Spiritual Touring - A Go with the Flow Vacation

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about how you can take a vacation and let spirit guide you to the most wondrous experience. I have toured many times alone through Europe and South America having only a hotel reservation for my first night and a guide book and letting spirit lead my adventure. I always get such a kick out of that.

When I got married 6 years ago, vacationing was a little more traditional. I decided that I wanted to share my “spiritual touring” experiences with my husband, but backpacking in South America was not something to which he was accustomed, so I decided to start small. In 2009 I booked us a long weekend in Mazatlan staying in a Mexican tourist hotel in the heart of the golden zone, where the staff did not speak English. We had no rental card and no itinerary. Outside the hotel was a bus stop. My husband was certainly going to be out of his element, but I wanted him to experience the same joy I had in past with just allowing the universe to guide our journey.  

Hey, he was lucky I was even going to tell him where we were going. I have pulled that trick in the past where I book a weekend, pack for him and tell him nothing.  From the moment we got the Phoenix airport it was as if all the stars were aligned. From check-in to through the flight the entire experience was pleasant. We took a cab from the airport to the hotel and I used my limited Spanish and my reservation information to check into our room. Words cannot describe the combination of simplicity and beauty of this second story room that overlooked the ocean. The sounds of waves crashing on the beach were ambrosial music to our ears.

On the second day we were there my husband wanted to take a trip to the Marina. He discussed taking a cab, but I would have no part of it. The promise was that we would take public transportation, the bus, where ever possible. I acquired the bus number we would need to take from the hotel front desk and armed with correct change, we headed for the bus stop. I am short and of Italian descent and did not stand out in the group of people waiting on the bus, but my Ohio born and corn fed 6 foot plus husband certainly stands out in a crowd in Mexico. I laughed to myself at the stares. They were probably wondering why this gringo was not in a taxi.  We boarded the crowded bus and kept a sharp eye out for the Marina, but never saw it. My husband shot me a look as the bus pulled up to its final destination behind several other buses, at the end of a street in a desolate area. All passengers departed and I motioned to him that we also needed to get off the bus.  

The only thing in site was a small bodega next to a dirt road that I believe led to a small local’s beach.  “Now what do we do?” he exclaimed. “Let’s get a coke”, I replied. We walked over to the bodega, got a soda and walked back outside to sit under a tree. Once again my husband asked me, “Now what do we do?”  I could see that he was uncomfortable with the situation. He was not familiar like I was that there are no coincidences and that if you just go with the flow great things happen.  I wanted him to experience the flow without anguish, so I decided to pose this question. “So honey, what did you want to happen, where did you want to go.” He looked at me and calmly said. “I wanted to see the Marina.” I smiled and replied, “Ok, then that is what we will do. Just wait and see. In 5 minutes someone will come here and take us to the Marina”, then I returned my attention back to drinking my soda and enjoying my surroundings.  

If I tell you that within 5 minutes someone came and took us to the Marina would you believe me? Oh yes it is true, but the universe would not just allow me to show my husband a common scenario. Oh no, it would have to be a spectacular ending so I could get his attention. Here is what happened: This modified Jeep Wrangler pulls us with a canopy top, the back opened with benches against the insides of the frame. A lady was sitting in the back and spoke to us in English asking us if we wanted to see the Marina. “Come see the Marina and we will give you lunch, $100 American dollars, a tour and a ride back to your hotel.”   I looked at my husband and smiled. Yes, it ended up being a timeshare tour, but that does not make it any less spectacular. My husband got what he wanted; we had an adventure and got paid to participate!

I was beaming from ear to ear and my husband looked like he was shell shocked. Even when he tells that story today, he still has trouble grasping what happened.

There were many of these types of wonderful go with the flow moments during that weekend as we ventured out of the hotel, following our guts and that led us to wonderful breakfast spots, quaint shops,  places to dance and conversations with new friends. 

You too can experience spiritual touring if you go with the flow. I highly recommend you all give it a try. It can be a day, weekend or a month. They are all wonderful departures from our everyday that will bring you joy and amazement.

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