Peru – Lima and Miraflores

I arrive back in Lima after a couple of weeks in the Amazon.  Lima was the big city and I loved the contrast between it and the jungle. Peter, whom I met in the jungle worked in a German firm in Lima and we connected for a few evenings of fun in Miraflores.

With the days warm and filled with promise, I ventured out of the small posada where I rented a room for a few days in a small neighborhood.

I always like to travel in an atypical American tourist way. Growing up we were accustomed to five star accommodations at my mother’s insistence, like most American tourists.  Dad was more of a go with the flow sort of man and he understood that the flavor of a destination is experienced more when one does it without the pomp and circumstance of the five star world.  

One of my favorite places to visit in Lima was the Convent of San Francisco along with the catacombs. As I ran to catch up to an English speaking tour, there was only one man there, who was over six feet tall his skin darkened by being out in the sun. I stood there next to him and listened as the guide proceeded to explain the features of this wonderful place. As we moved into the next room he motioned me forward with the polite extension of his arm allowing me to go first. As I said thank you he professed, “I honesty did not think you spoke English”, as he stopped and was taken aback as he looked at me in amazement. “All day long” I replied with a smile as we continued the tour.   His name was Francis and he worked as a scene preparations consultant for the movies.

The catacombs by far were the most interesting part of this tour. Dark and damp and a little eerie,  the history of how they buried their dead in the past fascinated me. At that time I was not as open as I am now and wonder if I went back there today if I would see orbs and spirits in this place.
After the tour Francis and I decided to get something to eat at a local eatery. When I say local you have to understand Peru. When you ask for chicken soup in a local place you will get the entire chicken, beak and all.  The soup was good, and no seeking the beak and feet in it did not bother me, although I did  not suck the gelatinous bits from the feet.

The evenings were filled with fun with Peter and his friends in Miraflores as we dined and danced until the wee hours of the morning.

Lima also has some beautiful parks and shopping avenues were girls dressed in the smallest shorts I have ever seen parading down the plaza sized pedestrian streets socializing with their friends.

Look for tomorrows post on Cusco and Pisac as I made my way to Macchu Picchu.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella 

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