Sedona: A Guide to Spotting a Fake

Sedona is a beautiful place full of red rocks and crimson sunsets. You're never at a loss for something to do, the hiking is spectacular and you can find great places to meditate and food that will please every palette. It's chuck full of the most talented artists and musicians I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and is also a great place to regain your spiritual roots and increase your consciousness. I guess that's why my series, Beyond the Veil of Illusion uses Sedona as a main backdrop, because it's a place where strange and amazing events and transformations occur. 
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As far as the practitioners, I get asked a lot about the validity of some of the practitioners in Sedona. These questions apply to all forms of spiritual modalities in a town where you can toss a stone and hit more people trying to sell you some spiritual this or that, from a reading, healing, channel, crystal or amulet.

I've tried many places and practitioners and have spoken to other spiritual minded people in the couple of years that I've lived in Sedona.  Now 
I don't begrudge anyone from making a living, but from my experience, I can tell you that, like anything else in life, there are more talented people than others and that all people have good and bad days.
Find Sedona Psychic. Best Sedona Psychics
Good Sedona Psychics
Although I've met many talented Sedona psychics, channels, readers and teachers, unfortunately because Sedona is a place where people of love and light gather, it also attracts darkness in the form of unsavory characters. For every great practitioner there is a charlatan (male and female) in the shadows waiting to scam as many of the tens of thousands visitors each year that are searching for answers and healing that grace this town with their presence. 

I've have also read the reviews on the boards, just like you, and some of them I agree with while others leave me scratching my head as I peruse incredible reviews for talentless scammers who seem to be permanent fixtures and are, in my opinion, the worst of the worst. I guess that's why they're still around, because they're great at what they do. No one said that scammers were lazy.

I was concerned for about a second that this article might anger some Sedona folk, but if they live in Love and Light and work for the highest good of their clients, then they know that I'm not talking about them.

Below is food for thought and tips on how to determine a fake as well as how to find a good Sedona spiritualist.

Determining if someone is a Fake in Sedona
Number 1 - Shamans
I've spent a lot of time in Central and South America with actual Shamans of several tribes.

Update (June 2014) I'm in the middle of Brazil.The experiences have thus far been amazing as I increase my awareness and vibration as I explain some of my supernatural experiences in the last 50 pages of my travel guide called Eat Pray Stay Abadiania about visiting John of God. While there I visited many different towns, once again participating in Ayahuasca and healing ceremonies with native spiritualists, elders (Shamans) and great people who practice natural medicine.  

But back to the point. I am a 5 time Reiki Master, work with energy, lecture and council people to help them awaken and move forward using all the tools at my disposal.  I have participated in Ayahuasca ceremonies with South American tribes and worked with Shamans while I was in the Peruvian Amazon jungle for 3 months in the 1990's, and while in Brazil for months at a time between 2003 and 2014. But just because I've spent a collective amount of years in my lifetime working with Shamans, learning from them directly and have a great deal of knowledge and training in Shamanic practices and uses these in the services I offer my clients, I do not profess to be a Shaman.  Every Shaman I've met over the past 20+ years has been very humble as they follow their heart with their energy off the charts. 
It's a life-long calling and something that is not taken lightly as they work with “dense, heavy and very strong energy.”  It's a talent that's not obtained from a series of homogenized classes in a schoolroom, you either come to this world with it or you don’t.  I've never met an actual Shaman in the US, so be wary of self-professed shamans in Sedona.  Just because someone takes a few classes from an actual Shaman and has a great tan and wears native garb, it does not make them a Shaman.   

Number 2 – Spend your Money Wisely
As you tour the plethora of places and types of services, if the price seems ridiculously high for the service compared to what you would pay in your corner of the world, then you should question the ethics of the person providing that service. Shop around before you get to Sedona. A true spiritual practitioner who follows their heart and lives in love will not gouge their clients. They also don't scream at their clients to put them off-guard by intimidation, wear black capes, have fake tans making themselves look more native or charge thousands for a few hours of work, even the ones of national fame (famous author, lecturer, actor, etc.). Even my multi-day classes as I expand with invites for lectures and workshops in Europe are reasonable. Why? Because it is more about sharing the knowledge and planting the seed versus the money for a spiritualist.

Use your head, be cautious and aware. Your first gut instinct is usually correct. If they promise you the world or TELL you that you NEED to pay extra for this or that or something terrible will happen to you, then they aren't interested in your highest good, just filling their pockets with your dough so walk away.  

If you're in town and some self-proclaimed guru says he can take you on a 2 hour spiritual tour for $300, but for an extra $200 he'll rid you of all your evil spirits, do some shamanistic ritual, etc., then run, don't walk the other way before emptying your wallet or handing over your credit card. The only thing he wants is to rid you of your CASH and you can certainly find someone else in town who will provide you with better service for a lot less.  Listen boys and girls its all about intention. I facilitate lectures and workshops, having a great deal of success in helping people understand the law of attraction and actually using it. And I can tell you that what you believe is what you create, so give those curses and "evil" spirits no power. 

