Spiritual Touring - A Go with the Flow Vacation

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about how you can take a vacation and let spirit guide you to the most wondrous experience. I have toured many times alone through Europe and South America having only a hotel reservation for my first night and a guide book and letting spirit lead my adventure. I always get such a kick out of that.

When I got married 6 years ago, vacationing was a little more traditional. I decided that I wanted to share my “spiritual touring” experiences with my husband, but backpacking in South America was not something to which he was accustomed, so I decided to start small. In 2009 I booked us a long weekend in Mazatlan staying in a Mexican tourist hotel in the heart of the golden zone, where the staff did not speak English. We had no rental card and no itinerary. Outside the hotel was a bus stop. My husband was certainly going to be out of his element, but I wanted him to experience the same joy I had in past with just allowing the universe to guide our journey.  

Hey, he was lucky I was even going to tell him where we were going. I have pulled that trick in the past where I book a weekend, pack for him and tell him nothing.  From the moment we got the Phoenix airport it was as if all the stars were aligned. From check-in to through the flight the entire experience was pleasant. We took a cab from the airport to the hotel and I used my limited Spanish and my reservation information to check into our room. Words cannot describe the combination of simplicity and beauty of this second story room that overlooked the ocean. The sounds of waves crashing on the beach were ambrosial music to our ears.

On the second day we were there my husband wanted to take a trip to the Marina. He discussed taking a cab, but I would have no part of it. The promise was that we would take public transportation, the bus, where ever possible. I acquired the bus number we would need to take from the hotel front desk and armed with correct change, we headed for the bus stop. I am short and of Italian descent and did not stand out in the group of people waiting on the bus, but my Ohio born and corn fed 6 foot plus husband certainly stands out in a crowd in Mexico. I laughed to myself at the stares. They were probably wondering why this gringo was not in a taxi.  We boarded the crowded bus and kept a sharp eye out for the Marina, but never saw it. My husband shot me a look as the bus pulled up to its final destination behind several other buses, at the end of a street in a desolate area. All passengers departed and I motioned to him that we also needed to get off the bus.  

The only thing in site was a small bodega next to a dirt road that I believe led to a small local’s beach.  “Now what do we do?” he exclaimed. “Let’s get a coke”, I replied. We walked over to the bodega, got a soda and walked back outside to sit under a tree. Once again my husband asked me, “Now what do we do?”  I could see that he was uncomfortable with the situation. He was not familiar like I was that there are no coincidences and that if you just go with the flow great things happen.  I wanted him to experience the flow without anguish, so I decided to pose this question. “So honey, what did you want to happen, where did you want to go.” He looked at me and calmly said. “I wanted to see the Marina.” I smiled and replied, “Ok, then that is what we will do. Just wait and see. In 5 minutes someone will come here and take us to the Marina”, then I returned my attention back to drinking my soda and enjoying my surroundings.  

If I tell you that within 5 minutes someone came and took us to the Marina would you believe me? Oh yes it is true, but the universe would not just allow me to show my husband a common scenario. Oh no, it would have to be a spectacular ending so I could get his attention. Here is what happened: This modified Jeep Wrangler pulls us with a canopy top, the back opened with benches against the insides of the frame. A lady was sitting in the back and spoke to us in English asking us if we wanted to see the Marina. “Come see the Marina and we will give you lunch, $100 American dollars, a tour and a ride back to your hotel.”   I looked at my husband and smiled. Yes, it ended up being a timeshare tour, but that does not make it any less spectacular. My husband got what he wanted; we had an adventure and got paid to participate!

I was beaming from ear to ear and my husband looked like he was shell shocked. Even when he tells that story today, he still has trouble grasping what happened.

There were many of these types of wonderful go with the flow moments during that weekend as we ventured out of the hotel, following our guts and that led us to wonderful breakfast spots, quaint shops,  places to dance and conversations with new friends. 

You too can experience spiritual touring if you go with the flow. I highly recommend you all give it a try. It can be a day, weekend or a month. They are all wonderful departures from our everyday that will bring you joy and amazement.

Be of Love - Lee


Laughter is God’s Medicine

I have heard the saying that Laughter is good medicine. I would like to take it a step further and say that laughter is God’s medicine. The reason I say that is because only God, the mack daddy of the universe would provide such great rewards for something so fundamental. It is as if God gave us an internal mechanism to help and heal us.

Did you know that laughter is a pretty potent medication for stress and pain? There is no medication that works more quickly to balance your mind and your body than laughter. Laughter lightens you up. Laughter can turn despair into hope. So there is something to be said about laughter.
I am up very early and work in what some would call a high stress environment in my day job. The alarm is set for 6 am and I usually open my eyes way before it rings, already thinking about my workday. As I lay there, more often than not, I find it not that easy to get out of bed. And in the evening it is very difficult for me to turn it off. Everyone has their own method for winding down the day. My partner at this time liked to pour himself a couple of stiff drinks in order to shut down and distress. I am not a big booze fan, so I do my distressing in front of the television.

