Friday, March 29, 2013

A Typical Day in Sedona

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You may be thinking to yourself, well a day in any town is just about the same isn’t it? Not when you live in Sedona, where time seems to slow to a manageable crawl as we meander through the fields of dreams and break free of the illusion. Here is a perfect example of what a typical day holds for me, which I am going to assume transcends the run of the mill day for most.

As I prepare for the weekend I recall yesterday, filled with so many experiences, beginning with breakfast with a friend, followed by sharing with a friend the Love that fills my being using one of my gifts to provide insight and perspective.  Hey, get your mind out of the gutter, it was not what you think. 

For most this may align with a typical day, but now I can tell you what separates a typical day into an extraordinary one.
The afternoon picked up as I paid a visit to a local new age shop where I had an updated an aura photo taken. If you are not familiar with these, briefly I will explain that they show a color representation of your emotional and energetic fields. I had one taken when I first moved to Sedona and my colors were blue, yellow, green, signifying, wisdom, healing and thinking. The one I recently had done was all pink, blue and white. The pink and blue was around my head and bright pink and white coming out from my heart and solar plexus chakras. I was told that this is the kind of aura photo that everyone seeks and that they hangs these ones up on the wall. I was not going to give mine up that easily, but I smiled from ear to ear knowing that I was in a good space. My heart is so wide open these days and at times the intensity of feeling so extreme that if I could harness that energy it would light up this bustling little town for a few days. I think even Tesla would be impressed.

Then off to meet with a young entrepreneur to try to make a difference in his life as I provided guidance on concepts to help him achieve his goals. Follow that with some coffee to discuss the mysteries of the universe with a being with ancient wisdom, quiet contemplation on taking new risks that may end up crushing my heart, deciding when to go to the other end of the world and with whom and whether I  need to live in the woods for a few days, End  the day with an exchange with a brilliant man who created a revolutionary software that uncovers your souls purpose and there you have it, a typical day in Sedona.

How was your day?

Wishing you a day filled with Love
LeeZa Donatella

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love and Deserving

I was recently asked about True Love.  There were a few entries that I posted during Valentine’s week about True Love, the Fantasy of Love and how to Keeping the Romance going.  Today’s post is about settling, or rather not settling.  I was with a partner for many years where I settled when it came to Love. I thought I was in Love at the time, but I now know that my heart was closed and I was getting just a mere glimpse of the Love that I am capable of giving and receiving.  For me, there has to be a big fire, a passion that is only quenched when in your lover’s embrace, when your lips meet theirs and you gaze into each other’s eyes and meld together as one. It is that intimacy that we search for when looking for a mate.  So when we talk about that perfect Love, I also want to include what we are all deserving of….  here is my 2 cents on Love and Deserving:
I deserve and will accept nothing less than true love at this point in my life. I deserve the kind of Love where I can feel my partner’s heart beating from across the room, where we shout our Love from the rooftops and all people marvel at the feeling they sense just being on our presence; the kind of Love that transcends time as we meld into each other with each kiss; a partner who cannot keep their hands off me kissing every part of my body;  a partnership of trust, honor, respect, kindness and giving where collectively we make a difference in many people’s lives as we connect our extended family/tribe together and all work to increase the vibration of the planet. That is the kind of Love I deserve!

What do YOU deserve?

Wishing you a Day Filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finding My Soul Purpose - There is aTool

I spent last evening with the most amazing man. His name is Stephan Couttsa and he is the founder of Stephan’s Mirror. ( I was guided to a connection to Stephan through synchronicity.
Originally from New York, it takes a lot to impress me, so when I heard about this I wanted to know more. Well, Stephan's Mirror uses technology to interpret 12 ancient wisdom systems to provide information on our divine soul essence at a deep level resulting in a quantum shift in self awareness and Divine self Love, allowing one to experience the power and joy that comes from living from your soul center. When I heard this, I said, yeah, this I have to see.

