Looking Younger with Awareness

I am fortunate to be able to easily channel information and have been guided in the past couple of years to devote more time to increasing my awareness and consciousness. I live more in the present and meditate as often as I can throughout the day as I practice a healthier lifestyle and share my love while helping others.

I‘m not sure why, but since that time I feel younger and am more agile than I have been in years. When I look at myself in photos I take a second look, thinking that somehow I look younger too. I’m not sure if it’s the extra spring in my step these days that has me doing double-takes at myself,  but even friends have commented on the difference as well, telling me that I look better than they’ve ever seen me. 

If the age of the men approaching me is any indication of my perceived age, then I must be have regained more than a decade. 

It’s when we look at life with amazement and wonder like we did when we were younger and take in more of the universal love all around us that we re-experience our youth, in all forms. It’s our energy that becomes young once again and I believe that it somehow sends signals to all our cells.  With increased awareness comes rebirth and regeneration.

If you're interested in reading a delicious story about becoming more aware and shedding the years that you have been chained to old beleifs, finding amazement again, then you may enjoy a series I am writing called Beyond the Veil of Illusion. The first book, The Awakening, is now available in all book formats. find

Wake up and live!

Have a fully aware day filled with  love,
LeeZa Donatella

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