Find your Bliss

Update added August 23, 2013


I have been told it is a cross between the Celestine Prophecy and 50 shades of Gray

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Today’s blog is about Bliss. I knew that bliss meant happiness, joy or a state of ecstasy, but I only have experienced glimpses of the true bliss in my heart until I moved to Sedona.
The opportunity to be in nature among such beautiful landscapes of Sedona’s red rocks and streams, it’s wildlife, history, as well as the intense energy, certainly makes one experience feelings of gratefulness and appreciation. It is that combination along with the people and the communal Love Energy here that changes you.  As I participate in many group events, circles and campfires I meet people from different parts of the country or from other parts of the world. The goal and theme are common; it is ultimately about the Love energy and as we all share this earthly love we in effect help each other transform and remember that we are loving beings.  In Sedona, it is like a wild spirit that breathes life back into your heart allowing it to sing a new sweeter song. That is what I have experienced as I feel bliss with prolonged and profound intensity in my heart.

If you were in my presence right now you could feel this bliss from my heart to yours. I wish I could bottle this feeling and share it will all of you. Alas, I can only describe the feeling to you. It is a feeling that starts with a smile that creates a tickle in your heart then spreads throughout your body. All functions slow as you stay in a state where nothing has to get done. You feel the air enter you nostrils and lungs with each unhurried breathe. Even common actions like this delight your senses. I hope that provides a visual for the feeling

I leave you with these thoughts. Do something to day that helps you get to a place where you can find your bliss. Go outside amongst nature, find a mediation or communal love group and you too will have a day filled with bliss.
Have a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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