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I Just Want To Be Held - Am I Normal?

In my work I often am approached by single people with statements like, "I'm having so much agony with one thing about being alone... I just want to be held. Why do I crave being held so much?  Does anyone feel this as strongly as I do?"

These people preface this statement with the fact that they're not looking for a relationship, but miss that simple human contact of being held for an extended period of time and nothing more. Over the years in my interactions with other masters, I have heard different theories about this like: 

  • You don't need anyone else and that you are already whole, so accept it move on. 
  • You must find peace within yourself
  • Wanting to be held is some problem and you should seek professional help.
I do not necessarily agree. Although it's true that people seek out comfort in others, some whole people just miss human contact. I don't feel the need to generalize and believe the wanting of human touch is normal and know that touch is one of the incredible parts of our human experience. Touch and intimacy are absolutely necessary for survival. We all deserve to have these needs met by others and trying to convince ourselves that this need is not necessary by labeling the lack of it as being independent is ridiculous. 

So if you are experiencing this feeling, then I am glad you found this article today. You are normal and deserve that touch you miss. I think it's sad that we're living in such a technical society where our interactions, evening dating, are mostly limited to electronic means. With so little actual human interaction, no wonder why more people crave touch.  

The good thing about my time in Sedona is that I learned how to provide those long heart hugs, the ones that last over a minute without any feelings of awkwardness.  And they are freely provided to all. I start out my sessions with these long heart hugs and ensure that all feel that love, touch and connection that they may be lacking.   

Wishing you a day filled with love,

LeeZa Donatella

Stay in a State of Being Love

I get asked a lot how to maintain that Love Vibration, that state of "Being Love."
"Oh, that's not easy to keep that up," I often hear.

"Really?" I respond. "Well why not?"

"It's just too much work," most often is the reply.
Well, darlings, let me give you an example of the difference between Being Love and not and you tell me what seems like more work.

Example of Being Love
Waking up, feeling good, thinking about nothing but that moment and smiling, singing and going about your day, greeting everyone you meet.

Example of NOT Being Love
Waking up, feeling awful,  thinking about who said something that made you feel bad yesterday, grimacing, complaining and going about your day, ready to rip someone's head off.

Okay, so which seems like more work?

LeeZa Donatella

Create the Life you Deserve - Warszawa July 18-19, 2015

I am so excited to be speaking in Warsaw (Warszawa) Poland July 18-19 lecturing about how to live a life full of joy creating the abundant life that you deserve. 

We all have the ability to live this way. And we can begin that life right now. 

Through many hands on exercises, in this 2 day workshop we will explore energy opening participants to more possibilities. I teach you how to delve into the beliefs and emotions that are holding us back and guide you as you determine the life that you want to create. 

17.VII.2015 (piątek), godz. 19:00 (Free Talk)

18 - 19.VII.2015 10:00 - 18:00 (Workshop)
Location: Al. Niepodległości 162, 02-554 Warsaw, Poland

More Information - Event
Więcej informacji:ARS LIBRA , www.arslibra.pl
tel: 22 768 00 68, 0605 083 118, 0501 504 673

Wishing you a day of creating the life you want,
LeeZa Donatella



I get a lot of questions about living a life full of what you desire. Funny, but when I speak to clients about what they want and we collectively delve into what they have tried in the past, a pattern emerges.  More often then not, people are striving for what they do not believe is possible. And they are doing it from a place of "lack." Or they have big dreams, but take no action.

It's movies that talk about Secrets and laws to attract what you want, but they never tell you the how. And they tell you about thinking all the time.

Well darlings, it is more than that, but still pretty simple. If you don't believe that it's possible and really feel that something is not obtainable, then you are not going to see it. There is also a vibrational frequency that you have to match when you want something that will bring you the positive result that you are seeking, what I teach people in my Life in Abundance lectures and workshops. It's a process that begins with understanding how everything is energy and how that relates to our bodies energy, what we vibrate and create.

To my European readers... come join me in Poland July 18/19 2015 where I will be facilitating an intensive Life in Abundance workshop at the university in Warsaw. Click on this facebook link to reach out to the organizers (in English or Polish) for more information. The seminar is in English with a Polish interpreter. 

Wishing you a day of creating what you want,
LeeZa Donatella


Understanding Unconditional Love

From the many emails I receive, I get asked most about love.  "How do I find my true love,"  "Why is it so hard to love," "How to I get to that love vibration" and more. There are so many types of love and we are conditioned to make love conditional. I will love my partner if they do this or that. I will love my job if I get a raise. I will love my body if I lose 10 pounds and so on. 

