John of God - Series 6 - Divine Fragrance

For those who have already read the previous blog posts in the series about John of God - Series, today's post is a continuation of the series based on my personal experience as a visitor to the Casa, specifically gifts I received after my surgery.
As I mentioned in previous posts, the current room is the place where people sit in prayer or meditation while in preparation for surgery. I have the privilege of being in Abadiânia for 4 weeks, which allowed me to sit in these rooms after my surgery, relax in the light of the crystals room, spend time volunteering in the preparation of the spiritual soup that is prepared for the three morning sessions at the Casa. It also allowed me to spend time to get to know other patrons and witness healings.    As I want to keep these post to readable snippets, let me discuss one of the gifts I received called divine fragrance.   
As I am sitting in the current room during a morning session after my virtual surgery, I am surprised by a strong scent of roses that has permeated the air. What a delicious smell I say to myself, as it saturates my nostrils. There must be a woman passing by that is wearing this wonderful perfume, I thought. But the fragrance does not leave me during the 2 hours I am sitting in meditation in this room, it just goes through periods where the smell is more intense than other times. Ah, there must be a woman sitting by me wearing this fragrance I thought. 
The session ended and I made my way out to the kitchen area to enjoy a bowl of soup. I was motioned over to one of the picnic tables by a gal I had previously met while a Casa visitor.  At any given session you could be having surgery or being a surrogate for another’s healing or in one of the current rooms. As we ate, we chatted about what a glorious day it was and how nice the session was that morning. After verifying that she and I were sitting in the same room, fairly close to one another, I asked her what she thought about the “Roses” smell in the current room. She said she did not smell any flowers.  I let it go and enjoyed the soup, which tasted especially good to me today, most likely because I was part of the volunteers who peeled the vegetables for its preparation. There is something about the smallest bits of service that make things come alive I thought as I smiled and enjoyed. I looked down at my watch and excused myself from the table.
I was fortunate to have a 30 minute appointment in the crystal bed room prior to the next session, so I headed over to the area. The Casa sits atop a large crystal deposit and there are rooms where visitors can lay under these lights. The crystal rooms are similar in size to a massage room and have a massage like table. The light structures consist of 7 colored lights that coincide to the colors of the 7 main chakras with attached crystals.  I entered the crystal room and got comfortable on the table. The attendant adjusted the lights to my body’s chakra centers and left the room.  For those who are not familiar with the Chakras I will speak about chakras in my energy series posts in the near future. 
As I laid there comfortably, once again the scent of roses permeated the air. It was so intoxicating and although it brought a smile to my face, it was very distracting to the mini mediation I was trying to perform while laying on this table getting my chakras cleansed. As the door opened indicating the end of the session I asked the attendant about the strong smell of flowers in the room.  He turned and said to me “Lady there are no flowers here.” I further pressed him about any smells in the cleaning solutions used in the room and he handed me the bottle that I can tell you smelled nothing like flowers. 
I had some time to go back to my pousada for a quick respite and freshen up before heading back for the afternoon session.
If I had not already mentioned this, Abadiânia visitors consist of people seeking physical healings as well as healers from around the globe. There are strict rules that healers cannot practice while in town. Most come here to increase their vibration or consciousness, as surrogates for the surgery of another or companions to those seeking physical healings.  I was fortunate to meet other healers while in Abadiânia, like Ingrid Oskarsen a healer from Australia who is very connected to spirit and staying at my pousada.    
I headed back to the pousada, entered my room, kicked off my sandals and laid down. I could not have been laying there for 2 minutes then once again, that smell.  The Roses smell was everywhere, and so strong.  Ok, I am not crazy I thought as I leapt from my bed, exited my room and walked into the courtyard.  Ingrid was standing in the courtyards and was smiling from ear to ear. I walked over to her to say good afternoon and she blurted out, “Smelling roses are you sweetie.”
“Yes I am, how did you know and why doesn’t everyone else smell them”, I replied.  “That’s a Divine Fragrance and it is all around you. Roses signifies unconditional love and comes from the Mother energy” she said nonchalantly. She continued to tell me that as we increase our vibration that we are opened to other dimensional areas, like Divine Fragrance.    Well I guess that the Casa was bringing me my wish of increase in vibration and consciousness.
My next post will discuss the miracles of the waterfall with future posts on other healings I witnessed.

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Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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