Noticing Your Reaction Time

If I had a nickel for every time I reacted, or let's be honest "over-reacted" to a situation or what someone said or did, I would be able to retire comfortably in an estate on the beach.

As I get a little older and a little bit wiser, I'm reminded over and over again that the only thing that we have control over is our reaction to the people and situations that we encounter. And when we can identify the situation before reacting is when we can transmute it to a vibration that more closely aligns to our true loving nature.

I have said this before and will say this one more time for you newbies; each experience is a gift, and each person that we encounter helps us in the areas where we need to work. And no matter how evolved you think you are, while here on Earth, you are continuing to learn and grow, regardless of how many years that you've been meditating, or working on yourself.  Lessons are continually put in our path for a reason. 

A perfect example was an encounter I had the other day when someone who is working with fear based emotions and combating them by attempting to control others, tried one of these techniques on me. It was interesting as I  remained calm and smiled, realizing what was going on but not reacting. Actually all I had was compassion for this other beautiful being as they played out their role in the predestined dance that we played that day.

It's when we can accept and love all those we meet that we know we're continuing to evolve. Remember that people are put in our path for various reasons, but it all comes down to helping each other learn and grow.

Although I aced this recent test,  I'm sure there will be others as I continue moving forward, sharing my experiences to help all of you.

Sending you blessings and love,
LeeZa Donatella

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