I decided to try something new. I decided that I would laugh in the morning when I got up, before sipping my first cup of coffee and try laughing again throughout the day and in the evening. And you know what? As soon as I started to laugh in the morning, that I felt great!. It actually did “something” inside my body that seems to help me wake up and feel instantly refreshed. As I continued to laugh during the day I felt lighter in some way. The more I laughed the better I felt. I think I like this new mantra.
My partner at this time is a grumpy guy in the morning so I am going to suggest that he try laughing as well. Why not give it a try yourself!

Have a great rest of your day and be of love.  - Lee


Value Yourself and See How Fast Good Things Happen

Today's post is how quickly what you ask for you receive when you value yourself. Every time I see this happen I am still amazed by the speed at which the universe sends to us the items or situations that we ask for. All we need to do is to put that intention out there and like magic we get what we ask for.   

A perfect example is my good friend Mandy.  In this economy times are tough. I think that we have all experienced the lack of jobs, and the worry that our company will downsize. Mandy works for a large corporation. There are layoffs two times a year, at the end of October or November and in the February to March timeframe.  What she was not aware of was that her particular division that was growing was going to downsize certain positions. She works in technology and had heard rumors that there would be a freeze in her area on technology dollars.  So when she found out that her position was going to be downsized, she was not surprised. Her manager gave her the news a few months prior promising her she would assist Mandy in finding a new position. Mandy decided that afternoon to update her resume and send it out to two area senior managers that she respected just saying that she would like to throw her hat into the ring in case the possibility of a position materialized in the future.  Three days later she received a call from personnel that they were going to make a new position just for her and she would be working for that new manager. No interview, just here you are, we value you and want you. Wow, did that make Mandy feel great! What Mandy learned is to never underestimate herself and her worth again. Also she would never underestimate her talent for asking and receiving what she wants. 

When you are confident, you will realize your intentions quickly.  It not only works quickly in items and work situations, it also works with attraction of your soul mate.  

My best friend Michele from high school lives in Florida. She is such a sweet beautiful woman, funny and fit. The only issue she was having is that she would attract the wrong guy. And this happened all the time. She was out in Arizona for my birthday this year with her latest guy, a multimillionaire who drank like a fish was somewhat insecure, and well, he was separated. Although he seemed like a nice guy, I could not understand why she was dating him. I find it hard when I hear about women who date men who are still legally married.  Soon after the relationship ended, I got “the call.”   “Why isn’t he calling? What did I do wrong? “, She exclaimed.   Now this is where I could say my peace. “You did nothing wrong Michele. The guy is still married, and he is an alcoholic. So why are you getting so upset over him, He is not even available. What you need is to date someone who is single and available should you both fall madly in love and decide to get married.”   Yes, folks, there are still some of us hopeless romantics out there.  

I decided to try something with Michele that would allow her to attract what she really wanted; a nice single man who would treat her right. Michele’s problem was not that she could not attract men; there were men a plenty coming her way. Her problem was that she did not value herself.  I had her write down something and hang it to her mirror.  I am a beautiful, smart, happy sexy woman.  It is not amazing that the next man she met a mere two weeks later was perfect in every way. And he has already popped the question.   

Now are you surprised?  Sometimes the universe works that quickly when you see the value in yourself and go with the flow. The world truly is your oyster!

Always remember to be thankful and to ask with Love.  Have a glorious rest of your day!



The Spoken Word and Spirit

Today's post is about how words can make or break someones day, week, month, or millennium. Over the years I became aware of how words can have a positive and negative effect on the people who cross our paths. If I told you that in a word you can make a strangers day or change their life would you be surprised?

Let me tell you about a couple of instances where words have made a difference from the positive to the negative. I was with my friend Eileen in Manhattan having an espresso and dessert in a café in Little Italy many years ago. For those who do not know me, I have certain connections that allow me to get information about the people I meet. Next to us were two men, one tall and the other shorter, sitting at the next table speaking within earshot of us. As Eileen and I enjoyed our coffee, I was able to overhear that the shorter man was a film maker and the taller man was perhaps his agent. The agent kept telling the film maker to quit, spewing his negativity that the film maker would never make it. At this point Eileen could hear their conversation and was aware of these men as well. As the agent excused himself to the restroom, I got up and went over the film maker and whispered a few words in his ear before returning to my seat. Shortly thereafter the men left and Eileen turned to me and said, “That man looked like he was going to jump off a bridge and you said a few words and he was beaming with joy from ear to ear. What did you say to him?” “Oh, that? I just told him that he should not listen to his agent and to keep trying and that in 6 months he would catch a break.” “But how did you know?” she pleaded. In the 80’s I was not fully aware of my connection to external spirits, but I knew that there was something that pushed me toward people with information. Unable to explain it to Eileen, I simply responded “I didn’t. I just knew that he needed hope and that I had to give him some." You do not have to have the ability of connecting with universal knowledge to give someone hope. You can make a difference in someones life.

