Finding My Soul Purpose - There is aTool

I spent last evening with the most amazing man. His name is Stephan Couttsa and he is the founder of Stephan’s Mirror. ( I was guided to a connection to Stephan through synchronicity.
Originally from New York, it takes a lot to impress me, so when I heard about this I wanted to know more. Well, Stephan's Mirror uses technology to interpret 12 ancient wisdom systems to provide information on our divine soul essence at a deep level resulting in a quantum shift in self awareness and Divine self Love, allowing one to experience the power and joy that comes from living from your soul center. When I heard this, I said, yeah, this I have to see.

Let’s just say that my mouth was open after seeing the results. I have NEVER seen a tool like this one. The representation is EXACTLY how I am, what I am here to accomplish as if I were saying it out loud to you. Actually, I have said it in many blog posts and throughout my career. When I questioned the possible combinations, Stephan explained that the probabilities of two persons having the same sacred coordinates is approximately 250,000 to 1, In a world of 6 Billion people, statistically that is about 20,000 people on the planet that has the same basic wiring that I do. Okay so I have a couple of like minded people to find out there.

I do not normally promote others sites, but this one, in my opinion is worthy of investigation. Stephan, who lives in Sedona, wants to ensure that this information is available to the masses, so it is only $10 through his website. I was impressed by the reasonableness of the price as well!

I already am aware of what I am capable of and who I am. But even I was blown away with the accuracy of this validation and additional information. For me is it all about making a difference in bettering the lives of others. It is through that connection to the people assisting them that does it for me. This is why I have a blog, help in kitchens to feed people and why I am working on a manifestation that will yield funding for my pet project that will provide a foundation that provides grants to people developing their talents in the spiritual arts to sustain themselves while they hone their skill set.

I now feel truly awaken to more easily get into my zone and really start making things happen. I hope this information will serve you as well.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella
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