John of God - Series 4 - The Current Room

For those who have already read the previous blog posts in the series about John of God, today's post is a continuation of the series based on my personal experience as a visitor to the Casa, specifically being part of the current rooms and experiences in those rooms prior to “surgery.”

As I mentioned in my last post, I was instructed to sit in the current rooms for the remaining Wednesday session both Thursday sessions, and the Friday morning session as part of my preparation for “Surgery.”  My wish for this time was to increase my consciousness, so I was eager to sit for the couple of hours in this current room to see if that would provide me some insight.  Admittedly, each session in the current room was a lesson in itself, so let me touch on a few:

Wednesday Afternoon Session:  I arrived at the main hall at 1:15 pm and found a seat as I waited for the request to queue up for the current room came.  I scanned the hall to see all participants dressed in white and perhaps see a familiar face from the morning session. The line was called and we were quickly ushered into one of the current rooms and sat in one of the backless long benches that filled the room. Instructions were provided in several languages which included the request that we keep our eyes closed, pray or meditate to assist the healing for the session and not leave or move until instructed to do so.   An initial prayer was read, then silence. Eyes closed, I started my usual meditation routine, grounding myself, then allowing light to slowly fill me. My mantra for this session was just the word “Love” as I did my part to infuse the room with wonderful loving healing energy.   About 20 minutes into meditation I could feel pain from my neck down my back as well as in my buttocks, which made me slouch forward. I am an experienced in meditation but meditating while sitting on a wood bench was not something with which I was accustomed. Now I know why there were painful looks in the faces of the people in the room when I walked past them to see John earlier in the day. I am sitting there trying to focus on my mantra, but annoyed by this uncomfortable feeling. Then a word popped into my head, one that I know came from this wonderful place. ASK…. ASK.. it was like a drum beat that replaced my “Love” mantra. Ask? Ask what I thought to myself before the light bulb went off.  Ah… ask.  So I asked the healing spirits and entities that fill the Casa and Mother Mary with whom I have always had a connection to from my youth, to please stop the pain in my back and buttocks so I can spend this session concentrating on the healing energy. One by one I could feel something like warm hand like sensation that started from my neck and slowly glided down my back to my base that numbed the pain and allowed me to sit up straight and tall beaming with joy and love.  From that point forward I always remembered to ask when I need something.  

Thursday Morning Session:  I eagerly greeted the sunrise and after a quick coffee and toast and walked to the Casa to watch the sun light the distant hills from the observation decks.  I was one of the first to arrive in the main hall and accredit that to the fact that I was able to b in the front of the line and get a corner spot in one of the benches for this morning’s session. I would find out in a future session that any spot is a good spot, but I was feeling pretty privileged to get that corner spot. Again we were ushered into the room, provided with an initial prayer in several languages and I started my “Love” mantra. Once again, the pain settled in but this time I was quick to “ask” and I was comfortable again.  Several times during the session, someone in my row was moving about, bringing me to the point of being annoyed toward the end of the session. Remember now that everyone has their eyes closed and we are instructed not to open them until the session was over, so it was not like I could give this persons way the unspoken look that would indicate that they should remain still. After the session as I ate the soup and asked the spirits for patience, for I knew that there this person who was moving was probably so very uncomfortable and here I was being annoyed.  I got my wish in the next session, patience.
Thursday Afternoon Session:  In the afternoon session as I sat I noticed a mother with a small boy sitting on the bench right behind me. I was relieved that they were not sitting in my bench based on my experience in the morning session. I took my place, immediately started my “Love” mantra and asked for a back and buttocks free of pain throughout the session. The prayer had been said, all eyes closed and I was in my zone, the sound of the fans like white noise. It was a perfect meditation for me and then… kick, kick, kick.. the small boy sitting behind me began a rhythmic kicking of my bench.  The boy’s foot was almost touching my buttocks and this kicking did not stop, because no one was going to open their eyes and stop him. You have to be kidding me I thought to myself.  Then it dawned on me. I had asked for patience. I was annoyed in the morning session by an occasional rustling of someone on my bench and asked the spirits for patience. Have I said to be very careful what you ask for, if not let me say it again.  The kicking continued on and on for what seemed like an eternity, until I surrendered to it. I found the lesson somewhat amusing, a smile came to my face and then the kicking stopped bothering me. I am glad since the kicking did not stop until the session ended and we were released from the room.  I think in that day I learned patience with others.
Friday Morning Session:  The Friday morning session was my last session before surgery and I was excited about the possibilities.  Once again I sat in the current room in preparation. I felt myself drifting up during the meditation, which sometimes happens to me, so I grounded myself. The darkness of my eyes closed gave way to warm golden light as the image of the mother came to me. She was all smiles and her hand touched the top of my head. I could feel the tingling and got a goose pimply type rush that raced through my body. I am ecstatic but contain my rejoicing since I am sitting in silence in the session.  I keep thinking about what I have experienced thus far while in the current room and know that they are already working on my wish to increase my consciousness.
I have provided to you the gifts that I received while in the current room prior to my “surgery.”
My next post will discuss the surgery with future posts dscribing the miracles of the waterfall and divine fragrance and more. 

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Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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