Let me tell you about Barry and Michele. Barry came from a wealthy family and was not as successful as his brothers and sisters when he met Michele. He dropped out of college just prior to graduation, worked in jobs paying meager earnings and filed for bankruptcy before the age of 35. Michele was a successful business woman.  After they got engaged, Barry’s mother confided in Michele how happy she was that Barry had found such a financially responsible girl. It was apparent to Michele that Barry’s family did not think very highly of Barry and were afraid he would always squander what money he had and continue past mistakes. Michele was the only one who could see something else and continually encouraged Barry, telling him that he could do anything he set his mind to. It was that confidence and support that aided Barry in accomplishing so much in his career in the first 5 years of their marriage. He was able to triple his salary and has learned restraint on his frivolous spending.  Still to this day, Barry’s mother checks in with Michele, asking questions about how Barry’s spending is doing. Michele just smiles. For all the years prior to meeting Michele, Barry was not encouraged or supported by his parents, only compared to their more successful offspring and looked down upon. Michele could only imagine what it was like for Barry growing up being told in some way that he “could not” or was not good enough.  Words both positive or negative have a profound effect on people.  Like the wife who encourages her husband that he can do anything he puts his mind to while his family believes he is a failure.  

Next let me tell you about Angie and Frank. Since she married Frank, Angie put on 35 pounds and when Angie hit 40 years old she had a tough time losing the weight. Angie decided it was time to get serious, so she started to eat better and exercise and went out and bought a sexy dress in a size that would fit her only when she reached her goal weight. It was her incentive dress and she hung it on the closet door as a constant reminder of her goal. Every morning and evening she looked at the dress and was reminded of the end prize. One day Frank turned to her and said that no matter how much weight she lost, she would never fit in that dress. Angie was crushed by the less than encouraging words from someone so close to her. She confronted Frank and his response was simply that he as a "realist."   She cried to me saying “He is my husband and is supposed to be there for me, with support, love and encouragement. He knows how serious I am about losing weight and yet, at every turn he is trying to sabotage me and crush my spirit.”   For Angie, this was a deal breaker!. She was not going to continue to put herself in a situation where there is no support. At last word, Angie was still losing weight and happy, but the jury was still out on the future of Angie and Franks relationship. 

You may ask yourself why people hurt the ones closest to them with words. The answer is that some people get subconscious pleasure from it, like the sadist technique I mention in my post Protect Yourself from Energy Spirit Stealing.  Others are so afraid they will lose the person so they materialize that lose by sabotaging the relationship. 

Unlike physical abuse  these scars are deeper and cause more damage; damage to self esteem as well as relationships. For Barry, the encouragement and support he received from Linda caused him to rise above the negativity he endured from his family.  For Angie, Frank’s actions pushed her away and she sought out support groups that is helping her meet her goals.

So often we are provided with the opportunity to give positive reinforcement like hope, support and encouragement to others. That support starts at home with the people in our lives and extends to all we meet..
I hope you enjoyed today’s post.   Be of love and Light - Lee


Losing Weight with Spirit

Let me jump right in and tell you that today I will be talking about our weight and spirit. By weight I am speaking of the items that weigh on us that manifest in physical weight gain.

In prior posts I mention how our bodies hold our spirit or inner energy and how we need to properly nourish our bodies to keep our “vessel” clean and clear. I speak about how negative emotions can affect our spiritual or energy vibrations. Well, when we are weighed down with unresolved questions or concerns or negative situations, more often than not, those unresolved items will manifest themselves as extra pounds to the body. This extends not only to fear or worrisome based items, but all items that sit inside us that we cannot quickly resolve and release.

A good example is my friend Linda. Linda has been with the same company for 5 years. Last June she moved  into a new position within the company after interviewing with the woman who would be her manager. Linda’s quickly realized that her new manager had painted a very different picture to her than the actual job duties Linda would perform. Linda’s manager was a micro-managing, indecisive, passive aggressive and insecure woman, who gained her strength by putting others down and constantly changing direction. Linda was beside herself as this woman continually belittled her in public meetings, discounted any small decisions Linda tried to make, and dive bombed her with cruel and passive aggressive comments our their weekly 1-on-1 meetings.  Without changing her eating or exercise lifestyle, Linda started gaining physical weight. After 11 months she had packed on an additional 20 pounds.   

If you are saying to yourself, why didn’t Linda just look for another position within the firm? Mandated by her firm, Linda must stay in her current position for at least a year.  Even then there were steps that her manager could take that would prevent Linda from seeking a new position in her company. What about quitting? Oh, Linda has contemplated looking at other companies in this not so easy to find a job economy many times in the past 11 months  but she liked the company she was working for, just not her current sadistic manager. Something had to give soon as Linda’s frustration was at its maximum tolerable level.  