Here's another rule. If after the first 10 minutes of a service something doesn't feel right. GET UP and walk out! Yes you heard me WALK OUT! It takes guts to do so since we are brought up to be polite, but trust me, if you aren't feeling it, you're better off getting up. A good practitioner will want you to leave if you feel uncomfortable in any way and will show you the exit with love and perhaps even a hug and good wishes.  A charlatan on the other hand, doesn't want your wallet moving one little bit and will balk and complain. 

Never pay for a service in advance, but if you do and don't think that you got your money's worth, then speak up. Most likely the business will reduce the cost or refund the money. If they don't, then complain loudly in the middle of the store. That usually works wonders.

w can you determine who is a good psychic?
Number 3 – Free Videos
I was tired of witnessing the scam portrayed on tourists, so I recorded and posted over 35 videos about Sedona on my YouTube channel that show how to enjoy this spiritual mecca. I gathered so much material that I'm putting it into an upcoming Travel Guide on how to travel to this spiritual land and not break your pocket book while you see things only a handful of locals are aware of. And no, it won't break your piggy bank to purchase it either.  

Number 4 - Guide to Good Sedona Psychics and Readers and Channels  
As I said, there are some talented people, like me, living in Sedona,  people who have certification in counseling or Reiki Masters, like myself, who also happen to channel. If you are looking for a reading, do your homework and follow some simple rules:
  • Know what you wish to gain from the experience. This will assist in managing your expectations.
  • Get a personal recommendation. Speak to a friend or someone who knows someone who has used this practitioner.
  • Do complete research on the person. Reading online reviews is okay, but they are not always a good judge. If you do, then look the closest at the negative ones and see if you can reach out to that negative reviewer. Look closely at where the review comes from. If a positive review about the practitioner comes from within or near Sedona and immediately follows a negative review from outside the area, this could be just smoke and mirrors to fool the boards and trip advisor and make you think that the practitioner is better than they really are. I know of someone in particular who has been a “psychic” in this one establishment for almost 20 years and she was the worst reader I have ever seen. When II looked her up on the boards I would see these horrific reviews followed immediately by fantastic ones. I looked closer to discover that the fantastic review was always from a local.
  • Make an appointment ahead of time to ensure that you get to visit with the person you want and are not pushed to someone else whom you have not researched.
  • Find out exactly what you are getting for your money
  • Trust your gut and ask your heart when deciding on who to use.
  • Shop around and compare prices before you get to town. Just because the building is large and located on a busy road lit does not mean that there are great practitioners there.
  • If the person you want charges more, get an explanation from them about what is different about their service that warrants the increased price.
I hope this helps as you discern the services that are best for you.  

Personal Recommendation:
I get asked alot about recommendations and there is one that I'll share with you. I was ultimately guided to this person through syncronnicity and have been very pleased with the outcome. I was in Glastonbury, England where it was recommended that I speak to a very talented intuitive in town named Greg. Scheduling was not ideal and I never was able to see him. When I returned to the US a month later, I was online and stumbled on
 YouTube videos by Gregory Scott. As I went to Greg's home site, I discovered that this was the SAME Greg I was told to visit in Glastonbury England a month before. I scheduled a Skype reading with Greg, and now do it religiously 2 or 3 times per year. For people who ask who I would recommend, the answer in my experience is Gregory Scott. And you don't have to travel outside your home office to speak to him.  

I hope this helps with your search for answers as I send you wishes of a day filled with love.

LeeZa Donatella
Published March 2014

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  1. Great article!

    1. Thanks for the comment. When you live in Sedona, boy do you see your share of incredible people as well as shady ones as well. After I heard about someone being charged $500 to see three sacred items that are behind the local store, I could not keep my mouth shut and had to write this as well as.. Drum Roll Please. POST 40 VIDEOS on what to do and see in Sedona for FREE .. Here is the playlist in question... ENJOY...

    2. I watched all your videos, waiting for a new one. They are great, I enjoy watching parts of Sedona that I would not otherwise see over the internet. You are a beautiful soul, just keep going. Much love and light :*.

    3. Thank you. I hope my videos made you laugh, since I am a big ham with this new venue.
      You do not have to be rich to be spiritual and it is a shame that there are so many unethical people out there. That's why I created them so everyone can find these great spots FOR FREE.

      I am in SOuth America filming more videos about other spiritual towns and should have the next set up in the near future in my travel series. YOu can sign up for information on my website and will get an email when they are posted or subscribe to my YouTube channel. Blessings and Love.. LeeZa

  2. I had a horrible experience with a Scottie Littlestar ....


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