Calling in your Soulmate

I received an interesting question a few days ago from a woman who wanted information on a way to smudge to get a husband. It made me think long and hard before answering about how you find that one true; the one with whom you spend hours in long passionate embraces where the kisses are as sweet as the ripest peach. Ah, how delicious!

I think the question says a lot about how we define ourselves. Personally, I’m enjoying being single right now. I get the entire bed, no one is snoring, I don’t have to worry about morning breath and I have the freedom to go where I please when I please.  

Since, not everyone is in that same place, I’m sharing all the steps right here; one of my little secrets:

Know You are Worthy of It All
First I wrote the article Feelings of Worthiness(Video) because if a woman is seeking a man she has to know in her heart that she is the most beautiful creature on the planet and should not settle for someone who doesn’t realize this.  I even put myself in front of a camera, no makeup just to prove that point.  We don’t need accoutrements, we are already stunning right out of the package.

Smudge Your Space for Release
Smudging is used as a way to purify your space and yourself. I think that if you are seeking your soulmate or want to attract a husband, it’s certainly a great place to start by becoming clear.
First, use sage to smudge your space.

Read my article called Moving Forward after a breakup  that explains about attachments from past relationships. It will help you clear the energy of your past relationships out of your personal space and self.

I am going to assume that you are open to a universal pray and I am going to assume that there is still some stuck energy from a past relationship in there. If it were me, I would say the following when smudging your space:

“I ask God, and all the heavenly spirits to work with me today to clear this house. Let it free from _Your Ex-s Name’s___ energy as I release him with love and become a place where my new beloved, my soulmate feels comfortable spending time.” 

As you go through the space, following the instructions I provide in my article, you can say the following:

“This is a space of love and light where I free _ Your Ex-s Name’s___ energy and my new beloved feels welcome and comfortable.”

Smudge Yourself for Release
Then smudge yourself, I would first use Sage and say the following.

“I am a being of love and light, free from _ Your Ex-s Name’s___ energy, clear and strong and am worthy of finding true love with my soulmate.  

Smudge Yourself to Call In Your Soulmate
I would buy a small amount of Palo Santo and smudge yourself again. It doesn’t have to be in the same day.  You can use this phrase.

"I am a being of love and because I love myself unconditionally, I am clear to attract my true love, a soulmate who wants a committed relationship."

Actually it was brought to my attention that it would benefit so many people if I shared my full knowledge and experiences about smudging with the world. so my book released on October 10, 2015, SMUDGING FOR BEGINNERS: Secrets from a Professional is now available on Amazon. 


The List (one of the most important steps)
After you do all the above, then please do take a look at one more thing; my article called, How to Attract a Soulmate. It has the last 3 steps and are well worth the comic read.

I send to you love and encouragement in finding him, the man who will jump over tables in the waiting lounge at the airport just to get a glimpse of you; the one who sees you from the other side of the subway platform and races up and down the stairs to get to the other side to ask you out before your train arrives. Attract your Soulmate. You are the one. How to get a husband

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