As she sat in bed one morning, Linda prayed to her angels to please provide her with the guidance, strength and motivation to let go of the hurt that this manager had inflicted on her and allow Linda to not be effected by all her manager’s inadequacies. She looked within the areas where her weight had accumulated to take back control. Slowly, she started feeling better, and like magic she lost a pound. The better she felt the more pounds she lost, a little here and a little there. She continues to keep me abreast of her progress to shed that 20 pounds of excess weight that her body had manifested based on her horrible managers treatment.

It is pretty amazing how our bodies react to negative situations. There are different issues that “weigh” us down and create physical weight and ailments. I will save the physical ailments for a different post, but will expand on the weight gain in certain areas. God can help you lose weight. weight loss and faith

For Linda, her manager was diminishing any power that Linda had to make any decisions. This attaches weight to our power centers, where our power and self esteem live. For those of you who are not familiar with Chakras, that center is located in our middles. And sure enough one of the places Linda started to gain weight in her gut area.  Linda felt that she was helpless from walking away from this situation, and again weight formed in her legs. This situation ate away at Linda’s joy and threatened her security in the firm and weight formed in her hips and buttocks, the two energy centers associated with inner joy and base needs like financial security.

Now that Linda had started to release all the frustrations, her body signaled that it was healing as well by shedding those pounds. 

The moral of this story is to realize that you do have power and by taking back control you will realize the benefits. For those of you who are ‘weighted’ down by situations, take time to close your eyes and think into the areas where the extra weight is held. Let your mind swirl into the specific area, and allow your inner energy or spirit to tell you what the issue is. This will allow you to realize and encircle the issue in your imagination and release the reason for the issue.  By doing this release, your spirit will feel the mental release and your body will start to release the physical weight.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Feel free to ask questions in the comment sections.

Shall your day be filled with joy!  - LeeZa Donatella


Change your Point of View and Release Stress, Fear and Worry

I hope that you all have been sleeping well. If you have not then today's blog may be of particular interest to you. It s the things that keep us awake at night and how they affect our spirit. For some of us it also invades our waking time. In addition, unfortunately many people are consumed by it.  Does the title of today’s post give you an idea of what we will discuss? Right, stress, fear and worry and how you can release these emotions with your change your point of view.