But love for us does not start out as having conditions attached to it. Unconditional love begins when you come exit the womb, seeing the world a new. Have you ever looked into the eyes of an infant> They are filled with unconditional love. That's what we come here with only unconditional love. Unfortunately as we age we are conditional. I think it's sad, but based on our experiences, that is what happens.

It is when you learn how to love everything "unconditionally" once again, that you understand what true love is. It starts with loving yourself. You start to glow with a newness, just like when you were born, you eyes and skin become brighter and you people comment that you even look younger. You certainly feel younger and more vibrant than you have in years.

Equally important every situation and person you encounter becomes an opportunity to let your love shine. Even circumstances that at first may not seem pleasant are turned around when you stay in that vibrational frequency I call "Being Love."  In this state, you're in a continual state of unconditional love. 

I had the opportunity to share my love in the form of gourmet chocolate with some gracious airport staff this evening They work so hard and have to deal with so many personalities that I wanted to show them my appreciation. I relish the times when I get to share love with others and encourage you all to do the same through an expression of unconditional love without expectation. You may just make someone's month.

I so enjoy speaking about this topic as I guide people back to the path for moving forward,

Wishing you  delicious rest of your day,

LeeZa Donatella

To my European readers... come join me in Poland July 18/19 2015 where I will be facilitating a Manifestation Workshop (Life in Abundance) in Warsaw. Click on this facebook link to reach out to the organizers or contact info@leezadonatella.com for more information. The seminar is in English with a Polish interpreter


The "Being Love" State of Being

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you feel love and bliss most of the day? I can tell you that it's the most delicious feeling and when you stay in that "being love" state of being, your energy field shifts into a higher vibration that attracts great situations and synchronicity to you. This happens when we live in the present, not allowing other than love thoughts, emotions and beliefs to overtake our lives.

Some of you may be shaking your head right now, thinking that it's too hard as you deal with day to day situations that are continually trying your patience and causing you stress as you deal with unpleasantness or inconvenience.  

Even finding a few minutes a day to get into that bliss state will lead to more moments until you day is filled with "Being Love."

What an ambrosial way to exist.

Wishing you a day filled with love,
LeeZa Donatella

To my European readers... come join me in Poland July 18/19 2015 where I will be facilitating a Manifestation Workshop (Life in Abundance) in Warsaw. Click on this facebook link to reach out to the organizers or contact info@leezadonatella.com for more information. The seminar is in English with a Polish interpreter

Accept Your Friends for Who They Are

I grew up in New York, and am one of those people who will tell you what I think and appreciate that honesty in others. 

Friends with opposite or differing views help stretch us and our way of thinking, challenging us to think outside the box.

Case in point is when I am hanging with a friend who has a very different view of life than I. Our differences are more than our commonalities and we don't see eye-to-eye on many things, yet I love and respect him for who he is. 

It's when we accept our friends for who they are that the connection deepens and the friendship blossoms into a free exchange of ideas and experiences. 

Have a day filled with loving friends,


We Continually Manifest what we Believe

I have come to the realization that every experience shapes us into the person we are. When we look upon all experiences as gifts no matter what, we move into that uncharted territory, a state of being that I call "Being Love."

When you remain in that "Love" vibration believing that no matter the situation, something more wonderful will come, then you attract good outcomes from all situations, even the unpleasant ones. 

A perfect example has to do with a recent trip I took to attend a class, arriving at the Des Moines airport shortly after midnight. I called the hotel for their shuttle and was told that the shuttle service ceased as of the prior week. I entered the hotel to find people in the lobby complaining that the air conditioning in their rooms was not functioning. 

When I finally checked in and went to my room at 1 AM, I discovered that the internet was also not operational. It was then that I could have gotten discouraged and possibly angry, but I didn't. Instead, I shrugged my shoulders and professed, "I guess this is not where I should stay, but I'm sure that there is something even more wonderful waiting for me."  

The above is one of the key manifestation phrases I use when I want to turn an unpleasant situation into something delicious. You'll also notice that I didn't react, but stayed in that state of being I call "Being Love,"  not allowing my vibration to change. 

I went downstairs and graciously told the front desk that I was going to seek other accommodations, having only compassion for the clerk as I gave him the news. He was very apologetic and gave me a few suggestions as he handed me the house phone.

I called over to one of the more expensive hotels in the area whose advertised rate was over $220 per night, explaining my situation in the nicest way possible and asked if they could accommodate me.

So, what happened?

