How to Create a Good Outcome from a Potentially Bad Situation

We are born with unconditional love that's evident as it sparkles in our eyes. And as we grow we experience the wonder of the world. Then we get close to experiencing something that can hurt us, like running toward the street and it happens, we're spanked. We are too young to realize that we may get hit by a car, but nonetheless it's at that moment that we're taught that an incredible experience like runnng free is associated with pain and punishment.  It is every experience that shapes us into the person we are and those few experiences that were meant to protect us also instill a disproportionate amount of fear in us that we carry with us throughout our lives. 

I decided years back to analyze and process these long ago unpleasant experiences and decided to treat them differently. Now I look upon all experiences as gifts no matter what.

When one does this they move into that uncharted territory, a state of being or vibration that I call "Being Love."  When you love every situation and person unconditionally and are grateful for the interaction, that's when the true magic happens.

A perfect example has to do with a last minute trip I took to attend a class in Des Moines. I used one of those booking sites and landed a budget hotel under $100 that also had a shuttle service. My first clue that something was amiss was when I arrived at the airport close to midnight, called the hotel for their shuttle and was told that the service ceased as of the prior week. My gut was tingling when I entered the hotel lobby at 1AM to find people at the front desk complaining that the air conditioning in their rooms was not working. When I finally got to my room and discovered that the Internet was also not operational, I scratched my head and shrugged my shoulders as I professed out loud, "I guess this is not where I am supposed to stay, but I'm sure that there is something even more wonderful waiting for me."  
The above is one of the key phrases I use when I'm faced with an unpleasant situation instead of reacting with frustration, anger or any other negative lower emotion.  I viewed the experience as a gift, keeping my vibration in that "Being Love" state. I went downstairs and graciously told the front desk that I was going to seek other accommodations, having only compassion for the clerk as I gave him the news. He was very apologetic and gave me a few suggestions as he handed me the house phone. I called over to one of the more expensive hotels in the area that I had passed up because their rate was over $220 per night. I was upbeat as I explained my situation in the nicest way possible and asked if they could accommodate me.

So, what happened?

The new hotel came and got me in their shuttle as I walked out of the current hotel free of any charges. I was provided with a better room for under $100 per night (less than 50% of their advertised rate) and upon check-in the clerk went into the back returning with 2 chilled bottles of water, apologizing to me for my inconvenience. To make my stay there even more scrumptious, he waived the Internet fees and put me on the concierge level which had bigger more posh rooms. As I plopped myself on that luxurious bed, I smiled, knowing how amazing things can happen when you stay in the "Being Love" state. 

I'm not sure if life is a test of how we react to situations to move forward, or just that sometimes things just happen. 

What I do know that we create what we believe and when we truly know in our heart that every unpleasant occurrence has a great outcome, then the magic happens as we create better situations, more amazing then we can imagine. And in my experience, the more we believe it, the more instantaneous they appear.

Wishing you a delicious day,
LeeZa Donatella
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Seeing Energy and the Aura

I often teach a full day class on energy, and in part of the class I help people see the bodies energy, generally called the aura.

It always tickles me when someone who at the beginning of the day has no idea what energy is by the end of the day understands it, feels it then sees the etheric body.  It's really not difficult with a little guidance and practice to see this first layer (etheric) since it is the closest energy body to the physical body. The etheric layer extends about two inches beyond the physical body and is my cue when I am looking at someone in a healing session for clues to where they're out of balance.   

For those of you who haven't yet seen what I am referring to, you'll find that after you get yourself into a meditative state and are in that peace if you relax your gaze, you may just see your energy and the energy of others around you.

Often when I teach this class I have at least 1 student who is frustrated because they want to see colors. "How do I see the aura?" they often ask.

Actually it is all the aura, but what these people are referring to is the second layer of the aura, the emotional body, which is associated with feelings. Unlike the etheric body this layer has as many colors as the rainbow. And the colors change depending on the emotional state of the person.  

For those of you who see energy, but do not yet see color other than the yellow/gray glow of the etheric layer, please don't fret. Be happy where you are right now. In time all becomes apparent as we grow and develop. 

Sending you blessings and love

LeeZa Donatella
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How to Connect to your Higher Self

As promised to the many of you who have emailed me asking about connections to the higher self, today I will explain higher self connections or what some call the connection to our total spirit. 

