The Spoken Word and Spirit

Let me jump right in and tell you that today I will be talking about our weight and spirit. By weight I am speaking of the items that weigh on us that manifest in physical weight gain.

In prior posts I mention how our bodies hold our spirit or inner energy and how we need to properly nourish our bodies to keep our “vessel” clean and clear. I speak about how negative emotions can affect our spiritual or energy vibrations. Well, when we are weighed down with unresolved questions or concerns or negative situations, more often than not, those unresolved items will manifest themselves as extra pounds to the body. This extends not only to fear or worrisome based items, but all items that sit inside us that we cannot quickly resolve and release.

A good example is my friend Linda. Linda has been with the same company for 5 years. Last June she moved  into a new position within the company after interviewing with the woman who would be her manager. Linda’s quickly realized that her new manager had painted a very different picture to her than the actual job duties Linda would perform. Linda’s manager was a micro-managing, indecisive, passive aggressive and insecure woman, who gained her strength by putting others down and constantly changing direction. Linda was beside herself as this woman continually belittled her in public meetings, discounted any small decisions Linda tried to make, and dive bombed her with cruel and passive aggressive comments our their weekly 1-on-1 meetings.  Without changing her eating or exercise lifestyle, Linda started gaining physical weight. After 11 months she had packed on an additional 20 pounds.   

If you are saying to yourself, why didn’t Linda just look for another position within the firm? Mandated by her firm, Linda must stay in her current position for at least a year.  Even then there were steps that her manager could take that would prevent Linda from seeking a new position in her company. What about quitting? Oh, Linda has contemplated looking at other companies in this not so easy to find a job economy many times in the past 11 months  but she liked the company she was working for, just not her current sadistic manager. Something had to give soon as Linda’s frustration was at its maximum tolerable level.  

As she sat in bed one morning, Linda prayed to her angels to please provide her with the guidance, strength and motivation to let go of the hurt that this manager had inflicted on her and allow Linda to not be effected by all her manager’s inadequacies. She looked within the areas where her weight had accumulated to take back control. Slowly, she started feeling better, and like magic she lost a pound. The better she felt the more pounds she lost, a little here and a little there. She continues to keep me abreast of her progress to shed that 20 pounds of excess weight that her body had manifested based on her horrible managers treatment.

It is pretty amazing how our bodies react to negative situations. There are different issues that “weigh” us down and create physical weight and ailments. I will save the physical ailments for a different post, but will expand on the weight gain in certain areas. God can help you lose weight. weight loss and faith

For Linda, her manager was diminishing any power that Linda had to make any decisions. This attaches weight to our power centers, where our power and self esteem live. For those of you who are not familiar with Chakras, that center is located in our middles. And sure enough one of the places Linda started to gain weight in her gut area.  Linda felt that she was helpless from walking away from this situation, and again weight formed in her legs. This situation ate away at Linda’s joy and threatened her security in the firm and weight formed in her hips and buttocks, the two energy centers associated with inner joy and base needs like financial security.

Now that Linda had started to release all the frustrations, her body signaled that it was healing as well by shedding those pounds. 

The moral of this story is to realize that you do have power and by taking back control you will realize the benefits. For those of you who are ‘weighted’ down by situations, take time to close your eyes and think into the areas where the extra weight is held. Let your mind swirl into the specific area, and allow your inner energy or spirit to tell you what the issue is. This will allow you to realize and encircle the issue in your imagination and release the reason for the issue.  By doing this release, your spirit will feel the mental release and your body will start to release the physical weight.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Feel free to ask questions in the comment sections.

Shall your day be filled with joy!  - LeeZa Donatella

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