Value Yourself and See How Fast Good Things Happen

Today's post is how quickly what you ask for you receive when you value yourself. Every time I see this happen I am still amazed by the speed at which the universe sends to us the items or situations that we ask for. All we need to do is to put that intention out there and like magic we get what we ask for.   

A perfect example is my good friend Mandy.  In this economy times are tough. I think that we have all experienced the lack of jobs, and the worry that our company will downsize. Mandy works for a large corporation. There are layoffs two times a year, at the end of October or November and in the February to March timeframe.  What she was not aware of was that her particular division that was growing was going to downsize certain positions. She works in technology and had heard rumors that there would be a freeze in her area on technology dollars.  So when she found out that her position was going to be downsized, she was not surprised. Her manager gave her the news a few months prior promising her she would assist Mandy in finding a new position. Mandy decided that afternoon to update her resume and send it out to two area senior managers that she respected just saying that she would like to throw her hat into the ring in case the possibility of a position materialized in the future.  Three days later she received a call from personnel that they were going to make a new position just for her and she would be working for that new manager. No interview, just here you are, we value you and want you. Wow, did that make Mandy feel great! What Mandy learned is to never underestimate herself and her worth again. Also she would never underestimate her talent for asking and receiving what she wants. 

When you are confident, you will realize your intentions quickly.  It not only works quickly in items and work situations, it also works with attraction of your soul mate.  

My best friend Michele from high school lives in Florida. She is such a sweet beautiful woman, funny and fit. The only issue she was having is that she would attract the wrong guy. And this happened all the time. She was out in Arizona for my birthday this year with her latest guy, a multimillionaire who drank like a fish was somewhat insecure, and well, he was separated. Although he seemed like a nice guy, I could not understand why she was dating him. I find it hard when I hear about women who date men who are still legally married.  Soon after the relationship ended, I got “the call.”   “Why isn’t he calling? What did I do wrong? “, She exclaimed.   Now this is where I could say my peace. “You did nothing wrong Michele. The guy is still married, and he is an alcoholic. So why are you getting so upset over him, He is not even available. What you need is to date someone who is single and available should you both fall madly in love and decide to get married.”   Yes, folks, there are still some of us hopeless romantics out there.  

I decided to try something with Michele that would allow her to attract what she really wanted; a nice single man who would treat her right. Michele’s problem was not that she could not attract men; there were men a plenty coming her way. Her problem was that she did not value herself.  I had her write down something and hang it to her mirror.  I am a beautiful, smart, happy sexy woman.  It is not amazing that the next man she met a mere two weeks later was perfect in every way. And he has already popped the question.   

Now are you surprised?  Sometimes the universe works that quickly when you see the value in yourself and go with the flow. The world truly is your oyster!

Always remember to be thankful and to ask with Love.

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