Living in the Love Vibration can Cause Others to Become Unsettled

What you'll notice is that the more you vibrate that "Love" vibe, the more that the people you interact with that are not living in that vibration may find your energy so unsettling that it puts them on edge. 

In my experience, trying to sway them is usually a waste of your energy, so my advice to you is to pay them no mind, knowing that everything in life is impermanent.  Those people who are not vibrating love will soon be out of your space.  

Try and have compassion for them because they are just living in the perpetual misery that they cause in their own mind and your vibration is a continual reminder of what they are not.

The most important thing is not to succumb and react to their lower vibrational behavior. That just lowers your vibration which does not serve you. 

Remember that staying in the "Love" vibe offers you a life filled with joy and abundance. 

Keep up the great work,
LeeZa Donatella


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