Wake Up your Energy (Chi) and Align Your Body

Good morning to you and your Chi. Yes I am one of “those” people who wakes, eyes wide open, and jumps out of bed with my mind working. My sister used to call me “Leapy”: because I would leap out of bed with my mind ready to go. My body on the other hand, especially as I get a little older takes a little longer to get energized. 

Some of you can relate, but I and guessing the majority of the rest of you are the type that it takes an hour or so to start moving in the morning. My ex-husband was like that. I couldn't speak to him for a least an hour after he rose and had his coffee. And bless him and is politeness as he would give me a look, that silently said: “Really, do you really want me to have to think about anything deeper than breakfast yet this morning. Come on now,”

Even if you are like my ex-hubby, you can still charge yourself and change that sluggish feeling with an easy technique. What you do have to lose for a chance to feel FANTASTIC in 2 minutes.  And no, I am not going to make you do jumping jacks.

What is your Chi
I think it is important to understand a little about what you Chi is before you attempt to wake it up. Chi is the inner energy or life force that is within your body. The Chinese also call it Qi, Some call it your personal vibration, a feeling of lightness or a sence of invigoration. Personally I don't care if you call it your circulation; call it George if you like, whatever works for you; it really does not matter. What you need to know is that when you feel sluggish, that you can do something about it to instantly feel invigorated.  So let's begin to wake up your body and get your cells tingling. 

Wake Up your Energy (Chi)
Below are instructions for an exercise I use to wake up my body's energy that I call, waking up your Chi.  Many a skeptic has been turned after the 2 minutes it takes to perform this little exercise. So take off your shoes and slippers and go outside. Yes, being barefooted is key to your connection to the energies of the Earth. Ideally it would be best if you were standing on a grassy or dirt surface, but if a wood or concrete surface is all that you have available do nor fret about it. Hey, if it is winter and there is a foot of snow outside, please stay indoors and stand on the carpet.  

Spread your legs so your feet are comfortably apart (about 2-3 feet). Cup your right hand. You will be using this cupped hand to make firm contact with the left side of your body, in a quick contact and release motion that is not quite as hard as a slap. it should be strong enough that you feel it, but not so strong that it hurts. 

Bend over and with your right hand cupped and make contact with the outside of your left ankle and make the contact motion described above, continuing this motion ever few inches as you move up the left leg until you reach the top of your thigh. Now continue this motion down the inside of the left thigh back to the inside of the left ankle. Now cup your left hand and repeat this motion on the right leg.

Take turns using the cupped hands on the left side of the hip, stomach and breast area, then move toward the back of your middle section. Using both hands work on your buttocks up your lower back as far as you can comfortably reach.

Now take your right cupped hand and start at your left fingertips going up the top of your arm to your shoulder and return to the fingers from the underside of your arm. Repeat this motion with your left cupped hand on the right arm.  Complete the cupping motion on both your left and right sides on the front and back of your neck.  

Now put your hands at their sides. Shake out you hands and your body for about 10 seconds.

I am sure that if you have followed this quick routine you are wide awake and energized. You may even feel tingling in all parts of your body.

Aligning your Body
Now that your Chi is awake, let me tell you about a way to realign the energy in your body. This take about 3 minutes. Spirit provided me with this information years ago and I smile as I write this as I am reminded of my time in the grassy area at the top of Machu Picchu in the early months of 2000, where I practiced this and had a mini following as people asked me what I was doing. So now it is time to share this secret with all of you. Your body inherently knows how to realign its own inner energy. When your energy is aligned you will find your body feels better, relieving headaches, pain, and a feeling of well being.  And your body instinctually knows how to fix it. That is if you can keep your ego in check, and not try to control the exercise. Feel free to give this a try and it may make a believer out of you. So let’s get started.

Hopefully you are still outside and barefooted on that grassy or dirt surface. Close your eyes. Say thanks to whatever higher power you believe in, God, Buddha, whomever you believe in.  Now ask your body to realign itself, and let your body move the way it wants to move. The movements are small and perhaps similar to Tai Chi movements. The difference is that in Tai Chi there are practiced movements and in this exercise you have to take the thinking out of it. Just let your body move the way it wants to. And don’t be surprised if you start hearing adjustments, little cracks and pops as your body realigns itself.

So there you are; Two Exercises you can perform in 5 minutes a day that will have you energized, aligned and smiling.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post. I am letting Spirit guide what I am writing so more to come about energy and more tidbits I have to share.

Have a day filled with Love,


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