Integrity is not...

Integrity is defined as having good honor, being honest and having a strong sense of what is right and wrong. today's article goes a little deeper into describing what integrity is not.  

Integrity is not....
  • Lying about your past experiences and expertise to make yourself look better in their eyes.
  • Manipulating people by telling them what you think that they want to hear or feeding their egos to get something you want.
  • Praying on people's weaknesses to meet your own need of superiority
  • Creating drama by pitting people against each other as your smoke screen.
  • Withholding key information until you've won someone over by fueling their desires.
  • Making promises you have no intention of keeping and waiting until they've signed on the bottom line before revealing the fine print.
  • Deflecting and discrediting others by shouting from the highest mountain that the offenses that you are guilty of are the offenses of those innocent parties caught in your crossfire.

Above is the classic definition of a gaslighter. 

Being honest is a direct line to being love. 

LeeZa Donatella
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