How to Connect to your Higher Self

As promised to the many of you who have emailed me asking about connections to the higher self, today I will explain higher self connections or what some call the connection to our total spirit. 

What is the higher self?
This has always been such an interesting topic for me and I love to share what I know with all of you. If you've found this article then you already know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Well, our spirit or energy or whatever name you have for it is pure love. And Love energy has the highest vibration. Frankly, if we were to bring more than a small bit of it into the human form, our bodies would explode because the vibration is just too high. So we have a piece of our essence in our physical body and the majority of it outside the body. This is what we connect to when we connect to what's called the "higher self."

Why aren’t we always connected to the higher self?
Now there is the question, because if we were always connected, it would be Heaven on Earth indeed. I won't say that a person cannot achieve a 24/7 100% connection at some point in their time here on Earth, but when we can connect 100% of the time, we probably would not still be here on Earth. So maybe the Christ or the Buddha was able to do this.  It's certainly something worth striving for. Even if you connect to your higher self 40% of each day, that is greater than 99% of the population.  Imagine feeling complete bliss 40% of each day. Wow!

So how do I connect with my Higher Self?
There is not just one way to connect. The most common way for the people I have coached over the years is to first get into a meditative state. If you are new to meditation there are many guided meditation CDs out there and one day soon I will be offering one for you all as well. Pick one that is about 15-20 minutes long that asks you to ground yourself as part of the meditation. At the beginning of the meditation make your intention known that you want to connect to your higher self. As you get grounded and open up your crown chakra you will begin to feel the connection.

How does it feel when you are connected?
When our inner energy source connects to the universal energy source, it's a feeling of complete bliss and calm where all is peace and love.  I get a delicious tingling wave that overtakes my body when I'm in that place where I am connected with my higher self. What a rush! I call this being “In the Zone.” You may also feel that sensation or you may just get the overwhelming feeling of peace and harmony that's always present.  Once practiced, you will find that you don’t need to perform a traditional meditation to connect. I can look upon a sunrise or sunset or landscape and appreciate how absolutely beautiful it is and presto I am instantly connected. 

So what CAN you do when you are connected?

I often get this question about what we can do when we are connected. When you are connected you have profound clarity and insight. There was this movie called Limitless where someone used a drug to get this insight. That is not necessary, since you can get there on your own. During this state you can gain universal information or ask for anything just stating what it is that you want, know that it is possible for you to have it, and that you deserve what you are asking for. 

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post. With over 300 articles in Spiritual Spew I'm sure that you will find what you are looking for. so check out the archives.    

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Sending you blessings and love

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By the way, with over 400 articles in Spiritual Spew I'm sure that you will find what you are looking for, so don't forget to check out the archives.