Food - The Shift for Better Health and Spirit

Once again I am on my soapbox about certain companies. Today’s post is about how companies in certain industries that knowingly are sacrificing our health for profit and how that effects our spirit.
In my last post I talk about the corporate machine and how they are focused on profits at the cost of their workforce.  To exacerbate the situation this mentality has permeated the food industry including packaged foods, fruits and vegetables and the animal proteins we consume in the US with these practices moving to other countries.
Packaged Products
Fake ingredients like high fructose corn syrup is a culprit of how companies use cheaper ingredients as alternatives to more costly natural ones, like sugar, in order to increase profits and their stock prices. Companies do not care that our bodies cannot process fake ingredients and are performing double duty trying to eliminate all these toxins from our bodies.

Organic pesticides are more costly and may not save as many plants as industrial pesticides. And industrial pesticides contain poisonous toxins that seep into the produce that we feed our families as well as the local water supply.

Animal Proteins
Beside the fact that the animals are raised in horrible conditions, what they are fed and all the hormones and antibiotics they are given is contributing to the destruction of our health. Companies Once again our bodies must eliminate these toxins. Organs like our liver and pancreas have to devote the majority of their time dealing with these toxins and have little time for their other functions. It is no wonder why obesity has reached epidemic proportions in this country and as more countries use our food products are showing the same health issues.

So how does this Affect our Spirit?
Poor health make our connection to spirit more difficult, It is similar to the ability to see through a glass full of murky water versus a glass of clear water. Our bodies are the containers that hold our spirit and we need to keep them healthy and in good working order.  That proves difficult when the cards are stacked against by US food producers. And you ARE what you eat!

How can YOU make a difference?
Rome was not built in a day, so making an effort to take small steps each day will make a difference in your life as well as promote change. 

Do your best replace fake sweeteners from your diet with natural ones like 100% stevia plant, natural sugar, honey and agave. At least your body understands how to process these ingredients. It does not know how to process fake sweetening agents like aspartame, saccharin and sucralose (splenda) or the other sweeteners hidden in ingredient labels like high fructose corn syrup, maltose, dextrose and sugar alcohols like maltitol, maltitol syrup, sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, lactitol, erythritol, and isomalt. By doing you will help your live and pancrease wrok more efficiently, increase your overall well being and digestion. And your body will just feel better. 

Next add in a few organic products a week, like 1-2 organic vegetables, organic cage free eggs, organic milk. You can find all these products in your local farmers market or grocery store. 

Next seek out organic meats for at least 2 meat sources a week and try to increase this as you can. These are meats where no synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides are used on the pasture where these animals graze or in the grains the animals eat and the animals are hormone- and antibiotic-free and are not given antibiotics or hormones. Your local farmers market may have a local organic meat producer as one of it vendors or they may know of one. If not Google is a great tool to find one in your area. 

Next is to try to devote a couple of days a week to seeking out only complex carbohydrates versus the non-complex kind. These grains are in a more natural state and better for overall body function. 

When you get to this point then you are surely rocking and rolling. You will feel and become healthier. Who know, perhaps you will decrease and eliminate some of the prescription medications that are making the pharmaceutical companies so much money. I think I will save that for a future post. 

I think more and more people are getting on this bandwagon as they realize what is happening with our food supply.   We recently had the opportunity to see Andrew Zimmern, the chef who travels the world eating strange foods. Andrew is a big fan of this shift. Since he has a national audience I am hopeful to see him help move this faster into mainstream living rooms.

We have the ability to change things when we work together. For example if everyone stopped using products that contain high fructose corn syrup, then the companies that make the products would have to find another ingredient, like going back to sugar. If we are not buying the products then they are not making any money. Get it?

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post and look forward to sharing more about energy and other tidbits. 

Have a glorious rest of your day!  
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