How to Vibrate Love

I'm always blessed when I can stay in the higher vibrations, frequencies that are so delicious that they tickle the hearts of everyone I meet. When we stay in that higher vibration something inside us changes as we begin to feel and look younger.

Love is a state of being, or what I call the State of Being Love. It is a choice that becomes a lifestyle as we realize that each emotion has a corresponding vibration, with unconditional love having the highest vibration of all. Let me take a step back and tell you a little bit about the frequency of emotions so you understand how we vibrate who we are each moment.

Depending on who you read, like Hawkins, who believed that there is a corresponding numeric value associated with each emotion. I like his theory, but I simplify things for people, dividing the emotions into just 2 categories: high vibrational and lower vibrational emotions.

High Vibrations

Unconditional Love
Low Vibrations


The simple rule of thumb related to vibrations is this:
When you're in that Love vibration you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 
When you are in a Fear vibration, you don’t feel very good, do you? 

I know that it sounds simple, but it really is that simple and staying there is where practice makes perfect. Many a scholar has said that when we stay in the highest vibration, love, we're headed toward enlightenment, like Buddha and Jesus. Pretty good company to be in, don't you think? 

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We're all works in progress, so don't beat yourself up for a momentarily slide into a lower vibration. That's part of self love. You have to love the person you are right now as you gain more insight and move forward. And if you want to hope of ever achieving unconditional love you first need to learn how to love yourself. When you do, then you can transmute everything into love and you're no longer living in the misery of the mind, that place where all the lower vibrations dwell.

Think about this: If you could stay more in that love vibration, that State of Being Love, what a delicious world indeed, heaven on earth, nirvana; what a pleasure it would be waking each morning, singing as you greet each person on the street, smiling and touching their hearts, offering your assistance from a place of true compassion and unconditional love.  

So, take notice of your state of emotion and try to turn that frown upside down, that tight lip into a smile and share your love with your fellow man.

Wishing you a day filled with the Love vibration,

Leeza Donatella
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