Today I reach out to you with a story of hope and prayer. 

Named after archangel Michael, my long time friend of over 30 years is strong, a fighter, with a heart full of love, an offbeat sense of humor and an amazing outlook on life.

Michaele’s life has not been easy. When we were teens, she was hit by a car and battled to regain the ability to walk.  

She was first diagnosed with cancer (melanoma) a little over 5 years ago, within months of the passing of the father of her 3 children.

Unfortunately, we found out a couple of weeks ago that the cancer has returned, metastasizing as tumors in her brain and lungs. 

You know they say that life can change in an instant. Imagine for a moment what it feels like to go to the doctor looking for some antibiotics to deal with a nagging cough to find out that the reason you are having trouble breathing is because there are tumors restricting your airflow.  That is what happened to my good friend a few short weeks ago. 

This is a life changer for my friend Michaele, a server at a local Florida restaurant, who does not have benefits like most other workers; no paid days off, company paid insurance or disability.

What amazes me when I look at Michaele's Facebook page is her upbeat attitude as she shows the world the true definition of a fighter!  It's nothing less than miraculous how she's able to laugh in the face of her current situation as she shares her experience with her friends and family. She has taken the camera into her treatments, sporting the thumbs-up in her hospital gown and poking fun at accessorizing the mess mask that they made her wear as part of her radiation treatments in order to dispel the fear and stigma that a Cancer diagnosis brings as she inspires others with her courage. 

Even with insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses for this current round of radiation and chemotherapy type treatment are astronomical. Add that to outstanding medical expenses that she is still paying down from her last round of cancer treatments and her inability to work full time, and you can understand that all these expenses have taken their toll on her financial health as well.  

To add even further to the mental anguish of this grave illness, she is now faced with the ongoing battle with the bank, who wants to foreclose on her home.

If this sounds like your worst nightmare, then just imagine how Michaele feels, actually having to live through this. Exhausted and drained from the cancer treatments, she drags herself into work a shift or two a week, just to have cash for food and to pay her Blue Cross premium. 

I understand with all the unscrupulous characters out there today that it’s hard to distinguish what's real from a scam. For those who follow me, you know that I’ve been writing this blog, Spiritual Spew for a few years now. I do it as my way to give back to humanity and with over 300 articles, I've never asked you all for anything, until today.

Please visit the fund that Michaele’s family has set up for her on GoFundMe, and look into your heart this holiday season. I believe in you and your sense of humanity. No amount is too small, so sacrifice your morning caramel macchiato, holiday-inspired mocha or latte and please give what you can to help Michaele with her medical expenses so she can stay focused on the greatest battle of her life. 

UPDATE: Dec 23. 2016 It was with Great sadness that Michaele lost her battle with Cancer yesterday.  She is now dancing with the Angels, our hearts broken, our lives no longer filled with the joy of her being in them.


Thank you,
LeeZa Donatella

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