The Best Way to Deal with Negative People

Protection from Negative People

I don't know about you, but I've certainly had my share over the years dealing with negative people, some I was related to, some I worked with, some I was in a relationship with and some, well I just don't know why I still associated with them, but who knows, perhaps it was because at one time I may have been a glutton for punishment.

A large percent of the population stay in a negative vibratory state, filled with negative beliefs and emotions, curling up in them like a comfortable worn-in blanket. This negativity makes the atoms of their cells vibrate lower. You see every atom in every cell in our body vibrates at a certain frequency, and ike a tuning fork or a key on the piano each emotion we experience has a different associate note effecting our body's overall pitch.

I get a lot of comments from readers stating that negativity feels like a plague, a virus that attacks one person and quickly spreads, like road rage on the highway. There is some truth to that statement. Negativity can wear on you personally if you allow it to invade your vibration,making you ill.  And negative people's main purpose, whether realized or not is to grab energy to make themselves feel better. They just don't know they're doing it at other's expense through lower vibrational means.

Now, you can certainly try and keep your associations with negative people to a minimum, but we all have times when we just can't avoid them at events and many everyday locations, so I don't think it's very practical.

Why not try this instead:
When I'm around negative vibrations, I do my best to stay in what I call "Being Love," a state filled with unconditional love and compassion which is a very high vibrational frequency. Here's an example that I share with my audiences to help put things into perspective: 

When you are around negative people, pretend that you are a graduate student studying higher mathematics and you're speaking with your niece who is in 1st grade. Would you get upset with her because she does not understand Differential Equations, or have compassion for her understanding that 1+1=2 is all the math she knows right now. Would you try and explain Differential Equations to her and expect her to understand her? That would be ridiculous, now wouldn't it! You would however have compassion for her frustration as she tries to complete her homework. And even though you can do it for her in 2 minutes you allow her to learn on her own.

When dealing with negative people, if you think of this story, you will NO LONGER react to the drama that they are attempting to create when you stay in that "Being Love" state that I refer to. Instead you will stay calm and have compassion as you allow them to learn on their own and not interfere. 

Not quite there yet? Do you get sucked into their drama when these people vent? That's okay, don't beat yourself up over it, knowing that you're not alone.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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