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Today’s post is about the spirits that surround us while we are on this planet.  I am sure there are many of you who have had experiences that are unexplainable interactions with spirits. Spirits share our space and we some of us can feel, smell and or see them. Some spirits come to us because they are checking in on us, have messages or are here to guide us and some spirits need our assistance.

I get asked why is it that we seem to have visits from more spirits (energy) at night them during the day. This is not because the spirits are late night party animals. It has to do with our state of mind, the fact that in the evening we unwind and are more relaxed. When we are relaxed our perception is more enhanced.  Sensing that there is someone else in the room is part of feeling those wonderful energies that we may have shared time with while they lived here on Earth. Did you ever know someone was in the room but could not see them? When I was younger it used to scare me and I used to sleep with the lights on. When we moved to a house where I had my open room I never closed the door at night.  Some people will smell something like a perfume, cologne, a cigar or something that familiarly associated with that spirit when they are present. Sometimes there are divine fragrances associated with divine spirits and those who are get the opportunity to experience that truly privileged.  
Seeing spirits is something a little different, because there are several ways to see different spirits.  I have a friend named Paul who lives in Nebraska.  He sees spirits as small balls of light called orbs.  Sometimes we see the spirit as a shadow out of the corner of our eye, catching glimpses of them in our peripheral vision. Toni sees the full yet semitransparent view of the spirit as they appeared while on Earth. Most times, I see the blob of distorted space or energy.  

Often I'm asked "How do I know who the spirit is?"   I don't always know who is visiting so I ask.  So, not to be sarcastic, I tell them if you don't know ask them.  It is much easier to ask the spirit who they are and what they want then it is to spend countless nights wondering after you have an encounter and they leave.
If you see a spirit, be thankful you have the ability to do so.  Say hello, ask them their name.  Ask the spirit why they are communicating with you. Most will try to communicate with you. Also, please do not believe those Ghost adventures shows you see who sensationalize the scary ghost stories. That is just playing on fear.  Some spirits we encounter are connected to us.  They maybe our loved ones who have died that are visiting us to see how we are doing. Again I have to bring up Theresa Caputo who is so very good at communicating with passed love ones providing messages and peace to surviving family members. Theresa does such a wonderful job.

Other spirits are lost and are trying to ask for directions.  A girlfriend called me yesterday. She just moved to a new home and asked me about this spirit that she saw in their home.  She explained that she kept getting glimpses of someone in her peripheral vision.  Very simply I told her that she needs to ask the spirit if they need any assistance.  Did you know that some spirits get stuck here and are attached to the locations and people they knew while they were alive?  They may have been stuck here for years and years and you're the first person that can see them. They were probably grateful to be able to get your attention. If spirit is stuck ask them to turn around and an Angel will bring them through to a wonderful place of light and love.  That may be the last time you encounter this spirit. If they are not stuck and you continue to see them you can always just tell them that you do not feel comfortable and ask them to leave. That has always worked for me.
If there are currently no spirits in your space and you want to have and encounter, you can call upon loved ones who have passed. They are eager to reach out and contact you.  If nothing else, feeling the love of someone who is no longer of this Earth is also a form of communication.

We encounter spirits when we increase our own spiritual (energy) vibration.  
I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits.

Have a glorious rest of your day! – Lee


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