Let’s just say that my mouth was open after seeing the results. I have NEVER seen a tool like this one. The representation is EXACTLY how I am, what I am here to accomplish as if I were saying it out loud to you. Actually, I have said it in many blog posts and throughout my career. When I questioned the possible combinations, Stephan explained that the probabilities of two persons having the same sacred coordinates is approximately 250,000 to 1, In a world of 6 Billion people, statistically that is about 20,000 people on the planet that has the same basic wiring that I do. Okay so I have a couple of like minded people to find out there.

I do not normally promote others sites, but this one, in my opinion is worthy of investigation. Stephan, who lives in Sedona, wants to ensure that this information is available to the masses, so it is only $10 through his website. I was impressed by the reasonableness of the price as well!

I already am aware of what I am capable of and who I am. But even I was blown away with the accuracy of this validation and additional information. For me is it all about making a difference in bettering the lives of others. It is through that connection to the people assisting them that does it for me. This is why I have a blog, help in kitchens to feed people and why I am working on a manifestation that will yield funding for my pet project that will provide a foundation that provides grants to people developing their talents in the spiritual arts to sustain themselves while they hone their skill set.

I now feel truly awaken to more easily get into my zone and really start making things happen. I hope this information will serve you as well.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Take the First Step without Fear

Update added August 23, 2013

I have moments of such clarity and bliss all day living in the moment and I am making magic happen as I continue on my journey. Yesterday morning I sang sweet songs from the heart in the kitchen at the local church as I helped to prepare meals for post services. I was so filled with joys that my cup ran over and I was beaming from ear to ear.  
Even so, I have to admit that sometimes I have no idea what I am doing. As I write this post tears well up as I am releasing something from my being. What it is? Again, I have no idea. I just chalk it up to the human experience and the intensity of Sedona as I process and release to make room for my true self.

I am so truly grateful for all the incredible people that I have met on this journey and send them all Love from my heart. 

I would be lying to say this fearless girl does not have moments of just a little fear of the unknown that creeps in from time to time. And why you may ask?

Well, I am yet again at another cross roads in this incredible journey toward enlightenment, and there are so many choices to make in the next 2.5 weeks, each one taking me in a different direction. As you know the old saying, want to make God laugh, just describe your plans. I know in my heart that whichever path I choose it will ultimately bring me to the same place, just perhaps not in the same time frame and with different people.  And the direction I thought I was going in has been turned on its head. 

I have a planned trip to the Caribbean that is coming up in three weeks, then off to sis's. Well sis' is most likely moving and as of yesterday morning this destination was no longer resonating. I feel more inclined to travel to parts of Indonesia instead. That’s a big difference from a puddle jump to the other end of the globe. Now, living free and easy I can certainly do this and I have taken steps to find out more about this location from a friend who is returning from there in a few days.   It is funny how the universe works. I had heard about this locale from a couple of friends in the past few weeks, and it just might be the next place that I might enjoy going on my journey.  And I have no problem traveling there alone if that is where I am supposed to be to gain more insight but wonder if this destination is something I should share with a friend? I guess time will tell as I decide if traveling out of the country now is what I should do or is there something else I should be moving toward in these next few weeks. I have a couple of other irons in the fire as well that also may prove beneficial to my spiritual development as well as helping others, which is ultimately the reason I do most things these days.  
As I ponder my many choices, I continue to meditate and ask my higher self for guidance trying my best not to let an old habit or belief to creep in. If one does, I will not beat myself up as continue on this journey.