You may be asking yourself what does stress, fear and worry have to do with sleep. For those of you who never have a problem, falling asleep and always wake up refreshed, hats off to you. However, for the majority of people when they are stressed out or are worried or fearful about something, sleep or concentration becomes almost impossible.
Just the other night, as I lay on the couch watching some mindless program, my husband at that time motioned me toward bed, I smiled, put the dogs in their beds, closed all the lights, and followed him into our bedroom, yawning. My body was signaling me that it needed rest.  However, as soon as my head hit the pillow, my mind raced faster. As I tried to calm my mind, it somehow got away from me and the stresses and frustrations of my day job, consumed me. Tell me, have you ever had that happen to you?
Many people come to me have this issue, due not only stress, but also fear and worrisome situations that are keeping them up at night.  I am continually amazed at what some people consider stressful or worrisome and others do not. For example, I was talking to a new friend last evening that is moving about 600 miles north of Phoenix, to Utah. His belongings are few; he has secured a job in his new home state, and has a place to stay for at least a few nights with a friend. In speaking to him, I could see the stress, worry and fear that enveloped him.  So he does not have to pack up a home, has no children or million dollar project deadlines to handle on top of just getting himself into his vehicle and driving to his new home state.  It just did not add up to me the amount of stress, fear and worry he was experiencing. Then I was reminded that we are the sum total of our life experiences and perhaps my friend has not had many difficult situations in the past.  Like the person who was laid off from a job where they have worked for 20 years and they are devastated, where folks who work as technology consultant, is so accustomed to having to find new work after the 3 to 6 month assignment was complete,so the fear of job loss is nonexistent.
For some people new situations is scary.  I wish there was a magic pill that could harness and change all fear, stress and worry into positive excitement!    There is something to be said about the old saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade?”
Change your point of view!   When that happens, the world opens up!
You may be saying to yourself, “Sure, easier said than done.”  Actually, it is easier than you think!  
For those who are out of work right now due to this bad economy, find something positive allowing you to appreciate your situation.  By shifting your point of view to something joyful (positive) in whatever negative situation you find yourself, you will release stress, worry, fear, and signal that you are ready for the “good stuff.”  Not only will you sleep more soundly, you situation will change for the better.
A personal example I would like to share happened to me after 9/11/2001. Although I was not living in New York, the entire US economy was effected by the 9/11 tragedy. I was living large earlier that year and took my typical 3 months vacation from June through August knowing that I had secured a lucrative multi-year assignment beginning in the end of September. Oh yes,  I had a grand time renting a 30ft sailboat and captain in Florida for private sailing lessons, and indulged in other extravagant items and activities.  After 9/11, the start of  my new assignment kept being postponed, until it was eventually cancelled. Finding work proved very difficult and because I was a technology consultant, there were no unemployment entitlements.  Stress, fear and worry crept into my life at about the 6-month mark. I became a recluse, leaving the house only when I needed to get food. I used my credit cards for cash advances to keep my bills current.
By March 2002, I hardly ever slept through the night as I found my credit card bill increasing to $50,000.  I put my house up for sale, which sold quickly and I was able to pay down my credit card debt to $35,000. I now, however, had no place to live,  a house full of furniture and 2 small dogs. My younger sister, who lived 20 minutes away did not have much room, but offered me the floor in her daughter’s room, which I gladly accepted. I moved all my belongings into storage and off to sister’s house I went.  The first week I was there, I was so depressed I could hardly move. I could not pace the floors in the house like I did at home, when sleep did not come, so I lay awake in my sleeping bag sobbing.  The second week I brushed myself off by saying, “stop feeling sorry for yourself!. It is time to get back in the saddle,” and I returned to my daily morning job search routine.  I added time to go outside enjoying nature and long walks. That helped with my sleeping but I stil found myself waking in the middle of the night.  By the third week, I realized that I was enjoying spending time with my niece and nephew. I caught myself saying, “Wow, this is not so bad. I am enjoying spending time with the kids and the long walks.”  This was the first joyful (positive) thought I had in months!   I found myself sleeping so soundly, and I could feel the release of my stress and worries. Just like that, the next morning I received a call for an assignment and the following week, I moved out of my sisters and was back in my game.  Shortly thereafter, I was able to rent an apartment and had started to steadily pay-off my credit cards. 
I was sitting at Starbucks one morning, as that assignment was nearing its end, as I began my search for my next assignment. With total appreciation, I looked back on the last 8 months since I slept on the floor at my sisters and remarked how life can change on a dime when you find the positive in all situations. “If only I could get an assignment that would pay me a boatload of money in a short period of time,” I said to myself. As I smiled, I felt a delicious tingling in my core that started in the middle of body and rushed outward to my hands feet and head, before ceasing.  Two weeks to the day later, I received a call from an old client offering me a boatload of money to come work with them for 16 weeks. In that 16-week period, I was able to pay off my credit cards and have 6 months reserves in my bank account. Amazing!
Remember, that 90% fear or worry means that there is only 10% left for accomplishment and joy. If you can find something joyful (positive) in every situation, the possibilities are endless.

I look forward to your feedback on how you all have discovered the joy in your negative situations to release your stress, fears and worries.  
Have a glorious rest of your day! – Lee


Your Imaginary Focal Point - Lessons in Enlightenment and Seeing Behind the Veil

Good morning. I hope that you've all had your coffee this morning and are ready to greet the day! Today I am going to talk about something that very few people know exists, yet everyone has one. It's called your imaginary focal point (IFP). 

You may be saying to yourself, what the heck is she talking about? Perhaps she's had too many magic mushrooms. Although at times I wish that were true, I'm being serious and you really do have an imaginary focal point. 

An example may be the best way to explain this. Have you ever met someone whose life revolves around the 2 miles by 2 miles that surround them, never really venturing out beyond their comfort zone?   I'm sure you have. Similar to being stuck inside a box, you're only exposed to your immediate surroundings.  So what about this imaginary focal point?  Well, extend your arm out in front of you, even with your face and make a fist. At the end of your fist is your imaginary focal point. It's a learned limit that most if us give ourselves by the time we reach about 5 years old. 

When we're born we have no limits. We see everything, sense everything, know everything and experience everything. But as infants,we're unable to express this underlying knowledge we have, due to the motor, memory and language skills of this physical body. 

Have you ever noticed small children looking so intently, then smiling and communicating to a spot in a room where there seems to be nothing? Do you really believe that there is nothing there just because you can't see what they're looking at? According to research, an infant's brain produces 2-3 million synapses per second. There's a lot of development going on and the cognitive abilities at that young age are truly remarkable. With all those synapses, no matter how smart you are or how much brain capacity you have, this is just too much for a mere human to handle, so the brain has to choose, letting go of some connections in favor of more widely used ones. When that happens our brains create the imaginary focal point, limiting our abilities to see beyond our "space." This begins to occur at the age of reason, somewhere between 3 and 5 years old.

Luckily, there's a way to identify your imaginary focal point and temporarily shut it down. Actually, the more you practice, the better you get at it and when you do, you begin to see past the layers that keep most people within that 2-by-2 box.  I'm talking about thar thin veil that exists that is keeping us from seeing what is right in front of us. With the shift in the planets energy since 12/21/12 many more people are reaching out asking quesitons about what they are experiencing. Knowing more about IFP and learning how to see through the veil, well that's when the world truly opens up.

