Meditation, the Art of Being Present

If I had a nickel for every type of meditation technique out there then I could be rich. So, who’s technique is better that another?

Answer: They all have their merits, so if you have found one that resonates with you, then I am truly pleased for you/ Keep it up! It's when we quiet the mind that we hear the guidance. Where the guidance comes from, well I think I’ll leave that for another posting. Now back to meditation……..

Having spent time in the technology arena balancing high dollar projects, I can tell you that this 'Type A' desperately needed an outlet, a way to be calm. When I found meditation, I also found sleep, patience, peace and more creativity then I knew what to do with. It actually made my then corporate job easier to manage.

I believe that meditation takes many forms. Yes, it’s sitting still in a lotus position as we quiet the mind, but it’s also sitting in the park appreciating the ambrosiac sound of the songbird; it’s the long sigh as you stand there watching the sun fade from view; it’s losing yourself in a moment so delicious words do not do it justice, for they are all opportunities to become quiet and focusing on the present.

Find time, even if it's 5 minutes a day to lose yourself, be still, appreciate and be present.
Your mind, body and everyone around you will thank you for it!

Wishing you Love this day and always,
LeeZa Donatella

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