Wishing you a day filled with Love.
LeeZa Donatella
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Be in the Moment

Living in a society with early wake-ups, work and family, rarely do we get the opportunity to sleep in with no cares in the world. So when it happens, I sigh with the deliciousness of the moment. Not a care, nothing that has to get done. Just to be still and in the moment.
Have you ever woken up with such a feeling of deliciousness that you did not want to get out of bed? 
I awake here in Sedona with no agenda, no chores, no plans, just the sweetness of life. The sun rose and peeked into my windows this morning. I rolled over to inhale its beauty, then smiled with the notion that if I chose to I could sleep in as long as I wanted. I hugged the pillow and sighed with delight as I gently closed my eyes and went back to sleep. These kinds of mornings inspire me to write, to smile and feel the Love that I am.  When I finally venture outside I am so filled with the Love energy of my true self and share it with all I meet.
The nights here are just as magical as the stars blanket the sky. I often drive up atop the loop road or out into the desert and lay atop the hood and drink in their magnificence.
Here’s wishing you a day filled with Love that fills your heart with every inhaled breathe.
LeeZa Donatella
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Find your Bliss

Update added August 23, 2013


I have been told it is a cross between the Celestine Prophecy and 50 shades of Gray

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Today’s blog is about Bliss. I knew that bliss meant happiness, joy or a state of ecstasy, but I only have experienced glimpses of the true bliss in my heart until I moved to Sedona.
The opportunity to be in nature among such beautiful landscapes of Sedona’s red rocks and streams, it’s wildlife, history, as well as the intense energy, certainly makes one experience feelings of gratefulness and appreciation. It is that combination along with the people and the communal Love Energy here that changes you.  As I participate in many group events, circles and campfires I meet people from different parts of the country or from other parts of the world. The goal and theme are common; it is ultimately about the Love energy and as we all share this earthly love we in effect help each other transform and remember that we are loving beings.  In Sedona, it is like a wild spirit that breathes life back into your heart allowing it to sing a new sweeter song. That is what I have experienced as I feel bliss with prolonged and profound intensity in my heart.

If you were in my presence right now you could feel this bliss from my heart to yours. I wish I could bottle this feeling and share it will all of you. Alas, I can only describe the feeling to you. It is a feeling that starts with a smile that creates a tickle in your heart then spreads throughout your body. All functions slow as you stay in a state where nothing has to get done. You feel the air enter you nostrils and lungs with each unhurried breathe. Even common actions like this delight your senses. I hope that provides a visual for the feeling

I leave you with these thoughts. Do something to day that helps you get to a place where you can find your bliss. Go outside amongst nature, find a mediation or communal love group and you too will have a day filled with bliss.
Have a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Realizing Worthiness

If I had a nickel for every guy or gal I encounter who does not think that they are worthy I could fill a truck with a ton of nickels.  If only I were...... I hear this all the time. If only I had x job, x amount of money, were taller, thinner, younger, older or more muscular, so and so would like me. If only I went to this school, were smarter, had this quality or that quality, then I could get that job or accomplish this or that. I say to you today enough!

If you feel unworthy stop and hear me now. 

It is not your fault that you believe that you are not worthy! It is a belief that was based on a behavior directed toward you at some point in your past. 

Unworthiness makes us continually feel horrible since it does not resonate with our true selves. Once you realize that this feeling of unworthiness does not belong to you, then you can let it go. Just the realization itself is a huge step and may be enough to rid yourself of the albatross around your beautiful neck.

I speak from personal experience when I tell you that I have had numerous situations in my youth that helped me to create a belief of unworthiness. And once deeply seeded that belief moved me in directions that exacerbated that belief driving it deep into my core. In searching for answers on why such an accomplished person could feel this way, I found the answer. When I realized where the belief was seeded, I shed it, like a peel from a bad sunburn.  I AM NOW NOT AFRAID to express and realize ALL my dreams and desires. And the universe fulfills my desires in the most delicious ways through beings so full of love and light . We share moments together that seem to stop time. Pure love fills these shared creative interactions. 

Believe me when I tell you that if I can do it. so you too CAN you. We can obtain all our dreams and desires. Remember that you are a beautiful being of Love. Know that you are worthy and the universe sends you its song and fills you with whatever joy you wish to create.  Live your life like the great opportunity of miracles that it is. 

Do not hold back, dare to dream, express yourself without fear, take risks and reach for the stars.

Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings,

LeeZa Donatella

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Partners and Friends in 2013 and Beyond - The New Paradigm

I write today about a new twist in the dating saga. Having had my share of dates over the years, as I get back into that scene tastes change, but I was saddened to see that the search by many as they seek out mates in this new time has yet to change.   
I had a partner who was stuck in the illusion of the dream. I was his teacher and he was mine. A big house, 4 cars, many vacations, lots of toys and yet it was never enough for him. He didn't understand about following his passion, and compensated by abusing substances to dull the pain of a joyless reality he created by living in lack. You see when you have enough money to buy whatever you want you either realize "enough" then calm down or  continue to live in "lack" which keeps you in a state that nothing will ever be enough. 
If you live in the illusion and don't understand why we need to follow our excitement or passion it will only lead you to a life of misery. Life is too short to continue down a joyless path.

I walked away from this relationship, leaving all the toys of that illusionary life behind, in search of self discovery and a desire to serve people. I don't ave much money and sometimes what tomorrow will bring and I certainly admit that at times I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm happy in the service of others and the opportunity to grow.
So next time you're out and about and meet someone who tickles your heart or your mind, whether it be a potential new friend or possibly a partner, instead of looking at what they drive or how big their house is r what they do for a living, why not ask them if they are kind to all living creatures? Look into their eyes and see if the sparkle telling you that they gaze at you through their heart.  Find out their character and if they are honest as the day is long. Do they smile and laugh often?  Are they following their excitement and passion each and every day? Has the veil of the 2 by 2 illusion fallen for them?  If you can find a friend or partner with these qualities then you are truly blessed and most likely they already know what enough is.      
This is the new paradigm that we are living in and I choose to surround myself with those who live each and every moment in joy!
Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Life's Purpose

Update added August 23, 2013
I have been told it is a cross between the Celestine Prophecy and 50 shades of Gray
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My purpose on Earth for this physical representation of myself is to be like a Johnny Appleseed.  I am the planter of seeds for the mainstream human race.  If the seeds I plant resonate within you then they will germinate into more curiosity about how to grow spiritually, raise your consciousness and increase your vibration so you will remember that:
  • You are not alone, but are connected not only to you higher self but also to the collective consciousness of the cosmos;
  • You are pure Love at a vibration so high that it cannot be contained in your physical body and extends far out into space;
  • You have the ability to shape everything in your existence from a dimensional perspective where there is no past or future just now and all things happen in multiple dimensions in a single instance. 
    Wishing you a day filled with Love,
    LeeZa Donatella 

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Being Love

Today’s post is about Love and the Love Energy that is within us. It is about how to experience the feeling of the love within.  “All you need is love”, as the song says. It is more than the obvious love between mother and child or then love between couples. I am speaking about loving yourself because Love IS the true nature of our spirit. In fact that love vibration is so high and pure that we have to lower it in order to be in our physical body.  Look into an infant’s eyes for a glimpse of the unconditional love that is also within YOU!

Once you know and follow the Love that you truly are,  it is then that the magic happens. Live in that Love, do what gives you joy each moment and you attract more and more loving and joyous situations as well as abundance beyond your wildest imagination.

I get a lot of questions on the best way to start that process. Simply start with a smile and your heart begins to open. Try it and tell me if you do not get a little flicker of that feeling of your internal love. I do that and I immediately feel that tingle followed by a deliciousness of waves throughout my entire body.   

A smile followed by a song, sung loudly can get your whole body smiling. Not a singer? Then walk around smiling saying good morning to everyone you meet, holding the door.
Still having trouble? Remember back to a time when you were about 4 years old, a single instance where you may have been playing outside and what a great joyous feeling that was. That surely should put a smile to your face as you move more into that Love energy!  Still not doing it for you? Appreciate the beauty of nature’s landscape, until your inner self swims in love.

When a negative thought comes to your mind know that it is your ego. Reprimand it as you would a misbehaving child.  

Strive not for the new Mercedes but for joyous loving feelings as part of your everyday existence and you may just get that dream car faster than you can imagine. But feel, I cannot stress this enough. FEEL the LOVE that you are!

The goal here is to be love, live love, and vibrate love. With this all is possible!

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella 

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Monday, March 11, 2013

It's all about the Kiss

For those who think that all relationships are dysfunctional, you cannot see me, but I'm sticking my tongue out at you. 
If you know me, then you know that I can find something  romantic about a rock in the middle of an alligator invested Alabama swamp located near Bubba's momma’s moon shining operation.  

It's this way of being as well as something more that has provided me with the opportunities for some wonderful moments for sharing intimacy.
I have always been all about the kiss. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I believe in kisses that last an hour. And this is not any ordinary kiss. It is ones face gently cupped in the others hands, very slow and intense with eyes open as you meet your partners gaze and melt into each other. It's soft and sweet, like savoring the ripest peach. It's playful and meanders to the forehead and ears before it finds its way back to the corners of the mouth. It includes the gentle touch of the hand, the caress of the arm or shoulder that ignites the flame, makes the perfect aphrodisiac and is the allure of all the possibilities.  It is followed by long conversations, smiles and time shared. 

For years my girlfriends would ask me advice about the guys they dated. I would always ask then the same question:

Are you a candle or firecracker? 

Mostly I got looks of bewilderment. Then with a wink and a smile I explained that a firecracker has a quick short fuse, it burns very hot and with a big impressive bang it’s all over. Compare that to a candle that  after illumination burns hot and steady for a long time.

It's my understanding that slow long kisses and taking your time is the beginning of lighting that candle and a winning combination as you discern if this person is someone with whom you want to share your most sacred self.

So when you fancy someone that fancies you, take your time, get to know them, kiss them long, gaze into their eyes and be the candle and not the firecracker. 

There really is no rush, so keep your shirt on honey! 

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Peru – Lima and Miraflores

I arrive back in Lima after a couple of weeks in the Amazon.  Lima was the big city and I loved the contrast between it and the jungle. Peter, whom I met in the jungle worked in a German firm in Lima and we connected for a few evenings of fun in Miraflores.

With the days warm and filled with promise, I ventured out of the small posada where I rented a room for a few days in a small neighborhood.

I always like to travel in an atypical American tourist way. Growing up we were accustomed to five star accommodations at my mother’s insistence, like most American tourists.  Dad was more of a go with the flow sort of man and he understood that the flavor of a destination is experienced more when one does it without the pomp and circumstance of the five star world.  

One of my favorite places to visit in Lima was the Convent of San Francisco along with the catacombs. As I ran to catch up to an English speaking tour, there was only one man there, who was over six feet tall his skin darkened by being out in the sun. I stood there next to him and listened as the guide proceeded to explain the features of this wonderful place. As we moved into the next room he motioned me forward with the polite extension of his arm allowing me to go first. As I said thank you he professed, “I honesty did not think you spoke English”, as he stopped and was taken aback as he looked at me in amazement. “All day long” I replied with a smile as we continued the tour.   His name was Francis and he worked as a scene preparations consultant for the movies.

The catacombs by far were the most interesting part of this tour. Dark and damp and a little eerie,  the history of how they buried their dead in the past fascinated me. At that time I was not as open as I am now and wonder if I went back there today if I would see orbs and spirits in this place.

After the tour Francis and I decided to get something to eat at a local eatery. When I say local you have to understand Peru. When you ask for chicken soup in a local place you will get the entire chicken, beak and all.  The soup was good, and no seeking the beak and feet in it did not bother me, although I did  not suck the gelatinous bits from the feet.

The evenings were filled with fun with Peter and his friends in Miraflores as we dined and danced until the wee hours of the morning.

Lima also has some beautiful parks and shopping avenues were girls dressed in the smallest shorts I have ever seen parading down the plaza sized pedestrian streets socializing with their friends.

Look for tomorrows post on Cusco and Pisac as I made my way to Macchu Picchu.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella 

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