Women's Strength

I want to speak today about sisterhood. It came in the package of 5 girlfriends from Texas that I spent time with yesterday visiting Mexico for a winter getaway.  I was blessed to spend time with such wonderful sisters. As I walk my path of discovery working on the second book in the Beyond the Veil of Illusion series, I am continually reminded of the strength of women. I am often caught saying, “We are women, strong and mighty.” As women we have this inner strength and energy (Shakti) and are capable to move forward with fortitude in the face of any obstacle. Sharing with these fine ladies yesterday I was once again reminded of just that.

We live, we love, we share, we nurture, we console and we heal; we are the epitome of perfection rolled up in a complete package. We are like a flower and when we are nurtured, we blossom, displaying beauty along with an intoxicating fragrance that infiltrates every being that we encounter with a deliciousness that surpasses any flower.

Blessings and a wonderful day filled with love,
LeeZa Donatella
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