How to Get Whatever You Want

Today’s post is about how you can get whatever your heart desires. Yes, I said anything! You are the only person limiting what you can get. Now, I am sure there are skeptics out there who will think that this is a nutty concept. I am not her to convince anyone about the process. I am just sharing what I know to be true and will provide a few of my hundreds of examples.

By following this three step process you can have whatever you want.
  1. Know exactly what you want
  2. Believe it is possible
  3. Believe you deserve it
I believe that when you perform these three steps it is like your inner energy vibrates and sends a message out to the Universe with your order. And like in a restaurant your order is delivered.

Know Exactly what You Want
I am a pretty exacting person and usually know exactly what I want at a given point in time. I do not understand why others are not the same and am always surprised that most people cannot articulate exactly what they want. Why? Because most people have no clue what they want.   I know when I speak to my husband and I ask him, what he wants, and 90% of the time the answer is “I do not know.” And it can be the answer to a question as simple as what do you want for dinner.  For the purpose of this post let’s assume you know exactly what it is you want.  

Believe it is PossibleThe second step in getting what you want is to believe that what you are asking for is possible and obtainable. For example, if you want to get a front spot in the parking garage and in your mind are saying to yourself that someone else will always get to that spot before you get there, then you will never get that spot. If you want to win at the casino but believe that the casino always wins, then stop wasting your money. What is keeping you from believing it is possible? Well, what you were taught growing up, society’s view points, perhaps, but most importantly, your inner voice or ego that puts on the brakes and limits you from obtaining your desires.
  Believe you Deserve It
This is one that women have the most trouble with, deserving. As women we are the caregivers and always put ourselves last. But in this particular exercise it is truly all about you!  So put aside the fact that there is always someone more deserving, because you have to believe that you deserve what you are getting. If that is too difficult, then think of someone else who would also benefit from the fulfillment of your desire.

ExamplesI have so many examples of how this works that this post could go on forever, but let me provide you with a few that come to the top of my head.    The first is when I was living 1 block away from a Honeywell building. At that time I was earning a living as a technology consultant. I was commuting to a temporary assignment 30 miles from my home and the assignment was coming to an end. I was canvassing for my next assignment by posting my credentials to the Monster and Dice job boards. As was typical on my commute home, I stopped at the traffic light a block away from home. As I turned to my left and spied the Honeywell building, I said to myself, “Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to work at that building so close to home.”  Two weeks later I received a call for an interview to work for IBM who was consulting for Honeywell at that very building. I was amazed!
I grew up in the New York area and would frequent Atlantic City with my parents. I am not saying that gambling is a good or bad thing just that I know my way around a slot machine.  I have lived in the Phoenix area since 1998 and if you know anything about Phoenix, you cannot throw a stone without hitting an Indian casino. . I have visited casinos since I was legally able to gamble and in that over 25 years I have never won more than a couple of hundred dollars at a time. Although I played, everyone knows that the Casino always wins, right? In July 2011, I was sitting in my home watching a science show that demonstrated how the outcome of a random number generator can be affected, ever so slightly by the person who is focused on it. My husband turned to me and professed “You know sweetie, those slot machines at the Indian Casinos all include random number generators.” With that I decided to perform a little experiment. I knew that I wanted to win the jackpot, knew that it was possible with my new found knowledge of random number generators and to help myself with the deserving part, promised I would share some of the winnings with family and friends. Funny thing happened. I won 7 jackpots from July through December 2011.  I have since stopped going to the casino and am focusing my efforts on the lottery so I can retire. I will keep you posted on how that works out.
Be in a Loving Frame of Mind I cannot stress enough about the frame of mind you should be in when you are asking for what you want. It is how you put out your request to the universe to get what you want. Although you only need the three steps to get what you want, the frame of mind you are in when creating is very important.
Let me tell you about the time when my I wanted a new Chihuahua puppy in the worst way. At that time I just had one dog, my Chihuahua Penny. It was my birthday and I had put out some many hints to the point of being obvious that I wanted a Chihuahua puppy. I was expecting this as my birthday gift from my boyfriend (now husband), who just did not get the hint as I opened up my gifts and it was not one of them. He could see the disappointment in my eyes and leaned over to me and said, “You look disappointed. Did you not like your birthday gifts? Yes, I was disappointed, but more annoyed that he did not pick up on the so many clues and get me that new pup. So I looked at him and in a loud voice expressed, “I wanted a Chihuahua puppy!”  The walls shook as I expressed my dismay. To be honest the wallpaper could have peeled off the wall from all that steam I expelled.  The next day I was meeting my sister at a friend’s house and she handed me a new Chihuahua puppy, spouting “Happy Birthday.” Now, I want to tell you that my sister and I are not in the habit of spending a ton of money on each other for our birthdays. We usually give each other a birthday card that includes a modest gift card or a little something. And understandably, she has never spent more than $50 for a birthday gift for me, because she has her own family with children. I think we can all relate. But this birthday, she hands me a beautiful chocolate Chihuahua puppy. I was shocked and ecstatic and on cloud nine all day.   I wanted to know if my boyfriend had called her, but she expressed to me that she woke up that morning and knew she had to get me a Chihuahua puppy.  I was thoroughly amazed and so was my boyfriend.  Now do you remember what I said about the frame of mind that you should be in when asking for what you want?  And do you remember how I asked for this new puppy. I was not in a loving frame of mind, I was horrid and mean. Apologies to my sister, because I love you for the gift, but that dog was the absolute worst animal I have ever owned, and after a year had to find him a new home.

So, anything is possible and you can do this as well. Start with something you consider small if that helps you get your mind around it.  But it does not matter. You can truly get whatever you desire.   I am interested in hearing about some of your accomplishments when trying this technique.
I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits.

Have a glorious rest of your day! – Lee


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