Seeing Energy and the Aura

I often teach a full day class on energy, and in part of the class I help people see the bodies energy, generally called the aura.

It always tickles me when someone who at the beginning of the day has no idea what energy is by the end of the day understands it, feels it then sees the etheric body.  It's really not difficult with a little guidance and practice to see this first layer (etheric) since it is the closest energy body to the physical body. The etheric layer extends about two inches beyond the physical body and is my cue when I am looking at someone in a healing session for clues to where they're out of balance.   

For those of you who haven't yet seen what I am referring to, you'll find that after you get yourself into a meditative state and are in that peace if you relax your gaze, you may just see your energy and the energy of others around you.

Often when I teach this class I have at least 1 student who is frustrated because they want to see colors. "How do I see the aura?" they often ask.

Actually it is all the aura, but what these people are referring to is the second layer of the aura, the emotional body, which is associated with feelings. Unlike the etheric body this layer has as many colors as the rainbow. And the colors change depending on the emotional state of the person.  

For those of you who see energy, but do not yet see color other than the yellow/gray glow of the etheric layer, please don't fret. Be happy where you are right now. In time all becomes apparent as we grow and develop. 

Sending you blessings and love

LeeZa Donatella
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