What is the higher self?
This has always been such an interesting topic for me and I love to share what I know with all of you. If you've found this article then you already know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Well, our spirit or energy or whatever name you have for it is pure love. And Love energy has the highest vibration. Frankly, if we were to bring more than a small bit of it into the human form, our bodies would explode because the vibration is just too high. So we have a piece of our essence in our physical body and the majority of it outside the body. This is what we connect to when we connect to what's called the "higher self."

Why aren’t we always connected to the higher self?
Now there is the question, because if we were always connected, it would be Heaven on Earth indeed. I won't say that a person cannot achieve a 24/7 100% connection at some point in their time here on Earth, but when we can connect 100% of the time, we probably would not still be here on Earth. So maybe the Christ or the Buddha was able to do this.  It's certainly something worth striving for. Even if you connect to your higher self 40% of each day, that is greater than 99% of the population.  Imagine feeling complete bliss 40% of each day. Wow!

So how do I connect with my Higher Self?
There is not just one way to connect. The most common way for the people I have coached over the years is to first get into a meditative state. If you are new to meditation there are many guided meditation CDs out there and one day soon I will be offering one for you all as well. Pick one that is about 15-20 minutes long that asks you to ground yourself as part of the meditation. At the beginning of the meditation make your intention known that you want to connect to your higher self. As you get grounded and open up your crown chakra you will begin to feel the connection.

How does it feel when you are connected?
When our inner energy source connects to the universal energy source, it's a feeling of complete bliss and calm where all is peace and love.  I get a delicious tingling wave that overtakes my body when I'm in that place where I am connected with my higher self. What a rush! I call this being “In the Zone.” You may also feel that sensation or you may just get the overwhelming feeling of peace and harmony that's always present.  Once practiced, you will find that you don’t need to perform a traditional meditation to connect. I can look upon a sunrise or sunset or landscape and appreciate how absolutely beautiful it is and presto I am instantly connected. 

So what CAN you do when you are connected?

I often get this question about what we can do when we are connected. When you are connected you have profound clarity and insight. There was this movie called Limitless where someone used a drug to get this insight. That is not necessary, since you can get there on your own. During this state you can gain universal information or ask for anything just stating what it is that you want, know that it is possible for you to have it, and that you deserve what you are asking for. 

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Sending you blessings and love

LeeZa Donatella
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By the way, with over 400 articles in Spiritual Spew I'm sure that you will find what you are looking for, so don't forget to check out the archives.


I Just Want To Be Held - Am I Normal?

Sometimes I just want to be held. I miss being held. Is something wrong with me because I crave being held? I need to be held, wanting to be held and touched, why do I want to be held 
In my work I often am approached by single people with statements like, "I'm having so much agony with one thing about being alone... I just want to be held. Why do I crave being held so much?  Does anyone feel this as strongly as I do?"

These people preface this statement with the fact that they're not looking for a relationship, but miss that simple human contact of being held for an extended period of time and nothing more. Over the years in my interactions with other masters, I have heard different theories about this like: 

  • You don't need anyone else and that you are already whole, so accept it move on. 
  • You must find peace within yourself
  • Wanting to be held is some problem and you should seek professional help.
I do not necessarily agree. Although it's true that people seek out comfort in others when they are down, others who are not down, depressed, but mentally healthy and whole just miss human contact when they are not in a relationship or have children at home. I believe the wanting of human touch is perfectly normal and one of the incredible parts of our human experience. Touch and intimacy are absolutely necessary for survival. We all deserve to have these needs met by others and trying to convince ourselves that this need is not necessary by labeling the lack of it as being independent is ridiculous. 

So if you're experiencing this feeling, then I am glad you found this article today. You are normal and deserve that touch you miss. I think it's sad that we're living in such a technical society where our interactions, including the way we date today are mostly limited to electronic means. With so little actual human interaction, no wonder why more people crave more touch.  

The good thing about my time in Sedona is that I learned how to provide those long heart hugs, the ones that last over a minute without any feelings of awkwardness.  And they are freely provided to all. I start out my sessions with these long heart hugs and ensure that all feel that love, touch and connection that they may be lacking.   

By the way,The Awakening  has several references about the need to being held throughout this delicious steamy novel that fans of 50 Shades of Grey will enjoy reading. (It's about Mia, a young woman who moved to Sedona after the end of a relationship to reconnect to her spiritual roots. What she found was her strength, supernatural occurrences and a man who would change her world, forever.) Click here to peak inside. 

Wishing you a day filled with love,

LeeZa Donatella