tied together. OK, there are exceptions.  Not all people who claim to be spiritual that are rich or poor get it.  Some people I know at both ends of the spectrum rich and poor who are great healers or evangelical who “claim” to be spiritual would not recognize the difference between spirit and their ego if it bit them in their buttocks.  

Money is not the root of all evil. That is a misconception. It is the coveting of money, greed is where you can get yourself in trouble. If you hold onto money or the things it provides too tightly, you will most likely lose them, literally.  I am just saying that having money makes you comfortable and that is not a bad thing, so if you have it enjoy it and share it and know that it does not make you any less connected to spirit. If you do not have it break the bonds that is keeping it from coming into your life.

Wealth from Family and Health
I think we all agree that there is great wealth when we are in good health and are surrounded by a loving family. That wealth grows as we appreciate the little things and times we share with our loved ones. And our family grows as we extend our hand in friendship to those who come into our lives.

Wealth from Giving of Yourself
Ask someone who is very monetarily wealthy that does not give of themselves if they are happy and they are probably miserable. Want to know why? Because when you can buy anything you want you realize that you do not need it and the thrill of buying soon fades.

Giving of yourself makes you wealthy in your heart as well as strengthening your inner spirit and increasing your vibration. I will talk about vibrations in a future post. It is a true statement that when you give you get. It can be in a donation form or time devoted to a structured charity event, shelter, food bank, etc. It can also be something unstructured like giving to someone who needs a hand or taking the time to greet all you meet that day. Let me tell you about saying “Hello” to a stranger, especially an elderly person. Do you know you may be the only person that they talk to that day? So that “Hello” may mean the world to them.

One such time I remember was while I was in a local grocery store. I said good morning to an older lady. She of course said good morning back but somehow I sensed something was wrong. I continued to chat with her and we ended up having coffee.  She had recently lost her husband and was struggling with being alone. I listened attentively and offered her comfort and a couple of suggestions on groups in the area that she may enjoy. I spent 3 hours with her, yet it seemed like a minute.   We are not isolated when we are connected to spirit, since we are all made up of the same “stuff.” And as I often say, you never know where God is.

So seek out the opportunities to gain and enjoy monetary wealth and share it with others, enjoy your health and family and give of yourself to others.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits.
Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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