I ended up leaving my current hotel (free of any charges) and getting a better room for under $100 per night (less than 50% of their advertised rate) in the most expensive hotel in town. My new hotel sent their car service over to my current hotel to pick me up and upon check the clerk went into the back returning with 2 chilled bottles of water, apologizing to me for my inconvenience. To make my night even more scrumptious, he waived the internet fees and put me on the concierge level which had the bigger more posh rooms.

As I plopped myself on that luxurious bed, I smiled, understanding how yummy it is to manifest in the "Being Love" state. I now lecture about Manifestation and how you can get and stay in this state and create what you desire. 

I'm not sure if life is a test of how we react to situations to move forward, or just that sometimes things just happen. We manifest what we believe and when we truly know in our heart that every unpleasant occurrence has a great outcome, then the magic happens as we manifest better situations, more amazing then we can imagine. And in my experience, the more we believe it, the more instantaneous they appear.

Wishing you a delicious day,
LeeZa Donatella

To my European readers... come join me in Poland July 18/19 2015 where I will be facilitating a Manifestation Workshop (Life in Abundance) in Warsaw. Click on this facebook link to reach out to the organizers or contact info@leezadonatella.com for more information. The seminar is in English with a Polish interpreter.


Living in the Love Vibration can Cause Others to Become Unsettled

What you'll notice is that the more you vibrate that "Love" vibe, the more that the people you interact with that are not living in that vibration may find your energy so unsettling that it puts them on edge. 

In my experience, trying to sway them is usually a waste of your energy, so my advice to you is to pay them no mind, knowing that everything in life is impermanent.  Those people who are not vibrating love will soon be out of your space.  

Try and have compassion for them because they are just living in the perpetual misery that they cause in their own mind and your vibration is a continual reminder of what they are not.

The most important thing is not to succumb and react to their lower vibrational behavior. That just lowers your vibration which does not serve you. 

Remember that staying in the "Love" vibe offers you a life filled with joy and abundance. 

Keep up the great work,
LeeZa Donatella


Moving Away from Misery

I have learned to remain an upbeat person, regardless of my situation. I coach people who are ready to move forward and with just a little guidance, off they go making strides and moving mountains in no time.

It tugs at my heart when I encounter people, especially those I care about, who dwell in their own misery with no desire to move away from it.  They wear it like a comfortable old tattered blanket or use it like a shield forged in steal.

For those of you who are still clinging onto your misery, I hear you and know that it's scary moving into uncharted territory. I've been pushed outside my comfort zone many many times in my life and I can honestly say that I have been petrified more than once by the thought of it. But I do it, because the alternative of remaining stuck in the current place is no longer appealing. 

I remember when I packed up my stuff and set out for over a year on a spiritual journey. I started in Northern California so afraid that I could see my hands shaking as I drove into the inn where I would spend my first night. When I walked up to the office in the early morning light I saw this saying on the wall from Patrick Overton and it made all the difference to me:

"When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.” 

Each time I step out of my comfort zone today I'm reminded of that saying on the wall.

Just remember that everyday provides us a new opportunity to step out of our comfort zone toward a more enriched existence. Don't be afraid to take that first step. Take my hand and we'll do it together.

Wishing you a day filled with love,


Through the Looking Glass

When I took time to look back at the person I was from the time I started writing my blog back in 2012 to today it reminded me how much I've grown. 

When we dare to look in the mirror and see ourselves, we see things that we like, but mostly we see things that we can either continue to sweep under the carpet or face head on.  

In general, I think that most of us do not take the time to look within, but distract ourselves in everyday tasks or substances so we do not have to face them. If we try we discover that with that first step forward, a wonderful world emerges; one where we find our true selves as we change or discard the things that no longer resonate.

I am not saying that this is easy, because it takes moving into uncomfortable or unfamiliar territory. Many define themselves by what they do, what they drive, where they live and what they own. Today I define myself by who I help and "being love."

Take the time to explore yourself and work on finding more of the loving being that you are. You will be thrilled with the outcome as you finally rid yourself of what no longer serves you and can honestly say "I Love You" to you!

Wishing you a day filled with love,



Let's talk about love baby, let's talk about you and me.. no wait, let's just talk about you in today's article.  Sorry, if you thought that I'd be writing about sex today, I think you may need to read my novel The Awakening; that has plenty of steamy bits.   

Today I want to speak to you about how you're feeling and if you love yourself. In the words of "Joey Tribbiani" from Friends,  "How you doing?"

