The Art of Giving

So I am lying in bed this morning asking the universe what I should write about. I had a couple of ideas jotted down last evening but as I lay there thinking and asking none of those ideas seems to come to the forefront. It was if the universe was not helping. So I looked up at the ceiling, then closed my eyes, and asked again. I was provided with the answer to tell people more about the giving.

There are many ways to give. And there is no wrong way.

Let’s start with what I think of as the most common form of giving, providing funds to charitable organizations. Many people give money to charities and in the US having these donations be tax deductible is a main reason why many not-for-profit organizations are still here.  There is even an organization call the charity navigator that assists in the identification and rating of different charities ( As I perused this site, even I learned something about the different categories and ratings of these charities. It seems like a good source if you are looking for a charity. And there are so many types: charities that perform health disease research, food programs, fallen veteran’s families programs, animal programs and so much more. I commend all that donate some funds to charities in this economic climate.  
Although my husband and I give funds to charities, we also help others in different ways, like donating real estate, donating time to help organize and participate in charity events, or helping with food programs, or supporting our troops.

What I ask is that you all find your passion for giving, for there is something that we are all passionate about.  And use that passion to give through funds, your time or both.

My gynecologist Dr. Deborah Wilson found her passion for giving. When you meet her you meet with hr you see this loving being. She is the director of the Feathers Foundation and Circle L Ranch. The Feathers Foundation is a non-profit foundation devoted to rescuing parrots, dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats, sheep, turkeys, and chickens who would have otherwise been abandoned, euthanized, or slaughtered. The Circle L Ranch is a 37-acre rescue ranch in Prescott Valley, Arizona. The Circle L Ranch houses over 50 sanctuary horses, 100 goats, and various chickens, sheep, geese, cows, a rabbit and a mule. The ranch also offers old, unwanted dogs a place to live out the remainder of their lives after being discarded by their owners. Dr Wilson even has information in her office about her passion and how her patients can assist if they so choose.

I ask that you let the giving extend to all areas of our life. Smile and say good morning to all you see. Acknowledge the person serving you, hold the door for a stranger, and help someone that you see in need of assistance instead of recording them and putting it up on YouTube.
So, find your passion and do something for someone else. Not only will you feel great, you will increase the vibrations of love inside you. And share this article with your friends, families and colleagues, so the idea grows exponentially in popularity. If we all did this all of our love vibrations would increase and the world would be a better place.

Be Well with Love

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