So are you ready to give something a try? 

First, you must identify and admit to the 2 voices that we have. We have an outward voice, the one that is audible to others. Then there's our inner voice, our ego, the little voice in our heads that when we are not talking out loud is constantly talking to us.  It's both those voices that we attempt to quiet when we meditate. This is a great practice for temporarily shutting down our IFP. You just did not know it because in meditation your eyes are closed. 

So what I am going to tell you is a very simple concept, but can be difficult for some to master.  In order to temporarily shut down your IFP, turn off both your outer and inner voice and leave your eyes open.  Relax your gaze and scan the room, looking in the corners, around lamps, wood objects and door jams. You will soon realize once you are more practiced in shutting down your IFP that your perception will change. Just like the infinite possibilities we sense as infants, so now we can experience that which has been lost to us for so many years.  As the curtain falls, crumbling in front of our very eyes, all becomes visible. It always fills me with love and wonder knowing that there are still experiences in life that excite and please.

I hope you all try this technique and stretch your perception and vibrational presence. 

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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When and How to Smudge

Leeza Donatella - Smudging
The Article: When and How to Smudge

Today I want to speak to you about smudging and provide you with a good overview, smudging definition, a little smudging history, a quick how to smudge your home and smudge yourself instructions, as well as when to smudge your home, what to expect to feel when smudging, what to say when smudging and the tools used to smudge and perform a clearing ceremony. 

What is Smudging?
Smudging is a way to purify a location, object or person(s) by burning sacred plants. How to Smudge, smudging videos, How do I smudge my home. When to Smudge. Prayers to say when smudging sage what is smudging, prayer for new home cleansing, smudging for beginner, smudging for the beginner, how to smudge with sage, how to smudge a house with sage, erican
Why We Smudge   Smudging techniques
Native Americans traditionally smudged as the initialization of a ritual.  Many cultures have used their own form of cleansing for centuries with some continue this ritual today. to cleanse and clear self or home after interaction with those with negative energy or to send prayers and offerings to the heavens. Today, there are many people who smudge in order to clear out their space of unwanted spirits, bad vibes and negative energy. As I say, maybe you just want to rid  your space of that crummy energy from your ex. It happens! 

Smudging Materials
When people today think about smudging, they typically envision white sage leaves bound with string into a small bundle, called a smudge stick. Depending on your intentions and culture, there are also many other plants, herbs, resins and oils used to clear and cleanse. 
Smudging for Beginners details over a dozen plants, herbs, and resins that are used in ceremony, their plant genus as well as their individual spiritual significance.

Not all Spirits are Bad Ones
Not all spirits in your home are negative ones. It could be grandma dropping by to say hey. It's just that you've not known that she's been visiting you every Sunday, until recently. Fortunately, I've never encountered a spirit that was truly evil, impatient, confused and frustrated, perhaps, but so was my ex-husband. I do know that if there is some less than positive energy in your space, then smudging can help.

When to Smudge
Anytime is a perfect time to smudge your home or smudge yourself to remove negative energy The rule of thumb is to smudge if you're feeling uneasy in your space, then smudge. You will feel lighter if you do.  
  • Full Moon for letting go 
  • New Moon for new beginnings
  • When you first move into a home or apartment
  • With the change of seasons (Smudge as part of spring cleaning)
  • When you begin a new job or business.
  • Before you meditate.
  • During an illness.(smudging has been proven to kill airborne bacteria)
  • To lift your mood
  • After a breakup
  • After negative guests enter leave your home.
  • After an argument with your loved ones or work associates
Smudging Supplies: 
The below is what I have handy in my  complete smudging tool kit, each with specific spiritual significance.
  • A smudge stick 
  • A lighter or candle
  • A shell or Dish 
  • Salt (I prefer pure Himalayan salt)
  • Anointing Oil
What to Say when Smudging
There are prayers and affirmations said when smudging.  It can be words from a religious book like psalms, Native American prayers, spiritual prayers or a special affirmation of intentions that you feel strongly about. Pick one that resonates with you and say an affirmation to your higher power out loud.How to smudge a house, smudging instructions, smudging books, smudging materials, smudging tools, smudging prayers, smudgsticks, how to ue a smudgestick, how to put out a smudgestick, when and how to smudge, burning sage, Smudging books, 

Smudging and Blessings Inspirational Rituals to Cleanse and Heal


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  to Smudge Your House


Want the Whole Enchilada?
Are you interested in cleansing your space and raising your vibration? Or are you looking to rid your location of that crummy energy tied to your ex-partner who you can't get out of your head? Either way, this book can assist as LeeZa Donatella helps readers understand the basics as well as tricks of the trade when it comes to smudging their space, person or objects in her book, Smudging for Beginners.  The book answers many questions like:
  • How do you smudge a person?
  • Why do you burn sage?
  • Can you reuse sage?
  • Why do we use Sage to smudge a home?
  • What kind of sage is used for smudging?
  • What is a smudging ceremony?
  • What is Palo Santo wood used for?
  • What other materials can be used to smudge? 
  • What does saging the House do?
  • How do you cleanse your house?
  • How do you cleanse a house of spirits?
  • How do you get rid of negative energy?
  • What is the spiritual significance of smudging?
  • What should I say when I smudge?
  • When is the best time to smudge?


