Please Give of Yourself

As I embrace this holiday season, I am reminded of the many ways to give.

Providing Funds to Charities
Let’s start with what I think of as the most common form of giving, providing funds to charitable organizations. Many people give money to charities and in the US having these donations be tax deductible is a main reason why many not-for-profit organizations are still in existence.  There is even an organization call the charity navigator that assists in the identification and rating of different charities.

( You can scan their site to learn about the different categories and ratings of these charities. It’ a source if you are looking for a charity. And there are so many types: charities that perform health disease research, food programs, fallen veteran’s families programs, animal programs and so much more. I commend all that donate funds to charities in this economic climate. 

Providing Items to Charities
Many charities will take your used items and provide them at a reduced costs to other families. Good Will, St. Vincent, Habitat Restore and the Red Cross come quickly to mind. There are even organizations that will take your old vehicle and real estate.

Giving Your Time
Think you have nothing to give? Well, even if you have the financial means to support a charity, there is nothing better than rolling up your sleeves and donating you time. Not only does it provide a service to the community, your valuable time is so appreciated and your love infused in your work, whether it be packages from home as you support our troops, working in an organizations kitchen or food distribution center once a week.  

Do charities not resonate with you? A little too "organizational" for you?
No problem help an elder or a single parent on your block.

Starting your Own Charity
Julian Lennon found his passion by creating the White Feather Foundation that supports clean water.

Friend and personal physician Dr. Deborah Wilson follows her passion for giving by founding the Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. The Circle L Ranch is a 40-acre rescue ranch in Prescott Valley, Arizona. The Circle L Ranch houses over 50 sanctuary horses, 100 goats, and various chickens, sheep, geese, cows, a rabbit and a mule. The ranch also offers old, unwanted dogs a place to live out the remainder of their lives after being discarded by their owners.  

Find your passion for giving and use that passion to help.

Have a day filled with love and giving of your heart.
LeeZa Donatella

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