If you answered that without enthusiasm, then perhaps you're not doing as well as you can be and I am here to help you fix that. If you wake up in the morning and spring out of bed, jump up singing or saying I love you to yourself, then you're in a good spot.

For those you aren't there yet, it's time to turn that frown upside down and know that no matter what the situation, you can live a joyous life. It's all about saying "what the heck" and do what makes you happy regardless of what anyone else thinks. Now I'm not saying that you should lose your moral compass, but if you hate your current job, then find yourself another one that provides you with something to smile about. If you want to take a class, then take action and sign up for one. Go backpack through some foreign land without fear. Try something that has you stretch your boundaries;I'm sure you will think of something. Some of you are probably shaking your head, saying "but all job suck and that's why they pay you to do it," or  or "someday" or "I can't"

My answer to you is this: All jobs really don't suck, you just haven't found the right one that has touched your heart; so keep looking. 

I am here telling you that "YES YOU CAN" and buddy, don't wait to live your life any longer, because all we have is the present.  

Not only will you be happier, but life will become so delicious that it nourishes mind and body as well as your spirit for better overall health. 

Everyone you interact with will sense the positive change in you, effecting your relationships as well. 

As far as wealth, when you are happy you attract better situations.

Wishing you a day filled with love and happiness,

LeeZa Donatella
            Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania


The Power of the Universe from the Seasoned Traveler

Bohemian travel is not new to me as I immerse myself in the culture for the experience of it all. And I've trekked through lands and stayed in places with dirt floors and no windows where the only thing keeping me separated from the natural inhabitants of the insect variety was a thin layer of netting. These are the nights where my full head of curls are securely tucked into a large stocking cap. That's to be expected as I travel alone for months at a time in the middle of the Amazon jungle, in the Andes where the coca tea is abundant, or hanging with locals doing Ayahuasca in remote areas of Brazil. Okay so no one has ever accused me of being a girlie-girl all the time.

When booking through a travel site for a stay in a US based hotel, however, I do expect a somewhat comfortable bed with the amenities advertised in the posting, even in 3 star accommodations.  So what happens when you get to your hotel after midnight and realize that it was a huge mistake booking it?

My first clue was when I called the hotel from the airport to locate the shuttle and they informed me that they had suspended that service last week. I took it in stride as I jumped in a cab and made my way downtown. When I arrived to the Des Moines icon and realized that there was no air conditioning or internet service, I decided perhaps this was not where I was supposed to be.

At times like these instead of lowering my vibration by getting upset or angry, I didn't blame anyone, just smiled as I got on the phone, thinking, ‘Well, I'm sure there's something absolutely incredible waiting for me.” It came in the form of a late night concierge at an upscale downtown hotel, who, out of the goodness of his heart cut the hotel's advertised rate by over 50%, waived the internet fee, excused himself to give me a free bottle of chilled water and put me up on the concierge level. Now that's service. 

Navigating traveling sites for the best deal can be an art form even for the seasoned traveler.  It’s when you take every experience as the gift no matter what happens that's when true magic happens.

I so enjoy sharing these types of stories with all of you and teaching people about a life in abundance as I continue to live it.

Wishing you happy trails,

LeeZa Donatella
            Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania


Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

It's when we step out of our comfort zone, not purposely distracting ourselves but allowing the feelings to rise to the surface that great transformation occurs.

I decided to write a few words this morning about walking with courage as I was reminded about how fearless I have been over the years on my journey as I follow my purpose of helping others. I travel a lot, not having much more than the first few days planned and a return ticket. And I stay in places that most Americans shy away from. Don't get me wrong I am no opposed to staying at a 5 star hotel and have done so many times when traveling for business, but love traveling more bohemian style, immersing myself in the culture, the experiences uplifting and somehow making their way into something I am writing. 

Most people think I'm crazy taking the road less traveled, and alone to boot. I will admit at times when I am thrust into a country where I don't speak the language  allowing the universe to guide me,  or find myself at a crossroad,  that even I question what the heck I am doing.   I felt like this yesterday, so I decided that I would look up to the proverbial "them"  and ask for a little help.

Within minutes while searching for something else entirely I came across this interview with an actor that I remember from my youth. 

I’m still not sure how I came across this gem, but in listening, it was exactly what I needed to hear. 

If you find yourself outside your comfort zone, be confident that the universe knows when you are ready to move forward and provides you with guidance.  And be open to the form of the message, like my recent example, that came in a few words from an actor that my girlfriends and I all had a crush on way back when.  You just never know how the universe is going to try and get your attention.

Wishing you a day filled with love,

LeeZa Donatella
            Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania