Kundalini Awakening

I get asked a lot of questions by wonderful people who are going through different stages of awakening. First know that you are not alone And no, you are not going crazy. You are just waking up from a slumber and there are people like myself that are here to help you move forward. I smile as I recall some of my own awakening experiences, although when I was going through them I was concerned about what I was experiencing. When I first heard the term Kundalini, I giggled. 'What kind of term is this?'

As I began to explore more about what this all meant, I understood it to be a portion of my life force energy that lay sleeping at the base of my spine. As I became more spiritually awake, so it too woke up, moving up my spine, assisting me in higher connections. Strange things started to happen to me; I would get periods where I would feel wave-like tingles that overtook my body every 20 seconds that lasted sometimes for many hours; my legs and arms would jerk as I tried to sleep, I could feel a humming in my body, a lost my taste for certain foods, and so many more strange things. 

Folks, when you Kundalini opens it's your spirit telling you that it's time to wake up!

Wishing you an exciting awakening,

LeeZa Donatella
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