Partners and Friends in 2013 and Beyond - The New Paradigm

I write today about a new twist in the dating saga. Having had my share of dates over the years, as I get back into that scene tastes change, but I was saddened to see that the search by many as they seek out mates in this new time has yet to change.   
I had a partner who was stuck in the illusion of the dream. I was his teacher and he was mine. A big house, 4 cars, many vacations, lots of toys and yet it was never enough for him. He didn't understand about following his passion, and compensated by abusing substances to dull the pain of a joyless reality he created by living in lack. You see when you have enough money to buy whatever you want you either realize "enough" then calm down or  continue to live in "lack" which keeps you in a state that nothing will ever be enough. 
If you live in the illusion and don't understand why we need to follow our excitement or passion it will only lead you to a life of misery. Life is too short to continue down a joyless path.

I walked away from this relationship, leaving all the toys of that illusionary life behind, in search of self discovery and a desire to serve people. I don't ave much money and sometimes what tomorrow will bring and I certainly admit that at times I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm happy in the service of others and the opportunity to grow.
So next time you're out and about and meet someone who tickles your heart or your mind, whether it be a potential new friend or possibly a partner, instead of looking at what they drive or how big their house is r what they do for a living, why not ask them if they are kind to all living creatures? Look into their eyes and see if the sparkle telling you that they gaze at you through their heart.  Find out their character and if they are honest as the day is long. Do they smile and laugh often?  Are they following their excitement and passion each and every day? Has the veil of the 2 by 2 illusion fallen for them?  If you can find a friend or partner with these qualities then you are truly blessed and most likely they already know what enough is.      
This is the new paradigm that we are living in and I choose to surround myself with those who live each and every moment in joy!
Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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