Being Love

Today’s post is about Love and the Love Energy that is within us. It is about how to experience the feeling of the love within.  “All you need is love”, as the song says. It is more than the obvious love between mother and child or then love between couples. I am speaking about loving yourself because Love IS the true nature of our spirit. In fact that love vibration is so high and pure that we have to lower it in order to be in our physical body.  Look into an infant’s eyes for a glimpse of the unconditional love that is also within YOU!

Once you know and follow the Love that you truly are,  it is then that the magic happens. Live in that Love, do what gives you joy each moment and you attract more and more loving and joyous situations as well as abundance beyond your wildest imagination.

I get a lot of questions on the best way to start that process. Simply start with a smile and your heart begins to open. Try it and tell me if you do not get a little flicker of that feeling of your internal love. I do that and I immediately feel that tingle followed by a deliciousness of waves throughout my entire body.   

A smile followed by a song, sung loudly can get your whole body smiling. Not a singer? Then walk around smiling saying good morning to everyone you meet, holding the door.
Still having trouble? Remember back to a time when you were about 4 years old, a single instance where you may have been playing outside and what a great joyous feeling that was. That surely should put a smile to your face as you move more into that Love energy!  Still not doing it for you? Appreciate the beauty of nature’s landscape, until your inner self swims in love.

When a negative thought comes to your mind know that it is your ego. Reprimand it as you would a misbehaving child.  

Strive not for the new Mercedes but for joyous loving feelings as part of your everyday existence and you may just get that dream car faster than you can imagine. But feel, I cannot stress this enough. FEEL the LOVE that you are!

The goal here is to be love, live love, and vibrate love. With this all is possible!

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella 

Post Script
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