Your Imaginary Focal Point - Lessons in Enlightenment and Seeing Behind the Veil

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Good morning. I hope that you've all had your coffee this morning and are ready to greet the day! Today I am going to talk about something that very few people know exists, yet everyone has one. It's called your imaginary focal point (IFP). 

You may be saying to yourself, what the heck is she talking about? Perhaps she's had too many magic mushrooms. Although at times I wish that were true, I'm being serious and you really do have an imaginary focal point. 

An example may be the best way to explain this. Have you ever met someone whose life revolves around the 2 miles by 2 miles that surround them, never really venturing out beyond their comfort zone?   I'm sure you have. Similar to being stuck inside a box, you're only exposed to your immediate surroundings.  So what about this imaginary focal point?  Well, extend your arm out in front of you, even with your face and make a fist. At the end of your fist is your imaginary focal point. It's a learned limit that most if us give ourselves by the time we reach about 5 years old. 

When we're born we have no limits. We see everything, sense everything, know everything and experience everything. But as infants,we're unable to express this underlying knowledge we have, due to the motor, memory and language skills of this physical body. 

Have you ever noticed small children looking so intently, then smiling and communicating to a spot in a room where there seems to be nothing? Do you really believe that there is nothing there just because you can't see what they're looking at? According to research, an infant's brain produces 2-3 million synapses per second. There's a lot of development going on and the cognitive abilities at that young age are truly remarkable. With all those synapses, no matter how smart you are or how much brain capacity you have, this is just too much for a mere human to handle, so the brain has to choose, letting go of some connections in favor of more widely used ones. When that happens our brains create the imaginary focal point, limiting our abilities to see beyond our "space." This begins to occur at the age of reason, somewhere between 3 and 5 years old.

Luckily, there's a way to identify your imaginary focal point and temporarily shut it down. Actually, the more you practice, the better you get at it and when you do, you begin to see past the layers that keep most people within that 2-by-2 box.  I'm talking about thar thin veil that exists that is keeping us from seeing what is right in front of us. With the shift in the planets energy since 12/21/12 many more people are reaching out asking quesitons about what they are experiencing. Knowing more about IFP and learning how to see through the veil, well that's when the world truly opens up.

So are you ready to give something a try? 

First, you must identify and admit to the 2 voices that we have. We have an outward voice, the one that is audible to others. Then there's our inner voice, our ego, the little voice in our heads that when we are not talking out loud is constantly talking to us.  It's both those voices that we attempt to quiet when we meditate. This is a great practice for temporarily shutting down our IFP. You just did not know it because in meditation your eyes are closed. 

So what I am going to tell you is a very simple concept, but can be difficult for some to master.  In order to temporarily shut down your IFP, turn off both your outer and inner voice and leave your eyes open.  Relax your gaze and scan the room, looking in the corners, around lamps, wood objects and door jams. You will soon realize once you are more practiced in shutting down your IFP that your perception will change. Just like the infinite possibilities we sense as infants, so now we can experience that which has been lost to us for so many years.  As the curtain falls, crumbling in front of our very eyes, all becomes visible. It always fills me with love and wonder knowing that there are still experiences in life that excite and please.

I hope you all try this technique and stretch your perception and vibrational presence. 

Leeza Donatella

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