I Just Want To Be Held - Am I Normal?

Sometimes I just want to be held. I miss being held. Is something wrong with me because I crave being held? I need to be held, wanting to be held and touched, why do I want to be held 
In my work I often am approached by single people with statements like, "I'm having so much agony with one thing about being alone... I just want to be held. Why do I crave being held so much?  Does anyone feel this as strongly as I do?"

These people preface this statement with the fact that they're not looking for a relationship, but miss that simple human contact of being held for an extended period of time and nothing more. Over the years in my interactions with other masters, I have heard different theories about this like: 

  • You don't need anyone else and that you are already whole, so accept it move on. 
  • You must find peace within yourself
  • Wanting to be held is some problem and you should seek professional help.
I do not necessarily agree. Although it's true that people seek out comfort in others when they are down, others who are not down, depressed, but mentally healthy and whole just miss human contact when they are not in a relationship or have children at home. I believe the wanting of human touch is perfectly normal and one of the incredible parts of our human experience. Touch and intimacy are absolutely necessary for survival. We all deserve to have these needs met by others and trying to convince ourselves that this need is not necessary by labeling the lack of it as being independent is ridiculous. 

So if you're experiencing this feeling, then I am glad you found this article today. You are normal and deserve that touch you miss. I think it's sad that we're living in such a technical society where our interactions, including the way we date today are mostly limited to electronic means. With so little actual human interaction, no wonder why more people crave more touch.  

The good thing about my time in Sedona is that I learned how to provide those long heart hugs, the ones that last over a minute without any feelings of awkwardness.  And they are freely provided to all. I start out my sessions with these long heart hugs and ensure that all feel that love, touch and connection that they may be lacking.   

By the way,The Awakening  has several references about the need to being held throughout this delicious steamy novel that fans of 50 Shades of Grey will enjoy reading. (It's about Mia, a young woman who moved to Sedona after the end of a relationship to reconnect to her spiritual roots. What she found was her strength, supernatural occurrences and a man who would change her world, forever.)  

Wishing you a delicious love of self,
LeeZa Donatella

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