Love and Deserving

I was recently asked about True Love.  There were a few entries that I posted during Valentine’s week about True Love, the Fantasy of Love and how to Keeping the Romance going.  Today’s post is about settling, or rather not settling.  I was with a partner for many years where I settled when it came to Love. I thought I was in Love at the time, but I now know that my heart was closed and I was getting just a mere glimpse of the Love that I am capable of giving and receiving.  For me, there has to be a big fire, a passion that is only quenched when in your lover’s embrace, when your lips meet theirs and you gaze into each other’s eyes and meld together as one. It is that intimacy that we search for when looking for a mate.  So when we talk about that perfect Love, I also want to include what we are all deserving of….  here is my 2 cents on Love and Deserving:
I deserve and will accept nothing less than true love at this point in my life. I deserve the kind of Love where I can feel my partner’s heart beating from across the room, where we shout our Love from the rooftops and all people marvel at the feeling they sense just being on our presence; the kind of Love that transcends time as we meld into each other with each kiss; a partner who cannot keep their hands off me kissing every part of my body;  a partnership of trust, honor, respect, kindness and giving where collectively we make a difference in many people’s lives as we connect our extended family/tribe together and all work to increase the vibration of the planet. That is the kind of Love I deserve!

What do YOU deserve?

Wishing you a Day Filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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