Smudging for Health and Happiness

At this point I think most if not all of us have heard about smudging. When I speak to folks, if they have never heard the term smudging, they have heard of people burning sage. Well, this is smudging, and it's a way to purify a location, an object or a person by burning sacred plants.

We get the term smudging from the Native American culture who traditionally smudged as the initialization of many of their ceremonies, but almost every culture and religion has used their own form of cleansing for centuries.

Smudging Materials
When people today think about smudging, they typically envision white sage leaves bound with string into a small bundle, called a smudge stick. Depending on your intentions and culture, there are also many other plants, herbs, resins and oils used to clear and cleanse in addition to White Sage, like  Cedar, Frankincense, Juniper, Mugwort, Myrrh, Palo Santo, and Sweetgrass, each having their own specific significance

When to Smudge
As an inspirational speaker and author of several books, specifically, The State of Being Love, I explain the benefits of smudging as a way to raise one's vibration.The rule of thumb is to smudge if you're feeling uneasy in your space, down or just off. Smudge will help you feel lighter as it assists in  
  • Lifting your mood
  • Assisting with healing (smudging has been proven to kill airborne bacteria)
There are many other reasons to smudge which include:
  • Full Moon for letting go and New Moon for new beginnings
  • When you first move into a home or apartment
  • With the change of seasons (Smudge as part of spring cleaning)
  • When you begin a new job or business
  • Before and after a healing session
  • Before you meditate
  • After a breakup
  • After negative guests enter leave your home.
  • After an argument with your loved ones or work associates

Smudging Supplies: 
The below is what I have handy in my smudging tool kit, each with specific spiritual significance.
  • A smudge stick 
  • A lighter or candle
  • A shell or dish 
  • Salt (I prefer pure Himalayan salt)
  • Anointing Oil (I use a mix with Rose oil, since Rose has a very high vibration.)

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Meeting the Texas Tenors

I'm a big lover of music, one of the very fabrics of vibration and frequency that touches our hearts and souls in so many ways. As most of you who follow me know, I speak about being happy and the correlation of one’s emotional state of being and what they attract into their lives.

I share with you my experience with the 3 talented men with the most delicious voices, known are the Texas Tenors. 

It was just before 8 pm when I walked up to a filled venue, tickled to be able to obtain the last single VIP seat in the house, a center front row view for the evening performance.  

Their voices resonated through the crowd as they sang their first selection, my heart filled with the notion that I was certainly in for a wonderful evening. Their range was excellent and well, they can sing pretty much any musical genre.  It had me thinking that their must be something in Texas water to produce such fine voices. 

As I mention so often, you attract your emotional equivalent and I was elated as they gifted me a CD, then blown away when Marcus came off the stage to hold my hand during one of their songs.

I believe that we all have a purpose in life and whatever reason that brought these fine musicians together, each distinctly has a voice that resonates within us as a different harmonization for awakenings. 

They all touched different awakening centers in the body. It was through their voices that John helped me connect with my inner strength, Marcus helped me once again find my voice and JC opened my heart.

Sending the Texas Tenors blessings and best wishes for a continued bright future. 

LeeZa Donatella


Focus on the Present

Living in a society with early wake-ups, work and family, rarely do we get the opportunity to sleep in and have the feeling of no cares in the world. Or do we?

Ah, I used to relish Saturday mornings when I was young, sighing into those early morning moments, with not a care nor or chore, just being still and staring at the ceiling completely in the moment.
Have you ever woken up with such a scrumptious feeling that you did not want to get out of bed? 
These days, I awake almost everyday with that same lusciousness that seems to carry me most moments through nightfall. I find this a great change in my life regardless of the time I awaken, the work I perform or the interactions I have.  As I look back on similar thoughts that I have written just a few short years ago, I see how far I have come. 

I am at peace as I focus on the present, no agenda, no worries, just the sweetness of life. The sun rises and peeks into my windows in the morning and I roll over inhaling the new day's beauty, smiling with the notion that I can hug the pillow and sigh with delight as I gently closed my eyes for a few more moments and take in that deliciousness for my day begins. 

These kinds of mornings inspire me to write, to smile and feel.  When I venture outside I am so filled with Love that I share it with all I meet. 

The nights are just as magical as I find the wonder in the darkness. 
It's a new day, a new beginning, a blessing when we focus on the present and live in that moment. 

Let it be a day filled with love that fills your heart with every breath you take!

Sending you love,

LeeZa Donatella


Rise About Guilt

I have a lot of people who reach out, overwhelmed with feelings of guilt. Today’s article is specifically about the guilt trips that others try and push on us.

Below is an excerpt from my recent book, The State of Being Love

What is a Guilt Trip?
If you’ve ever been made to feel bad if you did not do something that you otherwise would not do, then you have experienced the dreaded guilt trip. This includes doing something when.we are not feeling our best, going to places or events that you know you won’t enjoy as well as associating with people that you may not want to interact with. And because of the guilt trip we end up caving out of a feeling of obligation.

Over the years, I've heard some extreme cases counseling people, like Susan whose incident struck a chord. Although this happened over 40 years ago when she was no more than 5, it still stands out in her mind. It was early one Sunday morning and Susan wasn't feeling well. She had no temperature, but her head was aching and she told her mother that she didn’t want to go to services that morning. Her mother swiftly turned and told this young girl that if she didn't get herself out of bed and go to services, that she was going to hell.

Speaking to so many adults with similar stories made me realize that what is learned as young children becomes part of our overall belief system that we carry like a tattered handbag throughout our lives. 

I can relate to the art of the perfectly placed guilt trip, growing up in an Italian household. I loved my mother, but the guilt trips, oh my goodness, they were dished out as frequently as the homemade pasta and sauce that Italian moms are famous for. For this sensitive kid, it was at times more than I could handle. 

And it effected most of my young adult life as I continued to do things I didn’t enjoy because I was felt obligated to do so because of this guilt trip conditioning that I experienced in early youth.  

Doing something that you don’t want to do, well that’s ridiculous. Why should we as adults do things that we know that we won’t enjoy?  Yet we're conditioned to impose guilt on ourselves as if the people in our lives, like momma are still standing over us, even when they’re not.  Another big factor is that the emotion guilt vibrates much lower than other more pleasant emotions and is far down the list from Love, the emotion with the highest vibration of all

What Can You Do?.
Having had plenty of practice with this type of guilt, I decided back about 10 or 15 years ago that I no longer needed this experience. I think I’m old enough and wise enough to know when I won’t enjoy doing something. And if I am not going to enjoy something, I just don’t do it, period. And I don't feel one ounce of guilt based on my decision to only do what makes me happy.

If someone attempts to make me feel guilty, I just tell them, sorry, I don’t do guilt anymore. This may not make me miss popular, but I am definitely miss happier, vibrating higher as a result.  

So the next time someone attempts to guilt trip you, just smile, say no thank you and walk in the other direction, holding your head high and vibrating only love.

I hope this article serves you well as you rise above the guilt trip.

LeeZa Donatella