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Below are answers to some questions I have received:

What is Anointing Oil?
Oils have been used since before Christ by every religion in ceremonies to assist in purification, protection, raising vibration, clearing  negative energy, consecration, prayer and healing.

This is a "go-to" blend because of the specific significance each has to raise vibration and used in healing, smudging and clearing or just to release any negative energy accumulated 

I want to emphasize that if you walk into someone else's home and the energy feels, well, not so good, you can smudge yourself when you get home and tactfully speak to them about smudging, but be gentle about it, not adamant about it or try and sneak it or you just may lose friend. I get countless emails from people asking how to smudge someone else's home without their knowledge. Sorry, but it's not yours to own darlings.  

Should I hire Someone to Smudge?
I get asked a lot, "Should I hire a professional to come and smudge my home?" 
Professionals that will come in and deal with what could be a house full of negative energy are not cheap and can cost upwards of $500 for a local pro to come in and cleanse your home and family. But if you're dealing with something that you can't handle, then seeking a professional like myself who performs the entire cleansing and smudging ritual is worth every penny. 

I grew up in Long Island, NY a few towns away from fellow channel, Theresa Caputo, who also smudges her location with sage prior to connecting with the passed loved ones of her clients. If Theresa or I were smudging your house you may get more than you bargained for. Theresa might have messages from your passed loved ones helping you heal and me, the unwilling channel, will information from all the spirits in the room regardless of whether they are related to you or not, because I pick up information from all the energy in the room to determine what they want and help them on their way.  

Unfortunately not everyone lives close to where I'm located (my current residence in the Lake Tahoe, Nevada area and although you can fly me in, it can get costly.) 

So darlings, let me save you money..... you DO NOT have to hire someone to perform a general smudging of your home or a person. Why don't you try it yourself first and see if it solves your problem before you reach out to a professional like me, okay? 

Can start smudging with one smudge stick then light another one if I used up the first one?
Answer: Yes you can light a new smudge stick after starting with another one.

What if I can't find sage and desperately need to smudge. What do I do?

Answer: Although I prefer and typically use white sage to smudge, if I'm in a place where I absolutely can't find any and need to smudge, then I use what is available. At times I've tied a few incense sticks together and used them to make one. Hey in a pinch when I was in the woods and had nothing with me and gathered some grasses and tied them together.
It is all about intention my dears!

Where Can I Buy Smudge Sticks?

Answer:  I am working on a complete house blessing and clearing kit. I have NOT seen smudge sticks at Costco, Samsclub, Walmart, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or Sprouts, but I hear that they may now be available in some Whole Foods locations.  I do not sell smudge stick separately at this time. I would also try New Age bookstores and shops. Some new age organic farmers markets carry them as well. Happy searching. Remember if you must smudge and have no local resources, while you are waiting for your online order, use what is available until it arrives. It will make you feel lighter. Be Blessed in knowing that!

Can I reuse a smudge sticks for cleansing?

Answer: Absolutely, there are no issues with reusing a smudge stick, so light it back up.

How many times can I reuse a smudge stick?

Answer:  Until you can no longer hold it comfortably without getting burned. I get frustrated when I hear about charlatans telling people that they can only use a stick once, just to sell more product. That's why I started this blog, I wanted the information to be available to the public.  

Can more than one person smudge?
Answer: Absolutely. My friend Michele of Healing Spirit in Sedona and I have joined forces many a time to smudge. 

When should you smudge?
Answer:   Anytime you feel at odds with the energies that are around you. Did you ever get the feeling that there was something not right in your home? That's a good indicator that it's time to smudge. There are times though that depending on what you want to accomplish, better times for smudging. All that detail is in Smudging for Beginners

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s article and look forward to sharing with you in future.

An energy master, Shamanic practitioner, 5 time Reiki master, spiritual life coach, emotional coach and certified EFT practitioner, .LeeZa Donatella has been involved with alternative modalities, having worked alongside many other masters since the early 90s.. She's been fortunate to have been shown Shamanic practices during her travels from the 1990's in South America.  Her studies have included but are not limited to: Bio-Energy, Japanese Reiki, Anapana and Vipassana Meditation, Monroe's Gateway Experiences, Balancing and Harmonization, Eastern and Western Herbalism, reflexology and Acupressure, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

Videos: Update 10/19/2015: Some Smudging Videos

The Proper Way to Light a Smudge Stick

 How to Put out a Smudge Stick

Materials in a Smudging Kit

Update October 19, 2015 : Visit my YouTube Smudging Playlist for more upcoming videos


Work, Stress and Spirit

Work and Stress, my job is stressing me out, I am stressed out, how to get over work stress, how to reduce stress
Today’s post is about work, stress and spirit. Having been a VP in Technology for one of the largest financial services institutions (big bank) for more years than I want to admit, I certainly know a little something about work and stress and how it interacts with your spirit.

