Can You Go Back Again?

As I stepped foot back in Sedona, it seemed that although the buildings and roads were the same, something was different. I entered my staple’s Nick’s for the eggs-childa; took the road up to the stupa and prayed as I circled and brought myself back to union with this magical city. I smiled as I breathed in the mountain air in my secret spot that connects me to three vortices.

Everything seemed the same as I had left it four months ago, yet there was definitely something different. Then finally it dawned on me. It was me who was different. I am stronger, more liberated, more conscious and definitely more tanned since I last stepped foot into the charming establishments that make this place so special. And with that maturity, like a student moving grades after the summer breaks, our levels increase and our needs change. 

I stride with a new found strength and confidence that's noticeable to all I meet and my smile is wider than ever. I cherish the time as I ready for the next adventure.

Usually there's a message to each of my posting for my readers. Today, perhaps the message was just for me to take notice of my growth spurt. Okay, so maybe it is a message for you as well. Smile and notice how you'e grown.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

PS - I LOVE questions, so please keep them coming! I answer every one and depending on the topic, add them to a question and answer section at the bottom of each article. There are no stupid questions, just unasked ones. We are all here to help each other.  Open your heart and share your question. You just may be helping another by asking it. To shy to post a comment. That's okay, email me.


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