So when clients come to me frustrated about their life, one of the first things I look into is the amount of stress that they're feeling. Because when people are stressed-out, they're more emotionally reactive to other people and events. 

American Institute of Stress

I hear more and more about work stress these days. Was it like this 100 years ago?
Numerous studies show that job stress is far and away the major source of stress for American adults and that it has escalated progressively over the past few decades.  Increased levels of job stress as assessed by the perception of having little control but lots of demands have been demonstrated to be associated with increased rates of heart attack, hypertension and other disorders, per the American Institute of Stress.

Let me describe for you Maria's situation and see it is resonates with any of you. 
On this particular Monday Maria awoke at 4:15 am,  eyes opened wide before alarm clock and the sun. A feeling of despair came over her as the thoughts of the many tasks that were on her plate for the day filled her brain, overwhelming her to the point where she began grinding her teeth. She looked at the clock saying to herself, “Stop thinking about work and go back to sleep.”   Alas, sleep did not come as she lay there in bed quietly sobbing, not wanting to wake up her husband. 

If you feel like you're jumping out of your skin or find yourself frustrated, irritable or overly sensitive, then you may just have job burnout.  Like your body needs nutrients to remain healthy and your mind and spirit need you to be balanced and centered to remain healthy.  If you can relate to the above you do have options that will help balance mind, body and spirit to keep them healthy. Remember, that when you're not at-ease that's when dis-ease forms in your body.  

Like you body needs nutrients to remain healthy, so your spirit needs you to be balanced and centered to remain healthy. 
Work, Stress and Spirit
The only thing you have control over in life is YOUR reaction.

Look at Things from a Different Angle

The poor behavior of others has nothing to do with you. It's all about that person, so don't own it. Take a moment to step out of the situation that is causing you great stress and/or frustration. See the bigger picture and look at yourself within the situation in a different way. Let go of what's outside your control.   Here are a couple of examples:

Example 1
Don't ever be worried about losing your job. If it happens, be grateful for the break and time off and don't worry about your future.  Know that the universe has something much more wonderful in store for you and it's just around the corner.

Example 2
In Maria’s story, when she stepped back and re-evaluated her current situation she realized that by using a top management mentality, 8-9 hours a day was a sufficient workday instead of her usual 12-14 hour day. She was much happier as she completed what she could in her allotted day and allowed whatever she could not finish to simply wait until her next workday. When several of her teammates started utilizing the same approach, management brought in more people.    

Bringing Up Your  Vibration to Relieve Stress

Based on research from Dr Stephen Clift, of Canterbury Christ Church University College, he says. 'If you ask any group of singers, they talk about increased happiness and sense of well-being, enhanced posture, deeper breathing, stress relief and they forget their worries….To some people, singing is almost a life-saver…. It helps them cope with depression, anxiety and bereavement. It can also be good for asthmatic conditions.”  You do not need to be able to hold a tune to get the benefits of singing, so turn on your shower and exercise your vocal cords.
Laughter is another way to reduce stress. There are even classes out there where people get together and laugh. Laughing moves our focus from stress and frustration to areas in our brain that are beneficial to better mental health. A hearty belly laugh will exercises our abdominal muscles as well as our diaphragm, and tickles our heart
Whether it is prayer, a mantra, listening to Barry White, or a sitting down legs crossed 1 hour guided meditation, I cannot emphasize enough about the importance of quieting the mind for stress relief. If you do not have that kind of time, try the 5 minute vacation for stress relief that I have shared in a prior post.

I have studied herbalism and essential oils since the 1990's and utilize tools in my practice as well as my own life. As a contributer to Higher Roads Products, I provide the essential oil formulations for their oil products. Click here for more information on their proprietary blend for Stress Reduction.

With over 400 articles in Spiritual SpewI'm sure that you will find what you are looking for. so check out the archives.    
Have a glorious rest of your day!

LeeZa Donatella


By the way, with over 400 articles in Spiritual Spew I'm sure that you will find what you are looking for, so don't forget to check out the archives.

Coming in 2016
I'm working with editors to put the finishing touches on this new book geared toward helping readers navigate the workplace with ways to take a different approach when dealing with office politics, personalities and the situations that tie us in knots, bring us to tears and cause us fury, envy and disappointment. 

There's also a section that delves into techniques for reducing stress while at the work.
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